Saturday, 12 September 2009


Round 20: Spring 2011

Adam Gottlieb is 56, Athena is 51 and Joanna is 16.
(Wade is 21, Amelia Moretti is 22 and Georgette Clarke is 71.)

Narrated by Joanna Gottlieb

Dad has been thinking of buying a restaurant and he's fallen in love with one he took Mum to last year. It's called The Claudette. I don't know much about fancy restaurants but I hope Dad gets rid of all the staff when he buys it. It's terrible service, we were waiting forever for a table.

We were finally seated upstairs and then waited around for the waiter. At least we were sitting down then though. I used the time to catch up with Amelia, Wade's girlfriend.

This is what I mean about the terrible service. We actually arrived for a late lunch and it was near dinner time when we were finally served. Dad could run this place so much better than whoever's running it now.

Dad had all but decided to buy The Claudette so we all toasted to his decision.

Even me! I had to beg but Mum did relent and let me have some champagne. She took it off me after one sip though. She told me I can wait until I get to college to start drinking. I'll have way too much work to do in college to drink my way through!

I was chatting with Wade and Amelia while we were waiting for our taxi after dinner when my parents just started slow dancing in the middle of the restaurant. There wasn't even any music! It was so embarrassing!

They've been like that a lot lately, since Wade left for college. They're flirting and kissing all over the living room and disappearing off into their bedroom and shutting the door. I know what they do in there but I really wish I didn't!

It's amazing they have time for anything else but they do! Mum is working on a big promotion, so she's always up at that podium. So far she's been passed over though and she's pretty disappointed.

I gave her boss a piece of my mind when she came over. I probably shouldn't have because I don't want to harm Mum's chances instead of help but my mouth just gets the best of me sometimes.

I've already got a free ride to Suffolk next year but I wanted to see if I could get another scholarship. Just to see if I could. So I made Dad come and practise some chess with me. He's not really much of a challenge to play against. He gets distracted pretty easily and then it's way too tempting for me to cheat!

But with that, and some extra study in astronomy, I'm proud to say that I earned my ninth scholarship! I'll have $11,000 burning a hole in my pocket when I start college!

Mini-update: Adam buys a restaurant!

So here's Adam in the lobby of his new restaurant, The Claudette. It cost him a mere $292,000 to buy. The Gottliebs are very wealthy though, so he still had over $50,000 left over.

He's hired two staff members so far (he took Joanna's advice and got rid of those deadbeats who were working there before). One is Corbin Gray (who is a playable NPC), who will be the host and the other is Aislin Holland, a townie. Aislin will be working as the server. It doesn't look like Corbin is happy with his pay. Well, tough. Earn a badge, then Adam will consider a raise.

Adam, if the hat didn't tip you off, is the chef.

And he's loving it!

Buying an established restaurant has its advantages. There's already a pretty good customer base and Corbin gets a lot of phone calls asking for reservations and plenty of walk-in traffic too.

Adam's new staff is much more efficient than the old staff.

Anna's just ordered her meal and it's already on its way to her table!


  • Joanna's the first teen I've had in a while to react like that to her parents being romantic. She might even be the only I've ever had in Sullivan.
  • Adam and Athena were like hormonal teenagers this round. They were woohooing all over the damn place. Including on the couch. With the new ACR, my Sims don't tend to go for the couch unless there's nowhere else available but it didn't stop Adam and Athena.
  • The restaurant is doing okay though Adam is not turning a profit just yet. No one was asking for a table so I lowered the price to Average. Once he's past Level 1 (where he is now), I'll raise the prices to expensive.


  1. I'm glad he finally brought the resturaunt. How often do you plan on visiting it to play it?

  2. Oh my! That must have been some anatomy studying, because photobucket deleted the picture!!! ;)

    Yay, I'm glad Adam got his restaurant! And wow, that IS wealthy if they could afford all of that and still have money left over! And it's a good thing he's got some money saved, because I have yet to have any of my restaurants make any money, even the upscale ones... :\

  3. LOL, nevermind, she said astronomy not anatomy (Laura = mind in the gutter, lol!). So why on earth did they delete that?

  4. I'm so jealous because the whole uniform thing seems to work in your game. All my employees look like weirdos without eyebrows when they change into their uniform.

    I've been meaning to ask is where did you get the yellow thingy that shows the temperature? Does it show the outside temperature? Am I asking too many questions? LOL

    I love to play the restaurant owners. They don't make a big profit but it's a lot of fun.

  5. None of my Sims can afford to buy restaurants or other buildings yet. Some of them have taken out loans with Monique's Computer to buy their businesses, but that leaves them in sooo much debt, so I've only allowed a few necessary Sims to own businesses so far.

    I've had that problem too, Cissie Mae. My Sims' hair color changes. They still have eyebrows though. I just play around it. I'm interested to see if it will do the same thing in this new hood, since I had to start everything over last August.

  6. wowza fat wallet for them! My wealthiest family has about 175,000 cash, vacation home, house, and a business... but I don't think if they sold everything they'd have what the Gottlieb's had!

    Woot! For Joanna and those scholarships, that's awesome! Very tenacious girl there. I imagine she wouldn't be the kind of girl to drink through college.

  7. LOL Laura! I'm glad she cleared that one up, or I'm sure I'd make the same mistake.

    So what was the pic?

    YAY! Now Adam has a restaurant. How cute is he in the hat? And him and Athena, lol, I can see that. "We've only got one kid to go!" "Hot!"

    I've always had trouble getting the restaurant to earn money. With Water's, I ended up relying on the money rewards and his full time job. (Or, since I'm playing story mode, I just cheat.)

  8. Apple Valley, I'll play the restaurant as often as I play my other businesses. Theoretically, that's once a round, during the play session for whoever the owner is. Sometimes it's less because I forget. I forgot about Lake's shop this round because I was caught up with him and Kendal.

    The picture is fixed now! It was totally my fault. I was deciding between two pics of Joanna at the telescope and ended up deleting the wrong one once I decided.

    Lunar, all my Sims who have businesses also have full-time jobs (unless they're retired, like Aphrodite). I tried to have Nathaniel and Joanne live off the farmer's market profits at the beginning of Sullivan and it just didn't work out.

    I do also get the uniform bug some of you mentioned and it actually did happen with this lot! About 30 seconds before I took the pic of Adam in his chef hat, he had no eyebrows and pixie ears! There is a very simple workaround you can try. Send the Sim to Change Appearance (you can use any of the hacks that change appearance too). You don't need to actually change anything. Click out of that and they'll be in their casual clothes. Click on the Sim to change them back into their uniform and they *should* have their face back!

    Most of my wealthy Sims (Ben and Caterina excluded) became rich through Monique's computer. They all have a bank account and the interest they earn once they have a good bit of cash is kind of insane. I'd like to change that, if I knew how to hack but I don't, so I'm stuck with it for now. Fortunately, most of my Sims don't have that much money. The Novaks (Augustin and Hanna, not James and Madelyn) are pretty rich and I think that's it for super-wealthy Sims in Sullivan.

    I forgot to mention in the main text but Joanna's ninth scholarship makes her officially my best student ever. She's overtaken Raffaella's previous record of 8 scholarships. It's a good thing too because I was beginning to think even having a university entry plan for 8 scholarships was a bit pointless!

  9. LOL, poor Joanna having to witness her parents getting romantic and then know what they're doing all the time when they go to their room! ;)

    It took a long time before the one restaurant I run, The Willow, to start making a profit, but now it does. Not a huge profit though, usually just a couple hundred each time I play it but I guess that's better than nothing, LOL.

    I'm going to have to try that trick you mentioned for fixing eyebrows to see if it will also fix Sims that change their face template when they put on their uniforms. Todd Gates changes his face template whenever I tell him to put on his uniform at the grocery store. I tried deleting his uniform and setting up a whole new one, but he still does it. It's pretty annoying because it stops me from taking pictures of him at work since his face is different.

  10. I don't mind so much that restaurants aren't that profitable because I find they're pretty cheap to run *and* they're a lot of fun!

    Shana, that's the same bug so this fix should work. Mine usually lose their eyebrowsAND change their face template - it's usually face one but Adam changed to a template with pixie ears!