Saturday, 24 October 2009

Kids in America

Round 22: Summer 2015
Vivienne Carmody is 75, Betsy and Kimberly are both 44, Sarah is 10 and Susannah is 5.
(Linnea is 55, Tessa is 6 and Malcolm is 5)

Narrated by Betsy Carmody

Susannah just started kindergarten and she's doing unbelievably well. Kimberly usually helps her with her homework but she just breezes through it.

School has been really good for her socially too. She's always been a little shyer than Sarah and she's already made a few friends at school.

She was so down after Dad died and I think being around some other kids her own age was the perfect cure.

Sarah didn't seem to have much trouble bouncing back after Dad's death and I think she's helped Susannah cope too. They're very close.

Mum is a bit unhappier now that both girls are at school though. She used to have Susannah to take care of during the day, which let her put Dad out of her mind but now all she has is Dagwood.

The only actual conversation Kimberly and I have had recently is about adopting another kid. No way. I'm not bringing another child into this mess.

We're not really doing so well lately. We briefly stopped arguing after Dad passed away but as soon as the house got back into a relatively normal routine again, we started up again and it was worse than ever.

So I did something I didn't think I'd ever do. I called Linnea. Linnea and I almost started up something about 20 years ago, at my cousin Trent's wedding. We never did because she was married and I met Kimberly not long after. I'd never really forgotten her though and I think about her a lot, especially when things are really bad with Kimberly, like they are now.

We met up at the bar at the Vista Hotel. Alcohol was probably not a good idea in the middle of the afternoon but we had a couple of drinks anyway.

I can't really blame it on being drunk though. If I'm being honest with myself, I knew exactly what I was doing. I don't know why though. As soon as it was over, I regretted it and was so angry with myself.

I came home really late that night, well after Kimberly was already asleep.

We didn't speak until the next afternoon and Kimberly was understandably mad that I was out so late. She didn't come right out and ask me if I was with someone else but she must suspect it.

Mum overheard the whole fight and now we've got her worried. She should be. I'm in an even worse situation than I was before and I have no idea what to do about any of it.

Random pics:
Just some shots of the girls that didn't really fit into the update. I wanted to show you Sarah especially because I don't think the shot in her profile really shows you what she looks like because she's smiling in it. I'm really interested to see what these two will look like as teens. I think Sarah has looked a tad odd as a toddler and child but I'm trying to avoid surgery from now on. If they age to adult and still look weird, I'll consider surgery and write it into the story instead.

I'm listening to Playground Love by Air right now and the saxophone parts seem rather fitting for this picture of the beginning of an illicit affair. It's all sleazy sounding and what not.

Anyway, this is a picture of the lounge area in Linnea and Betsy's hotel room. I built the hotel myself and I'm not really happy with much of it but the suites came out pretty much exactly as I wanted them to. I wanted to have a hotel in Exeter for affairs like this and horny teens and none that I found were quite right so I built one. I eventually want to have a dodgy motel too - this hotel is quite nice, with a restaurant and rooftop bar and all that.

I started out trying to model the rooms on the Affinia in Chicago (my favourite hotel EVER!) but I abandoned that pretty early on! That is why the bathrooms are orange though, not that you can see them in this update!

  • First update of the new round and we've already launched into the ROS! Betsy rolled the ROS "You deserve better - get together with Sim of highest attraction". Linnea is that Sim for Betsy, so the affair began. I figured "get together with" doesn't necessarily have to mean "get together with X and break up with Y" so I went with an affair, rather than a flat out "I'm leaving you for this person" thing.
  • I'm not sure what will happen with Linnea/Betsy/Kimberly after this. Kimberly doesn't know about the affair but she's suspicious. I'm still brainstorming what I'm going to do and hoping I haven't written myself into a corner!


  1. Oh man! What a lady love triangle. I love the hotel room, too. That just adds to the naughty part of it all.

    The kids are very... interesting looking. Susannah looks like she'll grow into it. Sarah, however, might need help. :(

  2. Oh, that shot of the suite looks really good. Very fitting for an illicit love affair.

    Also, thanks for the music link. I've been listening to a lot of music lately, so it's nice to get links from other people.

  3. I had forgotten that Betsy and Linnea sort of had a moment years ago. This could get seriously messy if Kimberly finds out.

    I love the hotel suite. That's a neat idea.

  4. Whoa, this looks like this will be a very interesting round. Yikes!

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Mao, Vivienne is retired so she's around the house all the time so a hotel is really a more realistic option for hotel having.

    I actually think Susannah is really gorgeous and will probably remain gorgeous but Sarah is more of a worry. I have had weird looking Sims suddenly blossom as teens though, so I remain hopeful!

    Lunar, thanks. And you're welcome. I could fill this blog with music links if I wanted to. If I ever find a song relating to one of the entries in some way again, I'll include a link. :)

    Cissie, Betsy and Linnea's kiss at the wedding was only ever mentioned in passing by Trent. Nowadays, I would probably make a big freakin' deal about it and it would have featured in Betsy and/or Linnea's next updates but the blog was a little different back then. But I've always had the kiss in the back of my mind and figured if there were ever problems between Kimberly and Betsy that Betsy might go running to Linnea. I mention in that entry that Betsy and Linnea are 3 bolts. They weren't this round because I'd changed Betsy's turn-ons to make her more attracted to Kimberly. Her chemistry with Linnea is still higher!

    Apple, I'm hoping it will be! I've rolled some pretty dramatic ROSs this round!