Friday, 18 February 2011

Download: HP's Gaius hair, Pookleted

Or rather, Pookleted versions of Navetsea's alpha edit of the Gaius hair. I cannot link to Navetsea's versions, as I don't know where they were originally uploaded. I've been using Simgaroop's version (it's called Vergil) for Aaron but she unfortunately does not provide a link.

Anyway, preview pics!

I don't know what Finn is so happy about. He did that on his own!

This mesh is YA/Adult, with all other age groups removed. All colours are binned and familied (Shrapnel and Land Mine are in their own families, because I prefer those to be binned as brown).

Mesh is not included but you can download it here. Download the retextures here!


  1. Ooh I like this! Going to delete the other one from my game and give my sim a makeover with your recolor.

    This thread distracts me, makes me want to finish some of my hair projects. Forcing myself to just enjoy yours and focus on my hood/terrain mania.

  2. Very nice! Thanks! I think I have like 3 or 4 versions of this hair in my game already and I have no idea what the differences are LOL.

    Finn is too funny. Maybe he likes the new 'do! You should do a "guess who" when you use your sims as models. Some I can guess right away and others I'm having trouble with. Wade, Evan, Jesse, Aaron (or is that Ethan.. no that's Aaron b/c of the facial hair), and Dominic I can spot. Is that Steve or Rob or neither (or both!)?

  3. Thanks all - hope you can get some use out of them!

    Maisie, it's so hard to keep focused when you see other people doing different projects. Makes you wish you could do everything at once!

    Danielle, it never occurred to me that people might not recognise everyone, actually! I guess because they're in the same clothes and make-up, glasses and freckles are all in tact. But hair does make a huge difference, definitely.

    But it's Wade and Malcolm in the first pic, Caleb, Aaron and Eliot in the second, Nathan, Evan and David in the third, Rob, Jack, Steve and Jairus in the fourth and Jesse, Random Townie, Amar and Finn in the last pic. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with the blondes and redheads - there aren't many of them!