Sunday, 20 February 2011

You say it's your birthday, January 2032

Josie Clarke has reached her second trimester and fortunately for both her and husband Troy, the nausea has all but disappeared and her mood is much improved.

She's still exhausted well before bed time. Baby Clarke is due in July!

Timothy Lane is ready for high school! Tim has decided to follow in his parents' footsteps and try to make a hell of a lot of money. He's planning on doing this by training a pet to reach the top of one of the pet careers.

Also turning 12 is Jessica Royce-Nihill (Timothy's former dance partner)! She'd still like to focus on school but would also like to have 25 Dream Dates!

Jessica's best friend Emma Gottlieb is also about to begin high school. Unlike Jessica, she's already decided on a career path; she'd like to be an artist.

Also turning 12 are the Gentry twins (playable NPCs), Eddie...

...and Louisa. Louisa wants to earn $100,000, while her twin brother is already thinking ahead and has a goal of seeing two of his kids get married.

Josh Royce-Nihill has just arrived on campus at Suffolk University. He's still narrowing down a major but he's likely to choose Literature.

One of Josh's dorm mates will be Elspeth Romilly, who will be majoring in Art.

There are also two new members of the senior brigade!

Megan Kirby is now 60... is Emil Collins.

Shortly after his birthday, Emil celebrated his son Nathan's university graduation, along with his wife Anna and daughter Hope.

Nathan's girlfriend Julia also joined the family for the occasion.

Nathan graduates from Suffolk University with a degree in Political Science and a 4.0 GPA.

But the study is not over for Nathan; this year, he'll begin law school. In between his classes, he's working as a legal secretary.

Celebrating his graduation with his own family is Nathan's former roommate Malcolm Novak.

Malcolm has earned a degree in Biology and a 4.0 GPA.

He will be living with his sister Adrienne and her roommate Matilda, while he goes through medical school. He'll also be getting some real world experience by working as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Newly single Susannah Carmody is also done with university and is congratulated by mother Kimberly and sister Sarah.

Like the boys, Susannah also earned a 4.0 GPA but she now has a degree in Art. She is completely finished with her studies and is now working in the culinary industry.

Her first job is not a glamorous one - Fast Food Shift Manager - but she hopes to get her foot in the door at a classier place soon!

Two funnies:

If anyone was going to completely tune out and ignore their husband's birthday in favour of gazing at their own reflection, it would have to be Anna!

I think Megan would be scandalised with this outfit! Age up outfits are usually heinous but wow...this one was really special, especially for prim and proper Megan!

  • Poor Josie. I got her up at about 6am, she did precisely nothing all day and she was still worn out by 2pm! But she didn't throw up once, after I "bumped" her, so good news for her!
  • I love all my new teens but isn't Louisa adorable? I hope one of my boys takes a liking to her eventually. She's a really sweet girl as well.
  • Aspirations, in case they weren't clear: Eddie is Popularity, Louisa is Knowledge, Tim is Fortune, Emma is Popularity and Jessica is Knowledge/Pleasure.
  • Josh looks much more like Max than he did as a teen! Wow! I think he's way better looking as a YA as well. I think his teen stage was a little awkward. Which seems quite realistic actually.
  • With any luck, by the time you read this, profiles will be done! But um...don't be surprised if they're not. The student index and playable NPCs post in the side bar are both updated though. That counts for something, right?


  1. Some of these age ups look much different then before! Elspeth always surprises me when she ages up. Susannah looks pretty much the same, she's adorable! And Josh.. *whistle* He's sure aging up nice and fine! I didn't even believe that was him, I had to give him a second glance with his name. Jessica is adorable too! She's not quite how I pictured her ether.

    I'm glad Josie's pregnancy is going better, I like the moniker, Baby Clark. How sweet.

  2. Wow! Lots of birthdays. I agree that all of your teens turned out well, especially Louisa and Eddie. Nathan and Julia are a very good-looking couple as well.

  3. All your new teens look great.

    Josh looks much better as a YA, nothing like I imagined. He looked kind of blah when he was a teen so it's a nice surprise ;)

    Susannah has always been pretty and I think you chose the perfect hairstyle for her. I see Malcolm still didn't shave his beard. I've kind of gotten used to it now so I think he would look weird without it.

    I feel for you, updating profiles for a new year is one of the most tedious things to do!

  4. Maisie, some are looking quite different but most of them look about as I expected them too, which is why my notes were so short!

    Josh was definitely my biggest surprise! He turned out very handsome. Max and Zaria made some good looking kids!

    Thanks for reading!

    snarkysims, it wouldn't be January in Sullivan without a lot of birthdays!

    Eddie looks exactly like his dad, with his mother's colouring. I like him a lot too.

    With Julia being as pretty as she is, you'd never guess she was such a nut!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, Josh needed some time to grow into his face! He has mostly Max's features on Zaria's face shape and they didn't mesh as well together as a teen.

    LOL, I agonised over Susannah's hair! I think I tried every single hairstyle on her. And yeah, I took Malcolm's beard off briefly and he just looked so wrong clean-shaven. I even tried different beards but no...this is Malcolm's beard, forever and ever. It's just him now.

    Profiles can be a pain but they're DONE now! And I'm always quite satisfied with myself when I finish them all. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I'm sleep so quick reply. WOW, I didn't even know who Elspeth was. She looks different, or a least to me.

    Glad that Josie is no longer sick, and I can't wait to see what our new young adults get up to out in the real world.

  6. I'm glad Josie got over the nausea! A collegue of mine had it for 8 months, and it was hell!

    As always so much pretty sims in Sullivan!!!

    I like all of your teens, they all looks so great!
    And Josh does look better as a YA then he did as a teen, I have to agree with you on that.
    And Elspeth always looks good!

    Again lol at Megan's age up outfit! It keeps being funny :)

    Congratulations to the 3 graduates of this year.

    I like the new banner, I'm always looking forward to the next one :)

  7. Riverdale, LOL, really?! Elspeth looks exactly as I expected her to! She looks very much like Ione but with blonde hair.

    I'll get to the young adults eventually but I've postponed college updates this round, for a few reasons. One is that I'm supposed to be taking them on spring break, not autumn break. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, oh, yeah, some women have the morning sickness all the way through! Poor things...fortunately, that wasn't the case for Josie!

    Megan's age-up outfit was...special. ;)

    Glad you like the banner! That was a super-quick one I did because I did all my other "new year" stuff and then realised I'd forgotten to do a banner! My original idea didn't work out, so I had to do some quick thinking. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Yay baby clark will be here soon-ish!. Can't wait to see their genes and glad she's not throwing up anymore. Everyone really looks great. Emma is too freakin' adorable. She'll have that baby face like her dad did but you can't make her look older with facial hair later LOL. Jessica is so pretty and I said at N99 already that Louisa is so sweet looking.

    But hellooo Josh! What the hell! He got hot overnight LOL. Definitely didn't expect him to look that good. What hair are you using for him? I don't recognize it. Elspeth always looks beautiful. And LOL @ Anna. Typical Anna.

    Oh and yes, I really like the new banner, too.

  9. Danielle, July feels like so far away to me! It'll come before real-life July so that's something, I guess. ;)

    Emma does have a baby face, though there will probably come a time when she appreciates it! But all the girls turned out very pretty.

    Yeah, I don't know what happened with Josh either! He's all good looking and everything all of a sudden. Josh's hair is some kind of unlocked EA style, or a download from their site that I think they took down, as far as I know. I seem to remember getting it from Insimenator but I can't be sure now. :\ I'll see if there's any info for it in game.

    Thanks for reading!

  10. So many birthdays! Wow. Louisa is darling--she's sure to capture the attention of some of your boys.

    I think old age will fit Megan, but Emil? How on earth is Emil 60?!

    Josh really does look a lot like Max, and like you, I didn't think he looked all that much like him as a teen. Elspeth somehow became even more gorgeous--how is that possible?

  11. Rachel, there will be just as many next January but I love a big birthdays post! LOL.

    Louisa is super-cute. I'm going to have to have her make friends with some of my playable girls as well. I think she might be shy. Shy or not, she tends to stick to Eddie at school. She might want to branch out now that she's older.

    It's pretty crazy that Emil is now 60, yet he really is! I think he will remain young at heart though and his old age doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.

    I definitely thought Josh looked more like Zaria when he was a teen. I think he still has her facial shape but that it looks very different on his adult frame. But he turned out nice so I'm not complaining!

    You'd never guess Elspeth was such a hot-headed little thing, with that face! She does seem to get prettier as she gets older.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Timothy looks so much like Luc I thought it was Luc for a second and wondered why he was in the birthday post alone. Is it weird that seeing Emil old makes me feel old? Even though Sims time goes way faster than ours, it feels like last week he was just out of college and taking up residence in Filippo and Maria's basement. I still wanna hold Malcolm down and shave him. Outtakes hilarious, as always.

  13. Fini, I know, I think Timothy looks more like Luc than he does his actual father!

    Heh, the rate you're reading Emil probably was in college last week, lol! But yeah, aging Emil to elder was kind of momentous to me as well!

    Thanks for reading!