Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Spring 2012 birthdays

This spring marks the first birthday of Anna and Emil's daughter, Hope. Now there's a 1 year-old and a 2 year-old in the house, so the Collins-Moretti house is nothing if not noisy!

Normally we would do a toddler picture comparison here but it's pretty unnecessary from what I can see so far. Even at a year old, she's already the spitting image of her mother. The only feature she's inherited from her dad's side of the family is her grandmother's blue eyes.

Just down the road, Zelda Benton didn't even have time to get Jack in his crib before she realised Baby Benton #3 would be arriving imminently! It's been 10 years since she was last pregnant but there's no mistaking this feeling!

It's another boy. Meet Charlie - or Charles Eli Benton, if we're being formal!

Way over on the other side of Sullivan, neither Arianna or Tatiana can sleep. For Tatiana, it's just her soon-to-be-born baby reminding her it's still in there but for Arianna, it's just Liam's incessant snoring. It's a quarter to four in the morning and they've both given up on the idea of any sort of slumber tonight.

So of course, this is the time the baby decides to make its entrance into the world!

This time, it's a girl - Audrey Margaret! The black hair is no surprise - it would be more surprising if she hadn't inherited the hair colour of both of her parents. Her light grey eyes are definitely a puzzle though and it's one that's not solved until Grandma Mina remembers that her mother, Steffi, had the exact same grey eyes!

  • That's the last birthday post for this round! Just two more families and we'll move into Round 21: 2013-14.
  • I'm still reeling from those grey eyes Audrey has! I actually had to comb through all of her ancestors' profiles to figure out where they came from. The grey eyes haven't shown up at all since Steffi (apart from Petra and Nathalie, who don't count because they were CAS, where genetics are very wonky).


  1. Oh, grey eyes! How amazing. I love surprises like that!

  2. Welcome to the new babies! I love how Sim genetics works sometimes and gives you surprises later on. :)

  3. Yup, I'm a long-time fan of Sim genetics. I never realised how fun they were until Sullivan though. But then again, I don't think I ever got to the stage where my Sims had great-grandchildren either!