Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Nihill-Novak wedding

Round 20: Spring 2012

Spring in Sullivan usually means rain and 2012 was no exception. Luckily, it stayed away for James and Madelyn's wedding.

The ceremony was held in the family's back garden. Madelyn is an outdoorsy kind of girl, so a wedding in the backyard suited her fine.

Presenting (after a mere 14 years!) Mr and Mrs Novak!

The couple's two sons, Aaron and Ethan, discovered the antique camera and were cautiously curious about it. Aaron was pretty sure Madelyn wouldn't want them touching it.

But Ethan thought he'd give it a go anyway.

It's time for the official bridal party portait and maid of honour Kirstin is missing in action.

She does manage to extricate herself from husband David to pose for a few photos, along with fellow bridesmaid Anna, best man Eliot and groomsman Tate.

The wedding was filled with children - there were 7 under 12s in attendance! Here we can see Maia and Josie. Josie, by the way, was on her best behaviour at the reception. Maybe it was her talk with her teacher at school or maybe it was just because her Aunt Megan kept her occupied for most of the time.

The reception is so hectic that none of the guests even notice when the bride and groom cut the wedding cake.

Mother of the groom Hanna spots the cake first and the rest of the guests follow suit.

The party retires inside and we get a shot of all three Novak siblings - James, his twin sister Naomi and Eliot in the background, who looks a little worried.

And with good cause! The reception ends with James discovering that Eliot has well and truly broken the dishwasher beyond repair. It being his wedding day doesn't stop James from delivering quite the lecture to his sheepish little brother.

Random pics:

  • I had an absurd amount of guests at this wedding! The picture of Hanna getting her cake is where you can see the most of them but there were at least 6 more guests inside!
  • I'm in love with my wedding pics! I had James give the last one to his parents as a gift and I'll have them hang it in their house. The rest are hanging on various walls in the Nihill-Novak house. I'm just getting into doing a lot of photos. The most recent graduates all had a grad picture done too and I'm thinking of other events I could suitable commemorate with a picture too!


  1. OOOOH! I love all the extra random pictures. How pretty! I would probably use SimPE to turn some of those into full sized pictures, or turn some into paintings and have someone paint their portrait.

    This was beautiful.

  2. This wedding was gorgeous! I love how your pictures turned out! Can I ask what you used to get that couple pose with the bride & groom? I'd love to use it for my upcoming Prom. I've seen it, but can't remember what pose box to use. LOL!

  3. Beautiful wedding! Poor Eliot just can't catch a break wherever he goes lately. ;)

  4. Wow, beautiful wedding, as usual! I think you must have been a wedding planner in a past life ;)

    I get it though, I love doing weddings too :)

  5. Beautiful, such a cute couple and your photos are amazing of the event. I can't wait to see the photos in the homes. I wish there was an easier way to get photographs in the home.

  6. Thank you everyone, glad you liked it!

    Simmington, the pose box I used is the Photo Poses box from here:


    I'll have to add pose boxes to my CC post, because I get asked about those a lot.

    I considered doing paintings in SimPE but there are no frames I like as much as the default photo frames! A larger version of that would be cool but I'd also need a template because I'm woefully ignorant on how to make paintings with anything other than Photo Studio.

  7. Great wedding photos! I'm always impressed when I see them well done bc they can be so hectic

  8. Thank you! It was definitely a bit of a pain to get them all posed and I ended up adding more time to the wedding party because I'd spent over half the allotted time on posing.

    Next time, I'll probably just teleport the required people in, take the pictures and THEN hold the wedding! Live and learn!

  9. Heh, well, you know I'm in agreement with you. I was just thinking last night that I'm really sad I have no more engaged couples and am hoping someone spins the want next time I play them!