Friday, 18 September 2009

Where I fall

Round 20: Autumn 2012

Leo and Kit Royce are both 52 and Asha is 15.
(Zaria is 24 and Luc is 19)

Narrated by Kit Royce

Leo and I are beginning to regret buying that drum kit for Asha. We were so pleased when she started talking about university at such a young age but since she got into drumming, she seems to have lost all interest in the idea.

She's still doing her schoolwork but she's constantly saying that once she graduates, it's over for her and studying. Leo has always regretted not finishing college, so he's very concerned.

Leo even brought it up when we had Zaria over for dinner. Asha was not happy. I know Leo is concerned and I am too, but I wish he'd let up a little bit.

Thankfully, we were able to steer the conversation around to talking about Zaria's new job. She's doing reception work at a law firm right now. It's not what she wants to do but she's enjoying it so far.

Asha's boyfriend Abhijeet came over the next morning to take her out for the day. I'd never met him before but I was so impressed! He's very charming and I can see why she likes him!

I'm sure there are plenty of details she leaves out but Asha does tell me about their dates. This particular date seemed to be going as normal.

Until Abhijeet's eye started to wander.

When they got back to our house, Asha tried to talk to him about the other girl and he turned on her. He said he could speak to whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted and he ended things with Asha right there.

The poor kid was so upset. There wasn't much I could say to console her.

I decided I'd leave the talking to later and just comfort her as best I could until she was ready to have a chat with me about it.

It was a few days before we finally discussed it but I think Asha felt a bit better after that. I told her about some of the jerks I dated before I met Leo.

We both had a laugh over the stupid gift Abhijeet left outside our house as a way of apology. What is a 15 year-old girl supposed to do with this?!?

Anyway, just as soon as we solved one of Asha's boy problems, she's got herself into another one.

She hasn't admitted it, probably because she knows I'd tell Leo, but I think she likes Luc now, one of Zaria's friends from college. She talks about him constantly when she's at home and she is enraptured every time Zaria mentions his name.

I'm really going to have to monitor this situation closely. Luc is only four years older than Asha but at this age, that's a huge difference.

I know they've become friends but I hope it stays like that for at least a couple of years!

Random pic:

Abhijeet finally gets to dump someone instead of them dumping him and the skunk was not happy. Abhijeet cannot catch a break in my hood!

  • I had made Asha selectable while she was at Zaria's grad party and hadn't realised that this would mean that she'd eventually age to young adult. :\ I aged her back down but I guess in her mind, she's already been to college and she lost the want. I wasn't particularly keen on her going to college anyway, thankfully, so I don't mind too much.
  • Luc and Asha have been BFFs for a while, though I don't remember exactly how that happened! So far, there has been no flirting from either of them but I'm controlling Asha pretty strictly when Luc is around. I told a lie yesterday - they actually have the second-highest chemistry I've seen in game so far, not the third. They'd definitely be three bolts and the exact score is 176 raw and 281 total. Still 20 points off Emil and Anna's 301 total but still pretty impressive!


  1. Oooh, wouldn't Luc and Asha make a really cute couple? It'd be fitting in a way. They could be an interesting couple.

    Poor Abhijeet. I would guess that part of the problem is the name that seems to carry bad luck and a lack of respect.

  2. Poor Abhijeet LOL! The skunk makes a statement the one time he gets to dump someone. I just had to laugh!

    I agree with Lunar, Luc and Asha would make a cute couple. She has some growing up to do first though.

  3. Poor Abhijeet! The skunk got revenge on him for Asha, LOL. ;)

    Asha and Luc could be a very interesting couple, with both of them being Romance Sims. But I think they'd look cute together!

  4. I'm going to age Abhijeet up at the end of this round, so that's the last of him being tortured by my teen girls. I don't know the skunk's position on this though. ;)

    I'm excited about the idea of Asha and Luc together but I'm still undecided about when I'll let them get together. With such high chemistry and already being BFFs, it's only a matter of time before they act on this of their own accord.