Monday, 14 February 2011

Two of us

Round 30: October 2031 (Spring)
Troy's last update/Josie's last update/wedding/next update

Josie Clarke is 29 and Troy is 28.
(Tate is 61, Zelda is 56, Claudia, Victoria, Finn and Rob are all 30, Patience is 29, Declan is 10, Caitlin is 8, Daphne is 8 months and Keira is 6 months)

Narrated by Josie Clarke

I wouldn't recommend anyone else get married without living together first but for me and Troy, it's worked out fine.

Of course, we only just celebrated our first anniversary in February, so we're still in the honeymoon phase but so far, so good.

All of the annoyances so far have been minor.

Like when he got sick this month and was such a baby about the whole thing.

It was just a cold but he kept insisting it was the flu, as if I wouldn't be able to tell. He forgot he was married to a doctor

He told me he was just going to sleep on the couch all day. He probably just wanted the day off work.

I'm betting there were some video games played as well. He plays video games for a living and he still wants to bum off work. Video games at home are more fun, I guess.

I felt a bit entitled taking such a huge amount of money from my parents as a wedding gift. I got over that when we found this house. I love everything about where we're living.

We even have a little barbecue on the back porch, which will be awesome if either of us even learns to make anything better than hot dogs.

I'm trying to learn and I'm making Troy eat all of my experiments.

Mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches are the height of cuisine for him though, so he's easily impressed.

As it is, we go out to eat a lot. We live in Exeter, so there are a ton of restaurants around.

The kitchen is enormous and there's so much room to entertain. But due to the aforementioned lack of cooking skills, we normally just invite Patience and Rob over for Chinese.

Much as I like married life, I sometimes miss living the single life with Patience and Claudia.

But Patience lives really close by and is over all the time. It's almost like we're still living together sometimes.

I still see Claudia all the time as well, seeing she's a patient.

I try to go and see her at home when I can but if I can't, I can still see her when she brings Daphne in for her well baby checks.

I delivered Daphne , so it's pretty wonderful to see her now, at 8 months old and thriving.

It makes it hard not to think about babies, being surrounded by them constantly like I am.

Even at home. Finn and Victoria live right next door and they had a baby recently as well. They bring their whole brood over here to visit sometimes.

I can't believe they have three kids already and they're only a year older than I am.

Our whole street is filled with young families. Troy and I are the only couple on the street who don't have any kids.

Troy loves playing "uncle" but he really wants his own kids.

I've been waiting for him to bring it up and he finally did, one night after Finn and Victoria had visited.

I think he was expecting to have to do a little more convincing. But I've been thinking about it too and I think it's a really good time for us to have a baby. We're in a good position financially, we're both where we want to be with work. On top of that, I'm wary of waiting too long to start trying. It's only going to get harder the older I get.

I guess that was a good move, because I got pregnant pretty much right away! I never thought it would happen so fast but I took a home pregnancy test and there it was - positive!

We're excited about becoming parents but pregnancy so far is not much fun at all.

I'm trying to get to bed early and it's still such an effort to get myself up in the morning. Then I feel like going back to bed by noon.

I'm constantly nauseated. I can't keep anything down. Even if I could, hardly anything seems appetising to me anyway. Troy was eating soup the other day and just the smell of it was making me so sick.

We're trying to keep my pregnancy quiet, because it's early days but my parents already know. Mum guessed, actually, after I had a particularly bad bout of nausea while they were visiting one weekend.

I made them promise not to say anything to anyone else. I don't want to jinx this.

They're both so happy for us but they agreed to keep their lips zipped until we decide to tell everybody.

I thought, being a doctor, I'd know what to expect. And I did but I didn't expect pregnancy to suck quite as much as it has. The baby's just an embryo right now and I already can't wait to get this damn thing out of me!

  • Title is from Two of Us by the Beatles.
  • For anyone who's forgotten, Troy's mother and stepfather paid for Josie and Troy's honeymoon and Josie's millionaire parents gave them $100,000 as a wedding gift. So these two are pretty much set!
  • Troy got sick at work; it seems like forever since one of my Sims has brought home a cold or flu. And it was a cold, not the flu. But you know, it was a man cold, so it was serious business!
  • Well, I knew Sullivan wouldn't go too long without a pregnant lady! Josie is due in July 2032. Troy rolled the baby want a little while after they moved into this house (probably a few months after they got married), so I let them try and they conceived right off the bat. This will be the first Clarke born since Calvin and Troy; I'm geekily excited about that.
  • Josie's pregnancy is pretty bad so far. It'll be nice for her if the morning sickness goes away once she gets to her second trimester, because it's unrelenting right now. She's one of those Sims who throws up, comes out of the bathroom and then runs back in again.


  1. OMG! I'm so excited for them! Once I saw who the update was about, I was kind of hoping for this news!
    So the no pregnant woman in Sullivan didn't last that long!
    I like how you decorated the house, I reconized is as one of your bronwstones, and it looks good.

    Lol at their large kitchen, and no cooking skills to enjoy it!

  2. I knew it wouldn't be too long until someone gets pregnant! I hope Josie starts feeling better, her pregnancy sounds pretty terrible so far.

    I like this couple, they're so different but still so great together :)

    I love the house. I have placed three brownstones in my hood and can't wait to start moving my families in.

  3. Wow, Declan is getting so big! Where does the time go! Meanwhile, it's only been a year sim-time in my hood. I really need to get on the ball.

  4. Tanja, did anyone really think the no pregnant women thing would last long, lol? I'm excited for Troy and Josie too. I think Josie has had babies in the back of her mind for a long time - she's always very interested in them when I have her deliver them at the hospital.

    Thanks for the compliments on the house. Troy and Josie aren't great with the cooking yet but Josie is trying to get better. She earned a couple of cooking skill points this round and has the want to get up to Level 4. Her dad is a chef, so it might be in her blood!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Sari, pregnancy has been hard for Josie so far, it's true. Hopefully, she won't be unlucky like Asha, with the morning sickness right until the birth!

    Troy and Josie have identical personalities, so I'm glad they still seem different enough to you. I've never seen them as that similar at all, though point for point, they are.

    I can't wait to see a Wellington family in a brownstone! I always get a little thrill when I see someone using something I made. :)

    Thanks for reading. :)

    LaurelCrossing, he is! Declan will be a teen next round - eek!

    Thanks for reading. :)

  5. I'm excited about the little one coming soon, it's too bad that she's having a hard time with the pregnancy right now. Thanks for the video link, what a wonderful laugh break :)

  6. YAY! I figured this update she would get knocked! I'm so glad. Can't wait for the baby to get here. See, I told you!

  7. Congratulations Troy and Josie!

  8. Adorable, I LOL at the annoying bits are minor picture, typical man drinking from the carton. And more babies! Wow, I am getting flustered over just a couple of them being born, LOL!
    Sweet couple, loved this look at them!

  9. So the baby boom may be over, but at least hopefully they'll be more little ones on the way!

    Josie certainly had a privileged upbringing, having the money for a nice house and all, but I'm glad they're happy. :)

  10. Apple Valley, lucky pregnancy only lasts nine months, huh?

    Glad you liked the video - I laugh so hard at that, every time.

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, I figured a few of you might be expecting Josie to get pregnant this round! If Maia and Adrienne had got pregnant (and I really thought they would!), I probably would have made Josie and Troy wait. But they didn't, so Baby Clarke is on the way!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sarah, Troy and Josie appreciate your congratulations. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Drew, Josie is easily annoyed, so realising annoyances are minor is a big deal for her. It must be love!

    For as long as I've been playing, I've been dealing with large amounts of babies. One is nothing!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shake, I'm trying to think if anyone else will get pregnant this round. I can think of a few possibilities but we'll see what happens.

    Josie did have a very privileged upbringing, as did Troy (not to the same extent though!) but they've both lived on their own for a while now, without parental support. So they're wealthy but they know how to handle themselves and be independent as well.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Yay for Josie and Troy! I'm glad we won't be without Sullivan babies for too long :). Poor Josie though :\. She works with babies all day but then when it's time to have her own, it's so unbearable that she just wants to get it over with. The exerience is definitely different for everyone. I'm wondering if she'll want more than 1 child then.

    I really like the way you decorated their place. I have 2 of your brownstones, maybe 3, placed in my downtown. No one can afford it yet but I can't wait to use them! I was thinking about converting one into an apartment for Alicia and Kyle but I really loved Starr's brownstones too (and I got lazy).

    OMG Jessica AND Declan will be teens next year?! I feel old! LOL

    LOL @ the man cold. How sad and true it is. Troy acted EXACTLY like my husband when he was sick a few weeks ago. Too sick to go to work but not sick enough to stare at the tv all day playing video games and watching sports. Men probably think that is the cure ;).

  12. Danielle, ha, an extended period of time without babies was never going to happen!

    If I remember correctly, Josie was Asha's doctor, so she would have heard all about her awful pregnancy and was probably praying it wouldn't happen to her. ACR says Josie wants 3 kids; Troy wants 6. There's going to be some disagreement there and no prizes for guessing who will get their way!

    Thanks for the compliments on the decoration! I went in thinking I was going to have to decorate and was kind of dreading it, because I just wanted to play. But yay, I'd already done it and forgot!

    Well, Jessica will be a teen next year. Declan will be a teen next round. Jessica is a year older, so Declan will still be a child when we see him next.

    LOL at your husband! I have to say though, I'm not whiny when I'm sick but I do bum off work and sit around playing Sims all day! There have been a couple of times when I've been too sick to do that but not often. But my job can be fairly active at times, so I do need the time off.

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Yay! I'm glad to see these two getting on with producing a baby, but I surely do sympathize with her nausea. Not fun at all. I think Troy will make a wonderful dad, and it's going to be fun to see how Josie will react to motherhood. :)

  14. Quote: I have to say though, I'm not whiny when I'm sick but I do bum off work and sit around playing Sims all day!

    Shhhhh, don't tell my husband, but I do too! ;).

    And yay! One more year with Declan being a child. But I'm so curious now to see him as a teen.

  15. Rachel, Josie even threw up in the short time I had to visit their house last night. She was talking to Troy when I went in and had to go running to the bathroom. Poor Josie!

    I'm hoping Josie takes to motherhood. Being a doctor could be an advantage and a disadvantage for her, so I wonder!

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, lol, okay, I'll keep that under my hat!

    I'm curious about Declan as a teen as well but he's so cute that I think I'll be a bit sad as well. Whatever the case, there are birthdays right through next year so there'll be plenty to tide us over until Declan ages up. :)

  16. Finally caught up on comments! I read all of these but was having an issue with my phone and posting my comments.

    I'm so excited these two are adding to the population! I'm looking forward to their little one, should be interesting with all the mix of skintones/hair colors/eye colors. Poor thing being so sick, hopefully that wanes after the first trimester.

    And wow on Declan and Jessica being teens soon, seems about right for Declan, but still crazy... that's what happens when Finn has a kid in college... Finn and Victoria are still quite young, and now they will have a teen running around town... er studying studiously much like his father, I think! But look what happened to good-boy Finn...

  17. Maisie, yay! Glad you've caught up!

    I'm very excited for Baby Clarke's arrival. Not as excited as Troy and Josie must be (especially considering Josie's awful pregnancy so far!) but excited nonetheless. Not sure what the baby will look like but I guess we can count on it having a big mouth - literally as well as figuratively!

    I know, Finn and Victoria got started early so it'll be weird for them to be the parents of teens (because Caitlin's only two years younger, so she's not far off either) when they're only in their early 30s.

    Oh, gosh, I hope Declan doesn't get anybody knocked up and make his parents freakishly young grandparents as well! But yeah, it does happen to all kinds of kids, not just the "troublemakers".

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Haha! That clip is STILL funny. Though not accurate in my house. Jay's the one who'll sleep a cold off, and I'm the one who's a complete baby, lol.

    It figures that Josie would go into a pregnancy confident and then be thrown for a loop in this way. I mean, no amount of preparation can prepare you, I'm sure, lol. Especially someone like Josie who's a little stubborn and hard headed.

  19. Lunar, it never gets old for me either! LOL that you're the one who gets the "man colds"! I guess there's always got to be a few people who break the stereotype. ;_

    I think parenthood in general might throw Josie for a loop. She's a bit of a control freak and she might find it difficult to control this new little person, if he/she doesn't act the way Josie is expecting. Troy is more likely to roll with it but I can see Josie not being so easy-going about it.

    Thanks for reading!