Thursday, 22 October 2009

Napoleon says

Round 21: Spring 2014

Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 59, Naomi is 39, Owen is 37, Adrienne is 7 and Malcolm is 4.
(Georgette is 74, Kirstin is 31 and Camilla and Lila are both 1)

Narrated by Owen Novak

I didn't get a promotion. Again. I work my ass off at that firm and I'm still only a paralegal. Naomi says she doesn't care but I feel like I should be able to contribute to our family a lot more than I do.

Sucking up to Georgette has been all for nought. I don't know what she wants from me.

I even tried asking Kirstin for advice. She's 6 years younger than me and is already my superior at work. She said she'd try to put in a good word for me.

Kirstin brought her daughters Camilla and Lila with her. I still can't believe my baby sister has babies of her own!

From watching her, it doesn't look like she's doing too badly at motherhood either. Kirstin was so nervous about it but now she's saying she can't wait to teach them things and watch them learn.

Playing with my nieces almost makes me want another one.

We've got our hands plenty full with just Adrienne and Malcolm.

And potty training isn't something we want to do for a third time.

To take my mind off my job, Naomi surprised me with a trip to our holiday house. I was actually at work when the shuttle arrived at the house and they swung by the office to pick me up. Naomi had cleared it all with Georgette and yeah, you could definitely say I was surprised!

I think I would have been satisfied just staying at the house for the whole trip and for the first day, that's all we did.

Naomi spent the whole day painting.

I spent the day with the kids - I don't get to see them nearly as often as Naomi does. And yes, we brought Malcolm on vacation with us. He's not old enough to care where he is but we wanted him with us.

We didn't want to be those parents, with the children completely unaware of cultural traditions so I taught Adrienne to bow before we went out on the town.

We also made arrangements for a nanny to come and look after Malcolm the next day, so we could go sightseeing.

So she arrived bright and early the next morning and we were off.

We spent most of our time doing all the different tours on offer but we stopped once we all came down with a bad case of poison ivy! That was the most uncomfortable I've ever been in my life.

We made sure to stop somewhere for dinner before we headed off home, so Adrienne could sample some traditional cuisine. She was a pro with the chopsticks!

All in all, it was a great break and just what I needed. Not the most romantic trip on Earth, with Adrienne watching us the whole time but nice nonetheless.

Adrienne enjoyed herself too - she couldn't wait to tell Augustin all about the trip when we got back!

  • Kirstin has the want to teach both her daughters to walk. Bless! It makes me happy that she's such an involved mother.
  • Malcolm came on vacation with the Novaks basically just to see if I could do it. And I can, so mission accomplished. I used the Restore Family option on InSim and then deleted the dogs and Augustin and Hanna. I didn't take Malcolm to any community lots with them but you could do it the same way, with Restore Family once you get to the community lot. Had I taken them to the beach, I probably would have taken Malcolm and let him eat sand. Or whatever else it is that toddlers do at the beach!


  1. I was wondering how you got the baby to go along on vacation with the family! So what is the "Restore Family?" Does that call the entire family together?

    Cute pics.I love the pic of Adrienne with the chop sticks.

  2. Thanks for explaining how you got Malcolm on holiday too :)

    This was a nice stress-free update. Things have pretty much fallen into place with this family, right? And I'm glad to see Kirstin takes motherhood so seriously.

  3. So cute. Maybe I will include a toddler or two on up coming vacations.

    I''m glad they were able to relax and unwind even if it wasn't as romantic as they would have liked. Family trips are fun (for me at least) most of the time. And I take it that their family house is in the Far East.

  4. Lunar, "Restore Family" is an option you get when you click on the ground, with the SIM and DEST versions of InSim. It probably exists in the OBJ version as well, but I can't say where. All it does is it teleports all family members to the current lot, if any are missing. It's very handy when you need to delete a glitchy or stuck Sim - there's no need to exit the lot and go back in, you can just Restore Family.

    Cissie, Owen gets the occasional want to stray (though he hasn't cheated on Naomi except with Anna at college) but Naomi never seems to want to cheat. They woohoo all the time but never try for a baby, so I think they're done at two. Adrienne and Malcolm were both risky woohoo babies though so it figures. So yes, they're pretty settled, I think!

    Riverdale, yes, their family house is in the Far East. I love taking my Sims on vacations. I don't know why people find them boring.

  5. I never tried to bring toddlers on vacation. I wonder if this can be done using the Sim Blender teleport option (I might try it).

    I found on of the easiest ways to get sims a promotion is have them go on an outing with a co-worker. If they have a really good time, they will get a promotion the next time they go to work.

  6. Monique, I'd love to hear whether SimBlender works for you. I'm not sure if you can teleport members of the same family in but if not, Restore Family would be a nice addition for TwoJeffs to add to SB (not sure if he's still updating it).

    The reason Owen hasn't got his promotion is because he hasn't rolled the want to earn the two charisma points he needs. Georgette likes highly motivated employees, apparently! I might try the outing though, just to see what happens. :)