Sunday, 13 September 2009

Summer 2011-12 birthdays

This summer, two Sullivan Sims are heading into their twilight years.

The first is Mina Lachance, who is still keen on retirement but is thinking that Rock God status might be more important to her than she initially thought.

The second is Julian Sitko, whose buggy diner I have still not had the energy to tackle again!

It's not all oldies though. Adrienne Novak is turning 5 and has inherited her dad's terrible eyesight!


  • I played each family for a little bit as I aged them (about half a day) and discovered that Mina now wants simultaneously to retire and to reach the top level of the music career. So she's become less lazy in her old age, apparently.
  • I also discovered Abigail wants to marry Jesse and Caleb. Sheesh, well, you can't have it both ways, Abigail and I'm fairly sure Caleb has made that decision for you. Still, I'm going to wait for that to roll away before anything serious happens between Abigail and Jesse.


  1. Mina and Julian have aged very nicely, I think Julian especially looks very charming!

    Adrienne is a cutie! I need more sims with glasses.

  2. yep, Adrienne looks like her dad and has his eye sight.

    Mina looks quite lovely in her elder years, and Julian looks like a nice, down to earth diner guy! How fitting!

    Is Mina going to be like "Kiss" still singing in an advanced age?

  3. CissieMae, I always forget about glasses too. I actually made a note in Flashnote to give Adrienne some specs! And Julian's transition was a bit gradual because I used a slightly greying style on him for a good while.

    Maisie, that's what Mina seems to be telling me she *wants* to do! I've had Sims reach their career LTW while still adults but for some reason, I don't think it's happened with the Rock God want. All my Rock Gods are old, like Mina.