Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Summer 2011 birthdays

Just a little party for Dominic Lachance's first birthday - if he turns out to be as shy as his parents are, a big party would probably be terrifying for him!

And there he is! So far, he looks pretty much exactly like Tatiana but we'll see if he develops any of Jonas's features as he gets older.

For comparison, here's Tatiana as a toddler:

The next birthday in Sullivan this year is the fifth birthday of Ethan Novak.

Ethan is quite literally a clone of his older brother, Aaron so nothing too surprising here!

Also this year, the Lane twins are 18 and starting their freshman year at Suffolk University.

Here's Luc...

...and here's Cordy.

They're in a new dorm I haven't used before but it's a really awesome one and I'm excited to start playing with it. Moretti Hall didn't have space for both of them, unless they wanted to share a bed. And being siblings, I doubt they do, so they're across the street instead.

Random pic:

Just thought this one was very cute! I've become even more anal-retentive with this calendar system and I'm trying to get the toddlers' skills happening on a realistic timeline. So I figure walking first, then talking then potty training. So Dominic is already toddling around and this is from when he was learning to walk. I played this family for a whole day to see if I could get Tatiana into the education career and Jonas his promotion (success, on both counts).


  1. Dominic is cuute! He does look like Tatiana. Both are two of the cutest toddlers I've seen.

  2. Dominic is really cute! It looks to me like he has Jonas's eyes, I could be wrong though.

    The Lane twins have grown up very nicely too!

  3. Dominic really is a cutie! I hope he's a bit more outgoing than his parents!

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm happy with how everyone's turning out so far.

    If he's just as shy as his mum and dad (which is likely but I haven't checked), then well, they've done pretty well for themselves so he'll live. ;)

    About Dominic's eyes, Jonas has sort of sleepy looking eyes and right now to me, Dominic's look brighter, like Tatiana's. But they don't look exactly like Tatiana's either, so they could be heading that way!

  5. Your toddler skill is the say way I plan to do my and when they aren't on target I consider them behind.a

  6. That's probably what I do. I don't focus too much on the toddler skilling in the actual updates anyway, so it doesn't really affect much though.

  7. Awww! Dominic is so cute! And yes he does look just like Tatiana, which isn't a bad thing. I hope they have more babies because they are a very cute couple and now I see they make very cute kids.

  8. Aw, memories! Dominic is 13 now, so this takes me back! As for more kids for Jonas and Tatiana...well, wait and see, I guess. ;)

    Round 20! Six and a half rounds to go!