Sunday, 30 December 2007

Collins 1

Emil Collins
Anna Collins

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Friday, 28 December 2007

Gentry-Sitko 1

Sebastian Gentry

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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Nott-Novak 1

Gordon and Lia met in high school, when Gordon was dating Lia's best friend Ione. Ione and Gordon broke up in their freshman year of college and Gordon got together with Lia when she arrived on campus the following year.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last long the first time around. Lia found out about a fling Gordon had had with a fellow student and ended things quickly afterwards. Gordon tried for the remainder of college to win Lia back but was not ultimately successful until they had both graduated and had started their careers back in Sullivan - Lia as a librarian and Gordon as a journalist. They got married in 2023.

The following year, they welcomed twins Annabel and Georgina, followed by Gabriel three years later. By that time, Gordon had grown dissatisfied with journalism and right before Gabriel started school, Gordon enrolled in law school. Gordon's years in law school were a strain for the family, emotionally and financially but his graduation finally brought some more stability to the Notts, when Gordon was finally able to start working as a lawyer.

Gordon and Lia thought they were finished with children, until Lia became pregnant unexpectedly. That pregnancy resulted in youngest son, Peter, born when Lia was 40 years old.

In 2043, Lia and Gordon invited Lia's parents Jace and Magdalena to move in with them. They now live in Annabel's old bedroom.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Clarke 1

Troy and Josie have known each other since childhood but Josie spent most of the early years absolutely loathing Troy. Troy had a crush on her but unfortunately for him, Josie was not interested in the slightest. They ended up becoming closer when they were at university and it was then that Troy finally got his girl.

Troy would have been happy to get married right after graduation but Josie wanted to finish medical school and establish her career. So both lived with roommates until 2030, when they got married and bought a house, courtesy of Josie's sizeable trust fund.

Troy and Josie now have two sons, Jude and Andrew. Josie is a GP at Lukas Novak Memorial and Troy works in the gaming industry, splitting his work time between home and the office.

Moretti 3

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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Halmi-Whitney 1

Susannah became unexpectedly pregnant with Zac and decided to make a go of things with Zac's dad, Sam. They moved into an apartment together but ultimately, the relationship didn't last and Sam and Susannah split up before Zac was two.

Susannah found it hard to find someone else with a toddler in tow but eventually, she met Daniel. He was not fazed when he found out Susannah was a mother and once Susannah introduced him to Zac, the two got on like a house on fire. After three years of dating, Daniel and Susannah moved in together. They have been married since February 2044 and welcomed son Jeremy (several weeks early!) the following year.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Carmody 1

Abigail met Jesse when she was still with Caleb, the father of her son Nick. Their meeting soon became an affair. When Caleb found out, he ended the relationship and he and Abigail shared 50/50 custody of Nick until he was of age.

Abigail and Jesse chose to continue their relationship. In 2015, they got married. Enough time had passed for Abigail and Caleb that he attended the ceremony to wish them well.

After they married, Abigail and Jesse welcomed their son Mitchell, followed by twins Austin and Lauren. Abigail has five grandchildren through Nick, while her younger children with Jesse are not yet at that life stage.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Benton 2

Charlie and Camilla started dating as teenagers. They had been together for about a year and were still in high school when they found out Camilla was pregnant with twins. They were shocked and scared to say the least but decided they would try their best to raise the babies together.

Everett and Grace were born not long after Charlie had started his first year at Suffolk University. He lived in a dorm on campus while Camilla had the twins with her at home, caring for them with help from her parents. When it was time for Camilla to start university, Grace and Everett came with her.

Living as a couple and parenting together was a challenge, especially for Charlie. Camilla and Charlie stuck it out, graduated and moved back to Sullivan, where Charlie joined the fire brigade and Camilla found work with a fashion design firm. The couple got married in 2037 and and welcomed their third child Eliza in 2042.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Ashton 1

Rob and Patience first met on campus at Suffolk University. Rob was keen immediately but Patience didn't get on board until both ended up at Cape Elizabeth University, on an exchange trip.

After a few years living with roommates post graduation, Rob and Patience moved into an apartment together. Soon after they became engaged, marrying in 2031. During their marriage, they have shared some tough times, including losing their first child through miscarriage and a lengthy period of unemployment for Rob.

These days, Rob has a successful career in law, while Patience is a highly-regarded actress. They have three children, Felicity, Patrick and Gemma.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Novak-Sitko 1

Connor and Lila became close friends while attending Suffolk University, bonding over their shared interests in sports. After they graduated and moved to Exeter, Connor was employed by the SCIA and Lila started working at the company Connor's dad James was heading at the time.

They remained good friends but Lila started to feel that their friendship could become something more. Knowing Connor was the oblivious sort, she bit the bullet and asked him out herself. They have been together ever since.

After dating for a few years, Connor and Lila bought a house in Sullivan, close to both of their families. They are not engaged yet but Lila is hoping it will be on the horizon soon.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Carmody-Moretti 1

Nick and Sarah went to high school together but didn't get to know each other until they lived in the same dorm at Suffolk University. Sarah liked Nick right away but Nick always had a girlfriend.

After Sarah graduated, she found Nick was single and with a little prodding from their mutual friend, Troy, she made her move and they soon started dating. Just three years later, they were married, at which point Nick moved in with Sarah and her mother Kimberly.

Nick and Sarah now have five children, Thomas, Ryan, CatherineAlex and Richie. Nick is in the military and Sarah is an architect. Kimberly is semi-retired from her hairdressing job at Oh Be-Hive!, which she owns.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Novak 2

Connor and Lila Novak are both lifelong Sullivan residents and attended school together all the way through. It wasn't until university that they became close friends, often meeting up to play soccer at Connor's dorm.

In 2035, right after college, they each moved to Exeter to live with roommates. Lila soon developed romantic feelings for Connor and being the type of woman who likes to take charge, she made her move. Connor felt the same way and they then started dating.

After dating for a few years, Connor and Lila decided to start seriously saving for their own house. It didn't take too long before they'd achieved that goal and the couple are now living together in Sullivan. Connor is a Field Agent for the SCIA and Lila works as a Junior Executive in the corporate world. Connor and Lila got married in October 2043 and welcomed their first child Jonathan in February 2045. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Gray-Whitney 1

Sam and Julia first met in 2036, about six months after he split from his previous girlfriend, Susannah (also the mother of his son, Zac). Sam was looking for a new place to live and inspected the building Julia was living in at the time. He didn't find an apartment but he did find Julia and they started dating a little while afterwards. Sam and Julia got married in November 2042.

Julia has worked at Sullivan High School since she graduated from Suffolk. Sam had worked in business at NKL until this year, when he decided on a career change. He is now working as a campaign manager and spends his working days at Sullivan Town Hall.

They now have a  daughter, Penny, born in March 2044. 

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Novak 3

James and Madelyn Novak began dating while James was away at Suffolk University and Madelyn, who had decided to skip uni, was still living back home in Sullivan. They were (and still are) very different people but both found that the other balanced them out quite nicely.

When James graduated, he moved back home to Sullivan and in with Madelyn and her parents. It wasn't long before they learnt they were expecting their first child, Aaron. Three years later, in 2006, their second son, Ethan, came along. 

Despite their two children, James and Madelyn didn't get around to tying the knot until 2012, 14 years after they'd met. The wedding was attended mostly by family and was held in their backyard.

James had assumed their family was complete but something was still niggling at Madelyn and she convinced James to look into adoption. They did and a year later, they brought home 3-year-old Connor

Madelyn works as an art teacher and James recently retired from the NKL corporation to focus full time on his car dealership in Exeter, Novak Motors. 

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Hamilton 2

Amar and Adrienne met in 2029 and were immediately attracted to each other. They were on the job at the time - Amar as a photographer and Adrienne tagging along with her designer boss, Olivia Nihill - though that didn't stop them from engaging in a little flirting. They dated very casually at first, with neither making any promises of being exclusive. Somewhere along the line, they realised they weren't really interested in anyone else any more. Sometime after that, Adrienne moved in with Amar.

Adrienne and Amar had been living together for a little over a year when she fell pregnant with their son Beau. It was a happy surprise for both, though one Adrienne needed a bit more time to get used to. Adrienne had been pregnant once before, with Sylvia, who she gave up for adoption and had some mixed feelings due to that.

Once Beau came along, Amar and Adrienne proved themselves to be more than competent parents. Adrienne and Amar got married in 2042 and welcomed their second child, Elisa, later that same year.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Novak 4

Maia and Ethan have known each other since they were children, seeing one of Maia's best friends is Ethan's older brother Aaron. In Ethan's senior year of college, he and Maia went on a camping trip with Aaron, his now husband Calvin and Maia's sister Tessa. It was there that they fell in love and they began dating a few months later.

After a couple of years, Maia and Ethan decided they were ready to settle down together. Ethan proposed in 2033 but it was another couple of years before they finally married. Happily for Maia's parents, they didn't wait quite as long for babies. They were married in January and baby daughter Willow joined them in October of that same year. 

Two years later in May, son River came along and second daughter Wren entered the family three years later. Maia and Ethan feel their family is finished now and aren't planning on any more children.

Ethan has worked for the Sullivan Police Force since his graduation from university. Maia jobhopped a little bit before entering the events planning industry. Maia has since left events planning behind to focus full time on Rosa Lucida, the flower shop she inherited from her father, Jace

Friday, 25 May 2007

Moretti 2

Evan and Ione met when Ione was a sophomore at Suffolk University. Evan was living in Sullivan, working as a police officer, so for the first few years, Evan and Ione were somewhat separated by distance.

Once Ione graduated, she joined the police force alongside Evan and they bought a house together. Ione was expecting a proposal shortly after that but when it didn't come, she took matters into her own hands. They were married in 2020 and Ione became pregnant during their honeymoon.

That pregnancy resulted in their twin sons, Justin and Xavier, in 2021, and necessitated a new house to accommodate them. Five years later, Evan and Ione were blessed with yet another set of twins, Aurora and Bianca.

In 2033, after 15 years on the police force, Ione lost her job due to downsizing of the department. Almost immediately after, Ione and Evan found out they were expecting Francesca. She was loved from the start but a fifth child was not something that was ever in their plans. Fortunately, Ione's best friend Lia came to the rescue and hired Ione at the library. Ione's library job, along with Evan's salary, enabled them to send Xavier to college. Justin was fortunate enough to earn a full scholarship.

Justin and Xavier have now finished university and are living on their own. Aurora and Bianca are in their sophomore year.

After losing her job with the police, Ione discovered a love of toy making. In 2044, she will turn her hobby into a career and open her very own toy store, Toys & Tales.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Gentry-Moretti 1

Justin Moretti and Louisa Gentry first started dating in high school, back in 2035. Louisa is a year older than Justin, so they faced twelve months apart when she went off to Suffolk University, while he finished high school. 

They were expecting another year's separation when Louisa graduated but one semester on academic probation shortened that time significantly! Finally though, they have both finished university. Instead of living with roommates like most of their peers, Justin and Louisa chose to buy a house together and are currently paying off their (fortunately small) mortgage. 

Justin is working on campus as an Animal Linguist. Louisa is aiming to work in Social Work or Psychology but hasn't been successful in finding a position yet. She's working at town hall as a Campaign Manager in the meantime. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Benton 1

Audrey and Jack began as friends in primary school and along with Jack's brother Charlie, they were inseparable through much of their childhood.

As they became teenagers, Jack developed a huge crush on Audrey but unfortunately for him, so did Charlie and it was Charlie who Audrey ended up dating. It was a very short-lived relationship but hard for Jack nonetheless.

They both continued to date other people until their senior year of college, when Audrey and Jack had both broken up with their significant others. It was only then that they finally got together.

Audrey and Jack dated for six years before buying a house together and then getting engaged in 2039. They married the following year and they now have two daughters Zoe (born in 2042) and Mia (born in 2046).

In 2043, Jack's parents, Tate and Zelda moved in. Tate and Zelda were married in 1999 and immediately began trying to start a family. Unfortunately, they struggled with infertility but finally welcomed daughter Josie in 2002. When they decided to expand their family further, they were struck by infertility again. After trying to conceive for ten years, Tate and Zelda gave up and decided to adopt instead. By the time Jack joined the family, Zelda had unexpectedly become pregnant with Charlie, who came along six months later.

Tate made his fortune in the many years he worked in graphic design. The family's wealth enabled Zelda to quit her job in game design and work full-time at home as a novelist. Being free from financial concerns also let Tate follow his passion and open up his own restaurant, where he still works as the head chef and manager. The restaurant will be passed onto Jack when Tate is ready to retire.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Lachance 1

Dominic met Leslie in 2031, after he finally followed his friends' and family's advice and started dating again, after the death of his girlfriend Tessa three years earlier. Dominic went on a few dates with some other girls but Leslie was the only one he felt he clicked with.

Dominic and Leslie had both always wanted to get married and start a family and four years after they met, they got married. They bought a house just before the wedding and of course, made sure there would be room for any future children.

In 2040, the size of their family doubled when they welcomed their twins, Stella and Oscar

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Clarke 2

Calvin and Aaron Clarke started dating in high school, though it was a relationship that was conducted semi-secretly for the first several months. Aaron was not yet "out" to his parents but found that once he told them, he was all the happier for it.

They attended Suffolk University together, with Aaron intending to go into journalism and Calvin not having much of a clue what he wanted to do. They moved in together, along with Aaron's best friend Maia, after graduation and Calvin joined Sullivan's basketball team.

Just a few years after their wedding in 2032, Calvin and Aaron bought a house and began the long process to adopt a child. First came Amy, then Natalie and finally Curtis. The couple feel like their family is complete now and are very happily living in Sullivan.

Romilly-Royce-Nihill 1

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Friday, 6 April 2007

Draper 1

Lake and Kendal first met at work, shortly after the death of Lake's first wife, Ottilie. Five years earlier, Kendal had also been widowed. She was hesitant about entering a new relationship but she and Lake were soon in love.

Lake's then teenage daughter Rose reacted very negatively to Kendal at first but once she went away to college, absence made the heart grow fonder and they were able to forge a much stronger relationship, which they still share today. 

In 2014, Lake and Kendal got married. They had both had big formal weddings before, so they decided on a quiet ceremony at the town hall, with just their children and Kendal's former in-laws.

Lake and Kendal both already had two children when they met: Kendal had twin boys and Lake had two daughters. Being considerably older than Kendal, Lake was unsure about more children but Kendal had a strong desire for at least one more. So when Lake was 58, Kendal gave birth to their son Chris, their only child together. 

Lake and Kendal are now both retired and have plenty of leisure time to spend together. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Novak 1

Malcolm and Hope first got together in high school and dated until they were almost finished with college, at which point they broke up after a fairly ridiculous fight.

Malcolm worked hard to win back Hope's affection and after four years, he was finally successful. They had both matured a little by then and their second go at a relationship went much more smoothly than the first.

Eventually, the couple were engaged and embarked upon planning their wedding. Unfortunately, Hope's mother Anna was keen to see things done her way and looked like she'd take over the planning herself. Hope battled with her mother for a while but in the end, she and Malcolm eloped to Cape Elizabeth. They held a reception in Sullivan a year later, which placated their families.

Hope and Malcolm sadly lost their first child when Hope was seven months pregnant. Their first child, Mason, arrived June 2042, exactly one year after the due date of their first baby. Shortly before the birth of their second child Caroline in March 2045, they moved into a new house with Malcolm's parents, Naomi and Owen.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Romilly 1

Finn and Victoria began dating very early on in high school and were a very solid couple from the beginning. This was tested when Victoria fell pregnant with their son Declan while they were in their sophomore year at Suffolk. Victoria's mother Megan, already not very fond of Finn at the time, was furious but the couple decided to stick it out. 

Declan was born in 2021 and Finn and Victoria decided to raise him together, living in the on-campus family housing. They were very surprised when they learned they were expecting another baby two years later. Their daughter Caitlin was born shortly before Victoria and Finn's graduation. 

They moved to Exeter after uni and lived in an apartment. Victoria found work at the aquarium, while Finn started teaching at the primary school and studying for his Master's. They married on Victoria's family's farm in 2026 and bought a house in 2030. Not long after that, they decided to add to their family and their daughter Keira was born in 

Finn is now principal of the high school and Victoria still works at the aquarium. Declan and Caitlin have both graduated from university are living with roommates, while Keira is in high school

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Draper 2

Rose and Joanna started dating when they were in high school, shortly after the death of Rose's mother. They stayed together throughout Rose's initially turbulent relationship with her stepmother and survived a year apart when Joanna took a solo trip around the world after graduating college early. Once they were both back in Sullivan, they bought a house together and got married in 2023.

Four years later, they were thrilled to finally become parents when they adopted one-year-old Sylvia. When they wanted to expand their family again, they turned to Joanna's brother Wade. He agreed to be a donor for them and they went through the process of artificial insemination. From this, Rose eventually gave birth to twins Levi and Will, in 2032.

Sylvia went away to university in 2044. Rose now works as an editor for a local magazine. Joanna taught at Exeter High School for many years but now works with her brother at Suffolk University, where she is a botanist.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Collins 2

Nathan and Rebecca attended both school and university together. While at uni, Nathan had a huge crush on Rebecca but at the time, she didn't want to give him the time of day.

After graduation, Nathan and Rebecca became quite friendly, which made Nathan's then-girlfriend Julia extremely jealous. Nathan and Rebecca's relationship was purely platonic at that time but once Nathan broke things off with Julia, he and Rebecca started dating.

Nathan is a lawyer and Rebecca is a psychologist and work life is important to both of them, so neither of them wanted to settle down until they were reasonably settled in their careers. In 2038, they agreed that the time had come and they bought a house together in Sullivan. One big step was soon followed by another and it wasn't long before Rebecca and Nathan announced their engagement.

Rebecca and Nathan got married at Rebecca's family farm in the summer of 2041. They have a cat, Anais, and their twins Byron and Noel joined the family in 2044.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Kirby 1

Jacob and Claudia first became friends while attending high school together. They didn't start dating until about halfway through university, when a fling became something a bit more serious.

Upon graduation, they each moved in with roommates. Jacob started out waiting tables, before finally being inspired to join the fire service at age 27. Claudia took the first job she found in politics but was never completely satisfied with it.

In 2029, Jacob and Claudia got engaged and later moved in with Claudia's parents, Trent and Megan. Claudia had always planned to take over the family farm and it seemed like a perfect time.

Jacob and Claudia married the following year and welcomed their daughter Daphne less than a year later. Claudia took maternity leave to care for Daphne at home and once it was time for her to go back to work, she realised she had lost any passion she once had for politics. After talking things over with Jacob, she decided to stay at home full time, at least until all the kids had started school.

Daughter Iris joined the family in 2034. Jacob and Claudia discussed the possibility of a third child but ultimately felt their family was complete just the way it was.

In 2041, Claudia officially took over Kirby Market, a local business started by her great-grandfather, Nathaniel Kirby.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Monday, 15 January 2007

Royce-Nihill 1

Max and Zaria first started dating in high school and continued their relationship when they went away to college together. When they arrived back in Sullivan, they moved in with Max's parents Ben and Caterina and not long afterwards, they found out they were expecting their son Josh, who was born in 2014. Ben was lucky enough to meet his grandson before he died in 2019.

Daughter Jessica arrived (also a surprise) in 2020 and it wasn't until after her first birthday that Max finally decided to pop the question and propose to Zaria. She happily accepted and the couple were married two years later.

In 2025, Max decided to fulfill a long-held dream of his when he bought his restaurant, the Front Page Cafe. It is currently a popular choice for Sullivan residents looking for a more casual dining experience. Just a short time later, Zaria's mother Kit moved in. Caterina's second marriage to Julian Sitko had left a spare room in the house and Zaria was keen to bring her mother into the family home.

All the while, Zaria was working to achieve her own dream. After a previous unsuccessful campaign, Zaria was finally elected governor of Sullivan in 2035 and was re-elected in 2039. Her current term will be her last.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Moretti 1

Caleb became a father at a very young age when his then-girlfriend, Abigail, fell pregnant with their son, Nick. That relationship was not meant to be and they broke up when Nick was a child, splitting time with their son equally.

In 2013, Caleb met Cara, who was then working as a waitress and had dreams of attending medical school. She took a little convincing but the couple were soon dating. Two years later, they found themselves unexpectedly expecting a baby. This was followed quickly by a proposal from Caleb but unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Caleb and Cara decided to put the wedding off until Cara was closer to graduating from medical school and the wedding finally took place in 2017, five years after they'd first met. The wedding was almost immediately followed by Caleb and Cara conceiving their twins, Anthony and Veronica.

By the time the twins arrived, Caleb was growing disillusioned with his uninspiring job as a comic book penciller and started becoming interested in cooking. It was with Cara's encouragement that he finally entered the restaurant business in 2021. Just 8 years later, he opened his own catering business, Delizioso Catering, still operating in Sullivan.