Wednesday, 23 September 2009

2nd Ave, 11 A.M.

Round 20: Spring 2012

Araminta Romilly is 49, Henry is 47, Ione is 16 and Finn is 11.
(Lia is 15)
Narrated by Ione Romilly

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents gave me the best gift ever - a brand new bedroom. I was sharing with Finn, which kind of sucked and now I have some privacy. It's separated from the main house by a small walkway, so it's very quiet too.

Of course, you can hear Finn from anywhere in the house, he's so loud, so it's not like I'm in a cone of silence or anything. I'll only be here for another two years or so anyway - I've been accepted into university! I don't start until 2014 but I'm already excited.

I've finally got my car working too. I was so proud of myself when I revved the engine for the first time.

It's totally drivable but I'm painting it before I take it out on the road.

I hadn't really spoken to Gordon since he was my first kiss when we were 13. But we've been talking again lately and have started dating for real. He comes over a lot to check out how the car is going and we end up hanging out in the front yard.

Dad usually pretends to be tending the garden while we're out there, so he can "supervise". I think he's worried we're going to have sex in the back of the car or something. He doesn't have anything to worry about really - I'm definitely not ready for that yet!

The car is all painted now, so no more school bus for me! The deal was that I could drive to school as long as I also dropped Finn off at the primary school. It's on the way, so I don't mind too much.

On the weekends, seeing it's a little warmer now, Gordon and I have been heading down to the pool. Lia comes with us sometimes too, and we act like kids for a while and play Marco Polo.

Lately though, Lia has been acting a little weird. She's been sneering at me a lot and she's never done that before. Maybe she doesn't like Gordon?

Okay, so it's not Gordon. They seem to get along great. I'm starting to think I've done something to hurt or offend her.

I can't think what I could have said or done though. We were sunbathing later on and I asked her about it and she just mumbled and said there was nothing wrong. I know there's something up - I just wish I knew what it was.

Random pics:When Araminta wasn't at work this round, she was awaiting Henry in the bedroom in her best lingerie. She really wants a third child and Henry fears one (which is interesting, because he's the one who wants to graduate 3 kids from college). I'm pretty sure she's past her fertile period, so it's not going to happen but the want hasn't spun away anyway. I guess because she could still have one via the Maxis interactions?

  • The family portrait is the same as from last round, which is why it's snowing - I completely forgot to take one but everyone looks the same anyway!
  • I had Gordon and Lia selectable at the pool and the interaction that Lia does every time she sees Gordon and Ione kissing or hugging is "Disapprove". LOL.


  1. I think Lia likes Gordon. Very messy

  2. You know, I've been trying and trying for ages to decipher why some Sims are anti-romantic versus others who smile and nod when other Sims are kissing. I've found two of my Sims who are *completely* unalike in personality, age, and aspiration, yet they're both anti-romantic. I guess it must be randomly assigned.

    But as far as your story goes, I'd guess Lia likes Gordon too ;)

  3. LOL, my first thought was that Lia has a secret crush on Gordon too. ;)

  4. Ha, yes, my mind was working the same way as all of your minds. It definitely seems like Lia is a little jealous!

    Laura, Lia is really shy and I thought that might be the problem but I have other shy Sims who don't react that way. Off the top of my head, I think Naomi Novak also only has 1 outgoing point and I've never seen her "disapprove". You'd think she'd be more likely to as well, because she also only has one nice point. I forget how many Lia has but she's actually quite nice.

  5. or maybe Lia has a crush on Ione :P

  6. Ha, that would be quite a twist, wouldn't it?

  7. I just love Ione's look. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Lia's problem is. I'm like everybody else in assuming it's because she likes Gordon, too.

  8. LOL, Lia. So disapproving! Maybe she just doesn't like the idea of high schoolers getting busy.

    It's kinda neat that stuff like that is almost random. Make it more fun, doesn't it?

  9. Thanks, guys. I thought I would be bored playing these last two families (no playable boys to muck around with) but Ione and Lia fixed that up for me!