Sunday, 6 February 2011


Round 30: July 2031 (Winter)
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Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 76, Naomi is 56 and Owen is 54.
(Amar is 30, Adrienne is 24 and Malcolm is 21)

Narrated by Owen Novak

It's been over six months since Naomi and I spotted Adrienne with Amar. We've been waiting to meet this guy ever since.

Every time we've brought it up though, Adrienne was very resistant to the idea. She kept saying she didn't understand why we had to meet him but I want to know who this guy is.

My insistence has got me in trouble with Naomi a few times. She thinks I'm being too pushy.

I just worry about Adrienne, that's all. We never met Nick when she was dating him, she hardly even knew Sylvia's father and hasn't really admitted to dating anyone else until now, although I'm sure there must have been at least a guy or two since then.

Naomi figures that Adrienne is 24 now and has done pretty well for herself since getting pregnant and that we should just trust her judgement. She'll introduce us when she's ready.

So I agreed to let up but I wasn't happy about it. I hate being kept in the dark.

I thought we'd never get to meet him until Adrienne suddenly brought it up at dinner one night.

She said she'd talked about it with Amar and he was willing to come over and meet us.

As if any of us were going to say no to that. Adrienne knows how much we want to meet him. So of course, Naomi and I said yes and that she could bring him over any time. I could hardly believe Adrienne had even agreed to this. She was so against it a few months ago.

Malcolm has invited himself along to meet Amar as well. He says he wants to check out Adrienne's new boyfriend but he's probably after more of Hanna's cooking.

He always eats like he hasn't eaten for weeks when he comes home.

Adrienne was very unimpressed at Malcolm "butting in" and actually wanted me to tell him he wasn't invited.

Unfortunately for her, Malcolm is always welcome back here at home, just as she is.

I can't believe those two sometimes. They're 21 and 24 and I still have to step in and adjudicate their arguments like they're in kindergarten. I dread imagining them next year. Adrienne has agreed to let Malcolm move in with her and Matilda and I just don't know how that's going to work. They can get along when they want to but their relationship has always been a bit adversarial.

I've told Malcolm to try not to get into Adrienne's face too much. And not to hit on Matilda.

Malcolm says he hasn't been interested in Matilda since he was 12. I was only half-serious; that was a long time ago now.

Malcolm is still quite hung up on Hope anyway. He thought the break-up came out of nowhere, though it sounds like they had a pretty big fight before it happened.

Amar and Adrienne came over at around 6pm that Saturday - right on time. So that was one point in his favour.

I pegged him for a bit of a charmer immediately though. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that.

It seemed to work on Naomi though.

I didn't want Amar to get too comfortable, so I decided I'd watch him closely.

I used dinner as an opportunity to really get to know Amar. I tried not to sound too much like I was interrogating him, because I could tell Adrienne was ready to glare at me if I did.

I hated to admit it but I was actually impressed. He's only 30 but he's owned his own gallery/studio in Exeter for the past few years.

I was ready to dislike the guy but I couldn't find much to criticise. He and Adrienne do seem to really like each other.

I actually found myself hoping that he and Adrienne make something of this. I'd love to see her settle down one day, whether that involves marriage or not, and Amar seems to be a pretty decent guy.

Once everyone had left, I asked Naomi what she thought of him. I wasn't really expecting her to confess that they'd met before.

Apparently, she'd done a little detective work. She came across a place called Hamilton Photography, put two and two together and thought she'd get a sneak peek at our daughter's new boyfriend. No wonder she wasn't dying of curiosity like I was!

I guess it doesn't matter much now, seeing we've both met him. Meeting Amar did help to put my mind at ease a little. I think I like Amar and I just hope I'm not wrong about him.

  • Title is from Crosshairs by Scott Lucas and the Married Men.
  • Malcolm has the want to be friends with Hope. I'll be interested to see what Hope wants when I play her next.
  • I think I only mentioned this in Comments, so some of you might have missed it but Malcolm will be moving in with Adrienne and Matilda when he graduates. Adrienne and Malcolm are actually good friends but it's about 50/50 as to whether their conversations will go well or not.
  • Everyone seemed to really like Amar, though I could imagine that Owen would still be wary. Especially because the first thing Amar did when he walked in was compliment Naomi. Amar is probably lucky he's not dating one of Jace's daughters. Jace wouldn't let his guard down for a second around a guy like Amar. ;)


  1. Well regarless of how he introduced himself, hee, hee, hee. I'm glad it went so well and that everyone really likes him. I wonder will this relationship of theirs go further? I really like them together so that would be nice. Time will only tell!

  2. So Amar and Adrienne survived, wow. I don't know about the settling down part. I still don't see them as the type to settle down even down Amar has been leaning that way lately...I don't know about Adrienne.

  3. Riverdale, I think Amar redeemed himself over dinner, after getting slightly flirty with Naomi beforehand! ;)

    I'm hoping Amar and Adrienne stay together. We'll see where life takes them.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Apple Valley, they did! I think the whole thing has gone better than Adrienne was expecting it to.

    I'm a bit surprised about the settling down as well but they've both been leaning that way for a while, really. Amar has been very Fortune-minded lately and Adrienne hasn't been very Romance Sim-like since she had Sylvia. So to me at least, it makes sense, even though it is definitely still unexpected.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  4. Hey, it went well! I thought Owen would be tougher on Amar but I'm glad he wasn't. Apparently he hasn't heard rumors about Amar's many lady friends.

    Adrienne and Amar are a cute couple. I hope they stay together too.

  5. I love the pics in this update. The one with Adrienne slumped over when Owen was asking about Amar and the one you posted at N99 with Adrienne's eyebrow raised at Malcolm. Those 2 seem like they'll be an interesting pair once they move in together. Sometimes it's nice to have siblings that don't get along all the time. Makings things a little different.

    But I'm glad things went well at the dinner! I'm surprised Owen didn't grill him more either. And that's cool that Amar can schooze her parents like that. I hope Owen never finds out what a man-whore Amar is/was lol. Too funny that Amar walked right in and "admired" Naomi. Typical Amar :)

  6. I'm glad the dinner went well, and I do hope Amar and Adrienne stay together and eventually settle down together. Maybe they are the ones that the other one needs to settle down (I don't if that sentence makes any sence at all!)

    I have a question for you (yet again), but it has nothing to do with this updat, so I hope you don't mind me asking, it's about you business owning sims. Sims who own a business, have a seperate job, like Amar and Kimberly. So you let them have a job and a business on the side?
    (I hope I'm clear here...)

  7. Sari, it did go pretty well! I was watching Owen, to see how he'd react to Amar and that pic on the couch was the only time he really glared at him, so I guess he likes him. Whether that would change if he heard about Amar's reputation is another story entirely!

    But you know, people can change! Owen had a little thing going with Anna while they were in college and Naomi was back at home. But he swore off other girls once Naomi got pregnant with Adrienne and he's stuck to that. So we'll see.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Danielle, I was hoping Adrienne would do that slump on her own but she apparently really likes talking to her dad because she wouldn't. So it was back to my animation hacks, lol!

    I'm looking forward to playing Adrienne and Malcolm as roommates. They've lived together before, of course, but it's different as adults with no parents to reel you in.

    I should add "charming" to Amar's traits, because he clearly is, lol. Owen would have to do some detective work to discover Amar's man-whore past, because it's not anything Amar or Adrienne would be willing to share with him!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Tanja, no, that made sense! Danielle said something similar in comments for Amar's update, actually. :)

    I don't mind questions. Yes, most of my business owners have regular jobs as well. The only exceptions are Jonas and Kimberly. Jonas rolled an ROS to quit his job and start a business, so that's what he did. With Kimberly, she just didn't really suit any of the available jobs, so she's just a hairdresser. I don't think businesses usually make enough money for my Sims not to have a regular job, at least not for the amount of time I'm willing to play them. I generally send the Sim to their business once per round, maybe twice and for 6-12 hours.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  8. Oh the visual of Amar dating one of Jace's daughter! So funny! Amar would have had to really like one of those girls to stick around for Jace. Which I don't see Amar being any of those girls' type anyway.

    Oh man though, I love Owen's expression at the dinner table, with his eyebrows. He really looks like he's trying to hold himself back, but still dying to ask questions. I'm glad the dinner went well, all the photos were really great. Adrienne and Malcolm seem like they would be at ends with one another at times, this is definitely a more relaxed type of family. Especially when I compare them to Jace's household, which is all I can do at the moment now.

    I didn't know you had your sims have regular jobs too on top of their businesses. No wonder they are better off than my business sims. Most of mine only work their business. But I play it for a 24 hour period, once per round, and max their motives so they can make the shift. And then whenever I visit their lot, I go under their name so they earn the money.

  9. Maisie, the thought of Amar dating Lia was the funniest to me! They would have been the ultimate odd couple, lol. Jace should be glad his daughters all like nice boys. ;)

    Owen probably had a lot more that he would have liked to ask Amar but if he wants Adrienne to keep bringing him round, he has to tread carefully. She's not the kind of girl to appreciate the protective father act. Going back to Jace, even when his daughters were annoyed when he got like that, they didn't really mind it much either. Adrienne would!

    Yup, almost always! The main reason I did that when I first started playing OFB is because it meant the Sim was just hanging around the house all day anyway but with Community Lot Time, that wouldn't be an issue. Hmmm...maybe I'll have more Sims who own business exclusively.

  10. Amar is such a schmoozer, lol. That picture of him complementing Naomi is like quintessential Amar. Owen has a right to be worried or at least weary, lol.

  11. Lunar, Owen likes Amar well enough but I think he'll stay on his guard with him. You have to watch out for these charmers. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Well, Amar behaved himself this time...that is good. I'm happy that it went well. I like Owen's careful assessment of him--and I was surprised that he liked him at the end. :)

  13. Rachel, lol, I like how you said "this time"! That's probably what Owen was thinking. He's not generally the protective daddy type but Adrienne getting pregnant made him reassess.

    Thanks for reading!