Monday, 5 October 2009

Clouds up

Round 21: Winter 2013
Leontine Kirby is 71, Trent is 43, Megan is 41, Claudia and Victoria are both 12 and Rebecca is 4.
(Finn and Jacob are both 12).

Narrated by Victoria Kirby

Since Claudia and I turned 12, we have a lot more responsibilities around the house.

We're both supposed to help with Rebecca but somehow I'm always the one who gets lumped with the smelliest parts!

Then again, I don't help at all with the crops so maybe it all evens out. Plants are definitely Claudia's "thing" and even Dad doesn't do much out in the greenhouse any more. He was never really into it anyway and only took over because Grandpa wanted it to stay in the family. He'd be happy to know someone who was really passionate about it is in charge now.

No one is allowed in the kitchen though. Since Grandpa died, that's Mum's domain and Mum's domain only.

Everybody has to help with crating produce for the market! Our market is one of the most profitable businesses in Sullivan so it's a lot of work to keep up with demand.

Dad is the owner-operator now and Arianna minds the business for him when he can't be there. Last time she came into work, she was furious! She hadn't had a performance review in a while and Dad was still paying her the same rate as he was pre-promotion.

She changed out of her uniform, threw it at Dad and quit!

Dad was lost without Arianna! She's been there longer than he has and has always worked the register, so Dad had no idea how to use it. Even the most patient customers were quickly losing their cool.

After a few days, Dad figured some major sucking up was in order. He managed to convince Arianna to take her old job back (with a raise, of course).

And all was right with the world, or at least the market, again!

This is our usual gang, hanging out in our usual place - the playground at Sullivan Mall, after school. Jacob and Finn are the only other kids our age at school and we've all known each other since kindergarten.

We usually stay in the playground but sometimes we go upstairs to the karaoke club and play mahjong. The owner hates it when we come in. Mahjong is free - karaoke, food and drinks cost money and all we ever do is play mahjong. It's a pretty boring game if you ask me, but none of us ever have any money to do anything else.

Claudia thinks Finn has a crush on me. She says she's watched us and she can just tell. It's so embarrassing.

She says it a little too loud sometimes and I would die if he ever overheard.

I try to tease her back by saying Jacob has a crush on her but she doesn't get embarrassed about boy stuff like I do. She just shrugs it off.

Maybe Finn does like me though, I don't know. Sometimes out of the corner of my eye, I think I see him staring at me.

Then I turn my head to look at him and he's suddenly intently staring at the back wall or something.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if Finn did like me - he's sort of cute. But ever since Claudia started putting those kinds of thoughts into my head, I'm really nervous around him. I never know what to say any more and I'm always worried he'll try to kiss me and I'll be really terrible at it. I wish Claudia had never said anything and then everything would be back the way it used to be!

  • Claudia and Victoria are lots of fun. They are equally shy (4 points) but Claudia has had the want for her first kiss since she aged up and Victoria has yet to roll any romantic wants at all. So Claudia is apparently ready to get started and Victoria is a little more reticent.
  • Jacob and Finn are both friends with both girls. Jacob hasn't got romantic wants towards either of them but Finn has the want to flirt with Victoria but he hasn't yet. He's not shy (I think he has 6 or 7 outgoing points) but it makes sense for this age group, so I'm quite happy with how it's turned out.
  • Claudia and Victoria had a snow day this round and I took them out to the park with the boys but I completely cut that out of the update. Long enough already and what needed to be said was said. I did get some cute pictures though, so I'll post some of them in the outtakes at the end of the round.


  1. Wow, I was taken aback by Victoria's chin, wow. I think it's cute the crush and her feelings about boys. She's 12, she should be confused and not yet ready for all that stuff yet :P

  2. Both the girls have the chin. I didn't even notice really until Apple said something. XD

    Awwwe! How cute with Finn. I remember those days. "Was he just looking at me?" But Jacob looks really cute. WCIF that outfit he has on? I'm always looking for more clothing for the boys.

  3. I can completly understand how Victoria feels since Claudia told her about Finn, I think I would feel exactly the same!

    With the chins, I have the same as the lunar fox, I didn't notice untill Apple said it!

  4. Young love is starting already... so cute!

  5. I can't believe they are 12 already! Wild! They definitely have prominent chins, only really noticeable in the profile though. Cute with Finn and the flirt wants.

  6. I actually noticed the chin, it's very prominent in the pic where she thought Finn was looking at her.....12 is a tough age, nobody knows what they are suppose to do and its to figure it all out!

  7. Thanks everybody!

    Yeah, the chins are definitely something! If you look at Trent or Leontine from the side, you'll see where they got it from! That's a Lachance feature, along with droopy sad eyes (like Jonas or Tate have).

    The Kirby twins both had surgery on their mouths but I left the chins mostly alone. I don't need my Sims to be beautiful, just vaguely human looking!

    Lunar, Jacob's outfit is from TSR.

    I'm hoping that link works but if it doesn't, it's by Tantra. I ran a search for the username and it was right there on the front of her artist page. There are 3 other similar outfits in the pack (which I also have).

    Finn and Victoria are cute together but I didn't want to let them start anything at 12! I might let them flirt around for a bit when I play Finn and then see what happens when they're a little older. I'm not sure what's in store for Claudia or Jacob.

  8. I think the twins are actually quite cute, especially Victoria. They have unique beauty :)

  9. Cissie, Claudia and Victoria are definitely growing on me! When they aged to toddler, I never would have expected to like them as much as I do now but they're just so damn adorable and full of personality to me. I can't help but love them.

  10. Aw, I love Claudia and Victoria! They are so cute and they look like they have a lot of fun hanging out with their friends, even if they're stuck playing mahjong because they don't have any money, LOL. ;)

    They're at a really fun age to play and write about, discovering romance for the first time and trying to figure out if he/she likes you or not. That's why I love writing about teens. :)

  11. Thanks, Shana! Teen has always been one of my favourite age stages. I can't understand people who find them boring!

    I'm really enjoying this new crop of teens. This is the first time since I've played that I haven't rushed into finding my teens their BEST!!!MATCH!!@!1 and launched them headlong into the world of dating and romance. I think it's way more fun this way.

  12. I just thought, that Victoria looks like Frida from ABBA. :-DD

  13. Astrid, I never would have thought that myself but now that I've looked at a picture of Frida and really thought about it, I can see it! I couldn't say what it is but there's a resemblance there.