Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ask her to dance

Round 21: Spring 2014
Principal Augustin Novak is 59, Teacher Tatiana Lachance is 31, Nicholas Moretti, Aaron Novak and Calvin and Troy Clarke are all 11, Sarah Carmody is 9, Ethan Novak and Matilda Jacobson are both 8, Adrienne Novak is 7 and Rebecca Kirby and Tessa Novak are both 5.

It's time once again to visit Sullivan Primary School and infants teacher Tatiana Lachance is once again heavily pregnant. Tatiana tries to put her swollen ankles and aching back out of her mind and puts a smile on her face to greet one of the new kindergarteners, Tessa Novak.

It's the infants' turn in the music room this morning and the other kindergartener, Rebecca Kirby, decides to see if she has any of her grandmother's talent for all things musical.

She definitely does not and Tatiana is glad she chose a seat behind Rebecca. Tatiana's nice but she's not sure that she could pretend to be enjoying that caterwauling.

The rest of the kids aren't much better.

The girls are very enthusiastic about the violin but enthusiasm does not equal talent.

Except in Ethan's case. He's very enthusiastic about the piano and he's not half-bad either!

Downstairs, the primary class is much quieter. They're all busy skilling up while Augustin tries to impress upon them the importance of what they're reading about.

When he has a spare minute, he uses it to write up the students' reports on the computer. It'll save him bringing them home with him.

Augustin has a new student in his class this year. He's been keeping an eye on her to make sure she's fitting in - starting a new school when all the other kids have known each other for years can be tough - but Matilda is confident and is making friends readily.


Matilda just won't shut up. Luckily, the other kids don't seem to mind.

Aaron might need to learn when to open his mouth and when to keep it shut. Comparing a pregnant teacher to a beach ball is probably not the wisest move. It's his last year at primary school, so maybe he's growing a little too bold.

Thankfully, Tatiana is in a good mood (as usual) so she lets it slide. It's play time anyway.

Even for the teachers!

Meanwhile, Adrienne can't resist regaling Calvin with tales of her family's recent trip to the Far East. Although Calvin doesn't seem particularly impressed.

Brothers Aaron and Ethan have a showdown on the monkey bars.

And Tessa makes friends with one of the big girls!

  • Matilda is the daughter of one of my playable NPC couples who get played in the background, which is why she doesn't have a profile. If she marries or moves in with one of my playables one day, she'll be a real girl! She was only recently adopted, which is why she didn't start kindergarten with Ethan. If you're curious, her parents are two former gearhead townies. Next primary school update, the daughter of another playable NPC couple will be starting kindergarten.
  • Calvin is absolutely the most popular kid at school. Everyone wants to be friends with him and there's always a line of kids waiting to talk to him. Even the teachers love him. Definite Popularity Sim!
  • Aaaand that's it for Round 21!


  1. Cute look at the kids. Tatiana is SO CUTE pregnant. I can't help gushing about her. She's such a darling pregnant sim.

    I love the monkey bars showdown. It'd be great if they did kick at each other to knock the other off like real kids would. *totally never did that*

  2. Aww! That monkey bar showdown was adorable, LOL.

    Poor Tatiana. Most pregnant teachers get leave, but she's stuck dealing with a bunch of kids. Makes you re-think the whole conception thing.

    I look out my apartment window at the playground and go "awww" but when I hear the kids screaming bloody murder in the hallway... not exactly running to throw the birth control in the trash, LOL!

  3. Lunar, Tatiana is pretty darling most of the time. If she and Jonas want a fourth child, I'm going to find it hard to say no!

    And I really wish they did something during the monkey bars showdown. They kind of just hang there and don't move, which makes for one good picture and no more. As a teacher, I can say that monkey bar showdowns result in kicking (like you said) or screaming or both.

    Mao, yeah, being around kids can be a pretty good form of birth control sometimes! But anyway, Tatiana will take some leave after she has the baby. I always thought it was odd that the TS2 automatic maternity leave (as in, the carpool not showing up at all, not just getting extra holiday time) was during pregnancy and not after. I don't know anyone who stopped working in their second trimester!

  4. Tatiana is soo cute! I adore her with a baby bump, I wouldn't be able to say no to a fourth with them ether.

    I've decided I'm reopening my school, cause your updates are so stinking fun! Actually I'll probably rebuild it, cause I have all the students (minus college) in one building, and I don't want to anymore! Cause your school kicks butt!

  5. Maisie, I'm glad I've inspired you! I enjoy the school updates because they're super-easy to write.

    I was thinking of overhauling the primary school actually. There are things I want for the kids in there that I don't have. Computers, for one. I'll probably either add a third storey or combine the art and music rooms. Still thinking about it!

  6. Love the story! And I love your pictures! You get some really fun shots in the game. Kudos!