Friday, 25 September 2009

Summer 2013 birthdays

6 birthdays this time! I was so excited to see what these guys were going to look like!

First up come the 12 year-olds!

Claudia Kirby rolled Pleasure, with a LTW of reaching her golden anniversary. She's working as a gofer at NKL Corporation.

Victoria Kirby rolled Fortune with the LTW of marrying off 2 children. She's now a Paintball Attendant.

Jacob Weaver rolled Family and like Victoria, he also wants to marry off 2 children. He holds the very mundane job of dishwasher at a local restaurant.

Finn Romilly rolled Fortune and is looking very serious indeed! He wants to become an icon and is working as a file clerk part-time after school.

We also have two 18th birthdays, both of whom are incoming freshmen at Suffolk University.

Rose Draper

...and Joanna Gottlieb. Neither of the girls have declared a major yet. They are living at Novak Hall, along with juniors Cordy and Luc.

  • I'll probably also move Eliot from Moretti Hall to Novak Hall. No sense leaving him there all on his own when he has only a semester left. In real life, he wouldn't bother moving (and that's the only reason I considered leaving him there) but it'll save me some time having all of the college kids together.
  • Once Jacob is old enough to shave, he's going to be growing some scruff on that pretty little face of his! He's very soft looking, isn't he? I was expecting him to look like that though.


  1. Hullo there! Thought I'd hop over from your comment on my blog and wow, youv'e got it rolling on here! These neighborhoods have me in awe with the amount of effort that is put into them.

    Gonna add you to my blogroll if you don't mind?

  2. Finn is a cutie! Of course it could just be the glasses and that hair. So cute!

    And isn't Joanna lovely? I love the hair cut.

  3. Finn looks so serious! He must be focused on earning his next paycheck and has no time to stand around getting photographed. ;)

  4. Jacob does have a very feminine face, but he's still cute......and Finn, well he doesn't have much time for the crap huh? So serious!!!

  5. The Kirby girls aged up really nicely! Did you give them plastic surgery or do I remember wrong?

    Joanna and Rose are both gorgeous. Rose has that supermodel quality in her.

  6. Finn grew up so cute but yeah..very studious looking. I love his glasses. I also like the youthful appearance you keep with your 12 year olds. I gotta work harder on that myself. *smiles* My teens tend to look like they're ready to go straight into college. LOL!

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Roundabout, I don't mind at all. I've added you to mine as well. Please feel free to jump in wherever you like here. Some people start reading from the beginning but it's not strictly necessary, given the amount of content I have up!

    Lunar, I was waiting for someone to give that haircut to and it was just perfect for Joanna.

    Shana, Finn rolled the want to Get a Job right away - the only teen who did that this round! So he's definitely living up to his aspiration and his two playful points.

    Mizzgin, I like Jacob too. The Moretti genes are rampant enough in the hood and he looks a lot like Liam, rather than Arianna. Notice Liam has a beard though!

    Cissie, both Kirby girls did get plastic surgery. I made their mouths a little larger and moved them down on their face a bit. It wasn't a huge change but it was the difference between looking freakish and looking human! I'm happy with how they aged up - with how all of them aged up actually! Rose looks better with the lighter blonde hair.

    Simmington, I'm glad you said that because I did actually try to make them look twelve this time, so I'm happy to have been successful! I used to age them up at 13 and for some reason, that year made all the difference to me. Having them look too mature at 12 was something I didn't want to do.

  8. I enjoy seeing the real sim inside when they grow up, too.

    I like Claudia.

  9. Thanks! I was worried about the two Kirby girls, even with surgery but I think they both turned out pretty cute.

  10. My goodness! The first thing I thought when I saw Rose was that she looked just like Harmony from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (

  11. Oh, wow, yeah, I can sort of see that! LOL, I like finding out about celebrity lookalikes for my Sims!