Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Autumn 2013 birthdays

Just one birthday this time and it's the first birthday of Jack Benton, who was adopted as a newborn almost exactly one year ago today.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Parting of the sensory

Round 21: Summer 2013

Linnea Lane is 53
(Cordy and Luc are both 20)

Narrated by Linnea Lane

I finally decided that unless I wanted to be alone for the rest of my life, I would have to get over my hang-ups about younger women.

Heart problems

Round 21: Summer 2013

Adam Gottlieb is 58, Athena is 53, Wade is 23 and Amelia Moretti is 24.

Narrated by Amelia Moretti

While Wade was living in the dorms, our time together was often limited. We're definitely making up for that now! I'm living with him and his parents in Exeter and we even carpool to work together. We're almost surgically attached.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Rain, hail, shine

Round 21: Summer 2013

Collette Sitko is 68, Julian is 63, David is 31 and Kirstin is 29.
(Naomi is 38)

Narrated by Kirstin Sitko

Our holiday to Takemizu did not really get off to a good start. David surprised me with a weekend away to celebrate the promotions we both just received. Starting out with a raging headache was not really how either of us has envisioned the vacation beginning.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Summer 2013 birthdays

6 birthdays this time! I was so excited to see what these guys were going to look like!

First up come the 12 year-olds!

Claudia Kirby rolled Pleasure, with a LTW of reaching her golden anniversary. She's working as a gofer at NKL Corporation.

Round 21 ROS

I'm sharing my Random Occurrence Scenarios for 2013-2014 because I always forget to! The last time I shared was Round 16!

Anyway, so here they are!

Win d6 new friends - I rolled a 1. Challenging!
Medium lottery prize d6 X 1000 - I rolled a 4, so this person will win $4000.
Deadline to write an article within 24 hours (demoted if failure) - Still have to work out how to demote someone. Does anyone know?
Adopt a child - Sullivan is adoption-crazy lately, so that's not ending, apparently.
Fulfill greatest fear - If I have to kill someone, I'm going to be really sad. :(
Woohoo RIGHT NOW - I think this one could be fun, depending on who I roll it for. If they're single, it could be fun!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Round 20 Summary

Statistically, 2011-2012 seemed a little quieter than 2009-2010 but I really enjoyed this round anyway!

Births: 3 (Hope Collins, Jack Benton, Charlie Benton)

Deaths: 1 (Brandon Kirby)

Engagements: 2 (James and Madelyn Novak, Wade Gottlieb and Amelia Moretti)

Marriages: 1 (James and Madelyn Novak)

Break-ups: 1 (Abhijeet Turner and Asha Royce)

Graduations: 3 (Max Nihill, Wade Gottlieb, Zaria Royce)

New residents: 1 (Susannah Carmody)

Total population: 88 (40 male, 48 female)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 7
Children: 14
Teens: 6
Adults (including Young Adults): 46
Elders: 12

I ummed and aahed over whether to include Susannah as a birth or a new resident. I decided on new resident in the end because it wasn't really a birth, as she was already a year old. This round's other adoption, Jack Benton, was included as a birth because he was a newborn.


Round 20: Spring 2012

Jace Novak is 55, Magdalena is 48, Lia is 15, Maia is 10 and Tessa is 3.
(Ione Romilly is 16)

Narrated by Lia Novak

It's no wonder I still haven't had my first kiss. Every time I look in the mirror, there's another pimple on my face. I put cream on them but in the mean time, I have to walk around with a face full of zits.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

2nd Ave, 11 A.M.

Round 20: Spring 2012

Araminta Romilly is 49, Henry is 47, Ione is 16 and Finn is 11.
(Lia is 15)
Narrated by Ione Romilly

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents gave me the best gift ever - a brand new bedroom. I was sharing with Finn, which kind of sucked and now I have some privacy. It's separated from the main house by a small walkway, so it's very quiet too.

A note about aging and the Sullivan calendar

Seeing I have finally fine-tuned the aging system in Sullivan to be exactly as I like it (heavily based on the aging system at Lakeside Heights), I thought I would revise my shamefully outdated aging post. If you still want to read that one, it's here. I think most long-term readers will have already picked up what I'm doing as we've gone along. With my StatCounter though, I noticed I'm getting a lot of page views on that old aging post and I think some readers out there might be confused!

My rounds represent two years of real-life time, so Sims get two years older each round. I track time by months. Each month features 1 or 2 regular family updates. Some months will also feature a birthday update (which occur exactly one year after birth for babies aging to toddler but only in January for all other age stages). University updates for students living on campus are always in March. Occasionally, I might have a special mini-update for a wedding or another special event I might want to cover outside of the confines of a regular update. Those could occur in any month.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Nihill-Novak wedding

Round 20: Spring 2012

Spring in Sullivan usually means rain and 2012 was no exception. Luckily, it stayed away for James and Madelyn's wedding.

Spring 2012 birthdays

This spring marks the first birthday of Anna and Emil's daughter, Hope. Now there's a 1 year-old and a 2 year-old in the house, so the Collins-Moretti house is nothing if not noisy!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Like a rolling stone

Round 20: Winter 2012

Pascal Lachance is 70, Mina is 62, Abigail is 29 and Nicholas Moretti is 9.
(Jesse is 27)

Narrated by Abigail Lachance

Lately at night, I go out after everyone's asleep and look at the stars with Dad's telescope instead. I don't understand everything I'm seeing like he does, but it has some sort of calming effect on me anyway. It's either this or lay in bed wide awake, worrying about Caleb and Jesse. I'm not in love with Caleb any more but there's something there, I know. Maybe it's guilt, maybe it's because we have Nicky or maybe I just miss him. Jesse's getting impatient with me, I can tell. I need to figure all this out before we get serious.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

When everything was alright

Round 20: Winter 2012

Students are: Adrienne Novak (5), Ethan Novak (6), Sarah Carmody (7), Calvin and Troy Clarke, Aaron Novak, Nicholas Moretti (all 9), Josie Benton, Patience Draper, Maia Novak (all 10), Claudia and Victoria Kirby, Finn Romilly and Jacob Weaver (all 11).

It's Jacob's last year before high school and today, he should be up in the art room with the rest of the primary kids. Instead, he's outside in the playground on the merry-go-round.

Maple leaves

Round 20: Winter 2012

Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 57, Naomi is 37, Owen is 35, Adrienne is 5 and Malcolm is 2.
(Eliot is 26 and Cordy is 19)

Narrated by Naomi Novak

Owen recently won a pretty substantial prize in the lottery - $60,000! We already have a nice little nest egg saved up though, so we decided to spend this cash. The first thing we did is build me a little office at my salon. It's nice to have a place to do the books while I'm there, rather than bringing it home with me.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cause a rockslide

Round 20: Autumn 2012
Jesse Carmody is 27 and Evan and Amelia Moretti are both 23
(Wade is 22 and Abigail is 29)

Evan, Amelia and Jesse are still rooming together, though there is now a little more tension than there was in the past. After Abigail's affair with Jesse, Amelia was ready to turf him out. Evan is too soft-hearted and wouldn't allow it - it's Abigail he feels they should be angry with, not Jesse. So the boys eat breakfast together...

Friday, 18 September 2009

An awesome lot I wanted to share with you

Last night, I discovered that my feed for Simgaroop's Livejournal had not been working for some time and I'd missed months worth of posts.

One of the posts I missed was her amazing Belladonna Mall, which I have just placed in Sullivan. It looks enormous but it's actually only a 3x3 lot, so it's more playable than you might imagine! There's nothing on the lot that my Sims don't already have access to on other lots but I've wanted a mall for quite some time and would be far too lazy to build one myself!

I haven't taken any Sims there yet but I have visited it in buy mode and it looks just as good in game as it does in the screenshots. I made a few very minor changes (there was no wallpaper or flooring in the toilets) but otherwise, it's ready to go!

Where I fall

Round 20: Autumn 2012

Leo and Kit Royce are both 52 and Asha is 15.
(Zaria is 24 and Luc is 19)

Narrated by Kit Royce

Leo and I are beginning to regret buying that drum kit for Asha. We were so pleased when she started talking about university at such a young age but since she got into drumming, she seems to have lost all interest in the idea.

She's still doing her schoolwork but she's constantly saying that once she graduates, it's over for her and studying. Leo has always regretted not finishing college, so he's very concerned.

Leo even brought it up when we had Zaria over for dinner. Asha was not happy. I know Leo is concerned and I am too, but I wish he'd let up a little bit.

Thankfully, we were able to steer the conversation around to talking about Zaria's new job. She's doing reception work at a law firm right now. It's not what she wants to do but she's enjoying it so far.

Asha's boyfriend Abhijeet came over the next morning to take her out for the day. I'd never met him before but I was so impressed! He's very charming and I can see why she likes him!

I'm sure there are plenty of details she leaves out but Asha does tell me about their dates. This particular date seemed to be going as normal.

Until Abhijeet's eye started to wander.

When they got back to our house, Asha tried to talk to him about the other girl and he turned on her. He said he could speak to whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted and he ended things with Asha right there.

The poor kid was so upset. There wasn't much I could say to console her.

I decided I'd leave the talking to later and just comfort her as best I could until she was ready to have a chat with me about it.

It was a few days before we finally discussed it but I think Asha felt a bit better after that. I told her about some of the jerks I dated before I met Leo.

We both had a laugh over the stupid gift Abhijeet left outside our house as a way of apology. What is a 15 year-old girl supposed to do with this?!?

Anyway, just as soon as we solved one of Asha's boy problems, she's got herself into another one.

She hasn't admitted it, probably because she knows I'd tell Leo, but I think she likes Luc now, one of Zaria's friends from college. She talks about him constantly when she's at home and she is enraptured every time Zaria mentions his name.

I'm really going to have to monitor this situation closely. Luc is only four years older than Asha but at this age, that's a huge difference.

I know they've become friends but I hope it stays like that for at least a couple of years!

Random pic:

Abhijeet finally gets to dump someone instead of them dumping him and the skunk was not happy. Abhijeet cannot catch a break in my hood!

  • I had made Asha selectable while she was at Zaria's grad party and hadn't realised that this would mean that she'd eventually age to young adult. :\ I aged her back down but I guess in her mind, she's already been to college and she lost the want. I wasn't particularly keen on her going to college anyway, thankfully, so I don't mind too much.
  • Luc and Asha have been BFFs for a while, though I don't remember exactly how that happened! So far, there has been no flirting from either of them but I'm controlling Asha pretty strictly when Luc is around. I told a lie yesterday - they actually have the second-highest chemistry I've seen in game so far, not the third. They'd definitely be three bolts and the exact score is 176 raw and 281 total. Still 20 points off Emil and Anna's 301 total but still pretty impressive!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Round 20: Autumn 2012

Eliot Novak is 26, Max Nihill is 25, Zaria Royce is 24, Wade Gottlieb is 22 and Cordy and Luc Lane are both 19.
(Amelia is 23)

On starting her sophomore year, Cordy found that the other dormies living with her and Luc at Novak Hall weren't as bad as they seemed . They made convenient study buddies...

Autumn 2012 birthdays

The day has finally arrived! Zelda is on maternity leave and is anxiously busying herself in the front yard when she sees the social worker's van pull up across the street.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Round 20: Summer 2012

Arianna Weaver is 57, Liam is 49, Jonas Lachance is 34, Tatiana is 29, Jacob is 11 and Dominic is 2.
(Abigail is 29 and Adrienne is 5)

Narrated by Jonas Lachance

This was Tatiana's car before she let me drive it to work...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

St. Peter

Round 20: Summer 2012

Tate Benton is 42, Zelda is 37 and Josie is 10.
(Ethan Novak is 6)

Narrated by Tate Benton

Zelda and I are getting a little anxious about how our adoption is progressing, so I've been on the phone with them almost every week. Just to check how it's going and everything is in place.

Monday, 14 September 2009

A case of you

Round 20: Summer 2012

Charlton and Aphrodite Nihill are both 67, Madelyn is 32, James Novak is 37, Aaron is 9 and Ethan is 6.
(Augustin and Hanna are both 57, Naomi is 37, Owen is 35, Anna Collins is 34, Kirstin is 28, Adrienne is 5 and Malcolm is 2.)

Narrated by James Novak

Madelyn and I have been together for almost 15 years now. We never got around to getting married and have been pretty happy without it but lately, I've been feeling that marrying Madelyn is something I really need to do. I guess ever since Naomi and Owen got married, something has been stirring in me.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Summer 2011-12 birthdays

This summer, two Sullivan Sims are heading into their twilight years.

The first is Mina Lachance, who is still keen on retirement but is thinking that Rock God status might be more important to her than she initially thought.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Round 20: Spring 2011
Linnea Lane is 51
(Cordy and Luc are both 18 and Eliot Novak is 25)

Narrated by Linnea Lane

Cordy and Luc are away at college now and I'm really realising how enormous this house is. I feel like I'm rattling around in here.