Sunday, 11 October 2009

You never know

Round 21: Summer 2014
Araminta Romilly is 51, Henry is 49 and Finn is 13.
(Ione is 18, Victoria is 13)

Narrated by Finn Romilly

On Sundays, my parents both work so I have the house all to myself.

They leave me a few chores to do, like fixing something for dinner but after I'm finished, I can do what I like.

I usually invite Victoria over. It's nice to hang around with her without Claudia around.

We usually play video games, which I'm not very good at but it's Victoria's favourite thing to do.

I really like her and I think she likes me too.

I never used to care but I find myself checking that I look okay before she comes over.

We're sort of boyfriend and girlfriend now. I asked her last time she came over.

We've kissed a few times since then.

We've had a few misses along the way too but I think we're getting better at it.

I came home from school the other day to find Ione in the living room. Seeing she moved out to go to college, it was kind of a surprise. Apparently Mum and Dad had some big news for us, so she'd come up to hear it in person.

Neither of us had a clue what it could be so luckily Mum cut right to the chase and told us she was pregnant. I don't know about Ione, but I couldn't believe it. Mum's 51! I didn't even know women that old could get pregnant!

I'd noticed Mum and Dad had been a lot more affectionate with each other lately. Disappearing off into their bedroom and everything...

...and that Mum didn't seem to be feeling very well in the mornings. But who expects to become the middle child after 13 years of being the youngest? I'm not sure what I think about this pregnancy thing yet but I guess I'll find out soon enough!

Random pics:
In somewhat of a role reversal, Araminta and Henry conceived their baby in their daughter's car.

Did you know Sims would keep chatting on the couch while they're petting the cat? Well, they will! I'll also take this opportunity to say that it's pretty lame that Sims can't do this with dogs.

  • So Araminta is pregnant at 51! This definitely was not planned by me, if you were wondering. I kind of let my middle-aged adults do whatever they like because they seem largely infertile most of the time. But I've been wondering if this would ever happen in Sullivan ever since I read about Cissie's Jackie Whitfield, over at Wellington. I have to admit I thought of her as soon as I heard those baby chimes! Araminta is due in Spring 2014.
  • Finn and Victoria both had the want to go steady, so I let them because they're so adorable. They roll wants for each other all the time but I'm only letting them do the fairly innocent ones. They both had the want to Make Out, but I think that's a bit advanced for them right now! I also had to cancel the "Casual Sit" interaction they both queued up as soon as they got in the house!
  • This is my first post using my new hosting service! I went with JustHost, which Maisie recommended in Laura's post. I chose them because $3.95 AUD per month is astonishingly cheap for unlimited space and bandwidth and they have a live support thing, which I've already made use of. I'm transferring everything over, which is a very, very boring task but I've got through a fair few of my older posts today. It's looking like an achievable task right now but my posts now contain 25-30 pics, as opposed to 10 at the most in the beginning. The newer posts will be much more irritating to do!
  • The good news is that it's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Once I found out what image location URL I needed to reference here (that's what I needed Live Support for), I was good to go. I haven't needed to make an index page or use any HTML or any of that stuff. I was prepared to, but I'm happy that I can pretty much continue as I always have.


  1. OMG, weird, my Matt Watts wears the exact same outfit as Henry, same light skin, and has the exact same haircut - I totally had to do a double take, lol!

    Anyway, Finn is just the cutest little thing ever!

    Wow, 51 with one in college and starting all over again??? And OMG, in their daughter's car!!!

    And OMG, I didn't even know Sims could pet their cats on a couch! (But then, I very rarely pay much attention to pets anyway.) This update is just full of surprises!

    This is about to be THE LONGEST comment to ever be posted on a blog ever! LOL! :)

    I'm glad you have your hosting worked out. So did you need a domain along with the hosting after all?

    How are you going about replacing your links? I'm wondering if you had an easier way than I'm doing it, because I'd describe it as mindnumbingly tedious and boring! Are you relinking all the way back to the beginning?

    I have to admit, I feel a bit better knowing there's someone else going through the same mindnumbingly boring task that I am, lol! :)

  2. I love Finn. He's so darling, especially with Victoria. AWWWWWW! Ahem. Sorry, though I'm sure you do that a lot too when they're being cute and innocent.

    Pregnant at 51, and conceived in their daughter's car? Does she know? XD Maybe it's best she doesn't.

  3. Pregnant at 51, wow. I had no idea that could happen. I hope everything goes well and she has a healthy baby.

    You know I was just wondering if they could pet the cat on the couch and you answered that. I hope I get to see that action soon!

    I'm sure I will be asking you questions about the hosting. But for now, are you just uploading your pictures there? This is all new to me. The most I've ever done with a site was to use geocities for my fan fic. That's how I learned basic HTML. What will have to look forward to?

  4. Araminta is brave. A new baby at 51, I couldn't do it. I wonder how its going to change the family dynamic.

    Finn is adorable with his glasses

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Laura, the domain came free with the hosting. I don't know if I needed it but I have it!

    Link replacing - so boring! I'm doing it two different ways because the way I find easiest isn't working for all entries. What I'm doing is I'm going through each entry, opening each pic in a new tab, saving it to my desktop and renaming it (all my old ones are named snapshot549730465765 or whatever), uploading to JustHost and then uploading to Blogger. It seemed easier than going to Photobucket and trying to figure out which picture belonged to which entry.

    For some reason though, sometimes when I try to open a pic in a new tab, it'll tell me it's been moved or deleted. I know it hasn't been because it will show up when I click View Image instead. But those are the entries that are slowing me down because that way is much slower than opening them in a new tab.

    Lunar, I do a LOT of squealing with Finn and Victoria. They're unbelievably sweet and they're just as cute to play as they are in pictures. Ione doesn't know that Baby Romilly was conceived in her car. I don't know how she'd ever find out unless they told her, otherwise I might play it for laughs.

    Riverdale, the hosting has been really easy for me so far, even if it is very boring! I'm pretty much just using it like I used Photobucket - uploading my pics there and then putting them into Blogger. I haven't needed any HTML or coding or anything.

    Petting the cat is a selectable action, so you can have one of your Sims do it right now if you like. You don't need to wait for them to do it autonomously. I don't think they ever do it autonomously, actually.

    Heredon, I just realised that Finn needs his glasses because not only does Henry have exactly the same haircut as Laura's Matt Watts, he also has the same haircut as his son! I never noticed until this round because the glasses help me tell them apart.

    A new baby in the house will have to change the family somewhat, I think! Having a baby in your early 50s has got to be more wearing on you than having one in your early 30s - Araminta was 33 when she had Ione and 38 last time she was pregnant (with Finn, obviously). It's going to be a big adjustment for them!

  6. Wow! I thought maybe it was a glitch when Jackie got pregnant but it happens in other people's games as well!

    Aww, Finn and Victoria are really cute together! It's good that you keep their relationship innocent, they're definitely too young for woohoos!

  7. Finn and Victoria are just too cute! I love the kiss that makes them bump noses. It's so perfect for young teens going through the awkwardness of a first romance. :)

    And wow! A new baby at 51! They're going to have their hands full. At least they have Finn there to help out, they're probably going to need it! ;) LOL @ getting pregnant in their daughter's car. I can imagine that Ione would probably prefer not to know where her new brother or sister was conceived, LOL. ;)

  8. Thanks Cissie and Shana!

    I couldn't believe it when I heard those baby chimes for Araminta but I was kind of excited too. I like those sort of little surprises. I'm guessing Finn might spend his Sunday mornings babysitting now. Henry and Araminta both seem pretty content with their jobs the way they are, so promotions are not likely. That could end up cutting into Victoria time.

    Next round, I'll probably let Finn and Victoria take things a bit further, if they want to. They only have one bolt but they're so sweet together. They might end up lasting longer than I planned them to.

  9. Hi Carla,

    I'm reading some of your old posts, but it seems the pics of this one are missing. :-)

    Regards from Austria

    1. Hey Astrid, thanks for the heads up. This post's picture were still using the temporary URL I got from my host when I first signed up. It worked for a long time but a few months back, I ended up having to fix them all. I must have missed this post, obviously!

      If you come across any other missing pics, please let me know. It takes me less than a minute to fix. :)