Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Round 21: Spring 2014
Pascal Lachance is 72, Mina is 64, Abigail is 31 and Nicholas Moretti is 11.
(Jonas is 36, Tatiana is 31, Dominic is 4, Audrey is 2, Caleb is 32, Cara is 25 and Jesse is 29)

Narrated by Abigail Lachance

Things have - finally - been going well for me lately! Jesse proposed to me, after being together for 4 years and I've been walking around on Cloud 9!

Nicholas has been proving just how smart he is. He's almost finished primary school and he's doing so well. I can't wait to see what he decides to do with his life. And after flirting with a few different careers - the military, personal trainer, hairstylist - I've finally decided what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Nothing was showing up in the paper, so I took myself down to Town Hall to see what was on offer there.

I ended up getting a job with the Sullivan Times as an obituary writer. It sounded a bit depressing when I went for an interview and they offered me the position but it's not really. I try to focus on all the things the deceased achieved in their life, so it's a celebration of what they accomplished. I'm really enjoying it.

Mum and Dad are proud that I'm finally making some decent money and am actually using my degree for something!

My new job also meant Mum finally felt secure enough to retire.

Mum and Dad are loving their retirement. Nicky's at school all day, so they are free to spend their time doing whatever they like.

I think though, after Jesse and I get married, there might be another baby in the house. Seeing Tatiana pregnant with her third got me thinking about a second.

For one thing, Tatiana actually loves being pregnant. I wonder if I would enjoy being pregnant more now, at 31. It was no fun last time, waddling onto the school bus or having my enormous belly stared at in the school corridors.

I'm glad that if Jesse and I do have a baby, Nicholas will be a teen by the time it's born. I already know he'd be great with a little brother or sister because he's so lovely to his cousins.

And any new baby would be doted on by my parents for sure!

I ran into Caleb at the supermarket the other day. He'd heard about my engagement from his brother and he was very gracious and congratulated me.

He was there with his new girlfriend, Cara. A couple of years ago, that would have been more than I could handle but I was okay. She seems really nice. With time, we might even be able to be friends.

She seems to get along with Nicholas and she complements Caleb well. I really do hope they'll be happy together.

Jesse and I are already building our own little family so why wouldn't I want that for Caleb? It's good for Nicholas too, to see his dad happy.

Jesse and I have started a tradition of a big breakfast on Saturday mornings. Lately, the main topic of conversation has been the wedding. We've set a date in winter and I'm just hoping and praying the weather is decent. Maybe we can see about getting some temporary structure put up in the backyard, just in case Mother Nature doesn't co-operate!

I think Nicholas is getting a little sick of hearing about wedding stuff and Jesse is always quick to notice and distract him with stories about more kid-friendly things, like sports and toys. Soon enough, we'll be married and we can finally shut up about planning! Nicholas will be relieved, I'm sure!

Random pic:

I was checking Mina and Pascal's turn-ons and turn-offs and I discovered they didn't match up at all. They were already three bolts so I decided to see how high their score could go by changing their turn-ons. And the answer is - raw score of 206 and a total of 311. That surpasses Emil and Anna Collins' previous record of 301 total. That's the attraction bonus at work but there's obviously a lot more than that between these two.

  • Nicholas might be another super-kid like Joanna. I use all different methods to decide aspirations and I usually don't choose one until seconds after the Sim age to teen. But Nicky's a definite Knowledge Sim in the making. He could get 4 scholarships already, if only Suffolk University awarded scholarships to 11 year-olds. I can't believe he's 12 next year, by the way.
  • I'm having trouble with handling death in the game recently - elder death, more specifically. Over the past 21 rounds, I've got rid of pretty much all supernatural and fantastical elements in Sullivan but the Grim Reaper is a bit tricky. It's kind of hard to get pictures to tell the story of someone's death with stupid hula dancers in the way. I guess I wish the elder would collapse or something, rather than stand there grinning with a tropical drink in one hand and a suitcase in the other. I'm contemplating switching to ignoring elder death in game play and doing a short standalone obituary instead. I'm still mulling over exactly how it would work but I'd have one of the Sims in the Journalism career be the "writer". Currently, that's only Abigail.
  • Abigail is still very stable with her wants - all her romantic ones are Jesse-related (except for the generic 5 woohoos want she gets every now and then, like all Romance Sims) and she's not attracted to Caleb at all any more (negative chemistry now, probably thanks, at least in part, to Caleb's aspiration change). She even rolled the want to be friends with Cara. It sounds silly but I'm so proud of this girl for pulling herself together!


  1. I agree with you and the death scenes. I just put it in but I was thinking of just making my sims sick and taking their last picture in a hospital bed or something like that. As of now I am working on playing for two days and getting the story uploaded. Im interested to see how you will handle future sims passing.

  2. I knew Abigail would get it together! *dances* I love her new attitude on life and her new job!

    I never thought about the Elder death scenes in my hood once that time comes...I can't even think about it right now. But you bring up a good suggestion about just doing an Obit.

  3. Awww, it is nice to see things coming together for these two families. Stuff like this can go so wrong. Look at Cordy and Luc's parents!

  4. I'm glad to see things are working out for Abigail and Jesse!

    I agree about the death scenes. It would be nice if there was a way to get rid of Grim or at least hide him from the pictures. I like your idea of using obituaries instead.

  5. I use supernatural elements, obviously, LOL! But sometimes I want my elders to have "normal" deaths--heart attack, death in sleep, etc. So I just take a picture that correlates with it and use it instead of grimmy.

    There's also the HULA hack at that puts a new menu on your sim when you click them, opening up a TON of animations from the base game and expansions that you could try.

  6. The grim reaper thing has always bothered me! I've never really used any supernatural creatures before. I had a witch once before that that's it. It is a little strange to have them get taken away by hula dancers! I'm so happy for Abigail and Jesse!!!

  7. Thanks everybody!

    I'm not bothered by supernatural elements in other people's hoods, obviously, but it really bothers me when I can't control them in mine! The witches too - they give me a huge headache. There's no way to ban them from my lots (Visitor Controller and a couple of other hacks I tried do not work) and that really annoys me.

    Bernz, I've been meaning to check out your blog but I'm not sure how to start. Are all for of them linked together somehow or are they all standalone?

    Mao, that's exactly it! I would still say "died of natural causes" in the profiles but people don't generally say that about people who die in real life. I'd like to be able to be more specific and I can't if I've only got pictures of them standing around grinning.

    But I actually have the hula hack and I never think to use it! I may try to combine that idea with my obits - my obits aren't going to be much like real-life obituaries anyway. This is a very visual medium, so if I can swing it, I may include pics of the method of death in it.

    I'm super-excited about Abigail and Jesse. As Lunar said, these things often don't work out so well! But she's taken her time, made sure her head was clear and it's worked out for the best. And on top of that, I bought Celebrations so I have new wedding stuff to use. *g*

  8. I'm glad Abigail has got her head together. I just hope everything goes well with Jesse.

    The Visitor Controller works for me to ban the witches from community lots. Of course I forgot to use it the first times I played so the game generated the head witches. They exist but I never see them anymore because they're not allowed on any community lots in Wellington.

  9. How weird that it works for you! I remember bringing it up at N99 and there were a few others grumbling about it not working, so at least it's not just me. :\ It's really frustrating, because the witches often change the weather right as I'm trying to take a picture, not to mention the disease-ridden roaches the evil witches bring!