Saturday, 24 October 2009

Round 21 Outtakes

Warning: nudity

Forgive me for this brief foray back into Round 21 before the first real update of Round 22 this morning! I've had this entry sitting in Blogger as a draft for almost a month and I've been adding to it as I go along (which is probably how I'm going to do most of the outtakes from now on) so I thought I'd better release it before we got too far into Round 22.

Some are funny pics, some are just ones I thought were cool and didn't get into an update, for whatever reason.

First up are a bunch of pics from the Sitkos' trip to the Far East.

Kirstin took issue with this man standing outside their hotel. His name is Tyson Dawn.

Tyson Dawn, as in Amber Dawn, Sullivan High School's sometimes troublemaker. I've decided Tyson is Amber's emo-hair-having Dad.

This displeases Amber greatly.

There are major problems in their household, I can tell. No wonder Amber acts out at school.

Back at home, Collette gets all up in Kirstin's grill.

At the Gottliebs' house this round, Caleb came around to congratulate his little sister on her engagement and got down with his bad self while he was there. Amelia was not impressed.

The Gottlieb wedding was at Cedarwood Hotel and two of the guests were Eliot and Cordy. I'm including this pic because I didn't know Sims kissed each other on the cheeks when they stopped slow dancing. So cute!

On their honeymoon, Wade and Amelia took a tour with the worst helicopter pilot ever, who took off without checking to see that all his passengers were seated first.

Back at home, Amelia is already resigned to her new husband's slobby ways. She barely even glances his way as he gives himself yet another sponge bath, rather than make use of one of the three showers in the house.

Cordy pretty much kicked this guy's ass every day when she was living in the dorms. Finnegan won't be sorry to see the back of her.

I can't think of a less appropriate transition outfit for Cordy.

Can you feel the love? Linnea and Debbie really hate each other. Linnea's only smiling because I'd already used the face overlay on her.

I hadn't had any scandalous pet gossip in the game for a while, so I had to take a snap of this one!


Why, yes, Tate has put on a bit of weight! I wouldn't mind if this was uniform with the Maxis meshes but it's not (he lost most of his belly whenever he changed into his PJs or underwear) so he got a new outfit.

This is a base game chair, with a base game interaction and it's still screwed up. Fail, EAxis!

I'm not quite sure what was going on here but for a while, Kendal was rejecting all of Lake's flirts. She'd kiss him and woohoo with him but no flirting!

Henry totally ruins the mood on Caleb and Cara's first date.

You saw this in the background of the Royce-Nihill update but here's a close-up. Olivia is pretty good, Lia is too shy to really get into it and Ione is just plain terrible!

"Hey guys! Do you want to stop making out for 5 seconds and witness the birth of your first grandchild?!"

The downside of living with your parents. This was not the first or last instance of this, by the way.

Finn makes this face all the time when he's chatting. I'm sure other Sims do it too but it looks so funny on him.

Claudia and Victoria got a snow day and spent it at the park with Finn and Jacob but it was cut out of their update completely. Here are a few pics!

Claudia tried her hand at breakdancing and no one was very impressed.

Finn, as usual, only had his eyes on Victoria.

Jacob didn't come off well in the snowball fight.

Nor did Finn.

It was a definite win for the Kirby girls!

You'll probably need to click to see this one properly (and you may have seen it already at N99 or MTS). But LOL because it's Galen who rolled it. And also ew.


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  2. /grumble Sorry, husband had logged onto his email here and it apparently took over my commenting, too. That's when gmail integration with blogger sucks, LOL.

    The outtakes were hilarious, especially the parents not respecting privacy, LOL!

  3. I loved the outtakes done like this. What a pick me upper! LOL!

    That last want-- yikes! Be careful. When weird things like that starts happening, I would start to worry.

    Also any Finn and Victoria stuff-- cute! I love that huge smile of his while talking to her. Looks like it's a smile just for her. He just loves talking to her that much.

  4. I absolutely love Finn and Victoria! And Yikes! That is really weird about Galen lol......I love the outtakes, sims can be so very unpredictable

  5. ROFL!!!! I didn't even know they could roll the want to flirt with a pet. LMBO and ewww much!

  6. OMG this was so much fun to read! The one with Amelia giving birth cracked me up :D
    I think Galen is going senile, wanting to flirt with a wolf.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Galen's want was definitely a concern! I always have two recent back-ups of Sullivan though and so far, no more problems. I've even played Galen since then and he didn't roll up anything creepy, nor has anyone else. I think I read that this sort of glitch is actually connected to the wants Sims sometimes get to become friends with themselves, which I think might be personal electronics-related.

    I just love playing Finn and Victoria - they're so sweet together and if I didn't stop myself, each of their updates would just be filled with pictures of them. They really do stand there grinning at each other a lot of the time. There's a high school update today, so you'll see more of them.

    Cissie, it's actually not a wolf - it's Pascal Lachance's pet dog. LOL.