Monday, 9 November 2009

NY Excuse

Round 22: Summer 2016
Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 61, Naomi is 41, Owen is 39, Adrienne is 9 and Malcolm is 6.
(Eliot is 30)

Owen and Naomi have been married for 6 years, both their kids are at school and they both feel pretty certain their family is complete. At this point, they both feel like another baby would be more than they could handle.

Adrienne and Malcolm are 9 and 6 and though neither child is perfect, it's always been a blessing that they get along and can occupy themselves when their parents want some alone time.

Alone time is something Naomi and Owen get a lot of. It's one benefit of a multi-generational household - the grandparents are built-in babysitters!

Since they bought their holiday house in the Far East, they've been sampling the cuisine at Dragonfly, the local Japanese restaurant. When he's on home soil though, Owen prefers to use western style cutlery.

While Owen and Naomi are out, Naomi's younger brother Eliot stops by. He's been avoiding his parents a little ever since flunking out of university but he's glad to find that seems to be water under the bridge. Augustin and Hanna are far more interested in why Eliot hasn't brought Cordy with him - his parents really, really like Cordy!

Malcolm is allowed to sit in on Uncle Eliot's visit, having already finished his homework earlier than afternoon, under his grandfather's watchful eye.

Adrienne...well, Adrienne's old enough to do her homework by herself but doesn't always have quite the motivation she needs to get it done on time.

But you know, Malcolm just really loves school so far. It remains to be seen whether this will continue once he gets past Grade 1 but so far, so good.

Being surrounded by teachers can't hurt - his grandparents are always bringing co-workers home with them. Although it doesn't seem to have helped Adrienne develop much of a love for school.

Tatiana visits one afternoon and brings 4 year-old Audrey along. Malcolm is a couple of years older than his cousin (Tatiana and his dad are half-siblings) but they're quite fond of each other regardless.

Naomi has been really pleased that she and her daughter have grown even closer as she's got older and is hoping this continues. She knows puberty will rear its ugly head in a few years but she's hoping they'll be able to weather that storm without too much damage to their relationship.

Adrienne is already developing a bit of an attitude problem though. The other week, she begged her grandfather for a pool slide and was refused. Before he even had a chance to explain why, she was sticking her fingers in her ears and refusing to listen.

The sudden desire for a pool slide (for the pool they don't even have!) was probably inspired by the family's frequent trips to the aquatic centre in Sullivan.

Both Adrienne and Malcolm were a little fearful of the water at first but have really grown to love it.
Though neither child has quite developed Naomi's talent for diving at this stage.

After they finish swimming and are waiting for the kids to get changed, Naomi tells Owen she's growing bored with professional sports. She feels like she went as far as she could go with it 10 years ago and wants to challenge herself in a different way. She's not impressed when Owen suggests med school. As happy as it would make her dad for her to finally go to college (he never did achieve his dream of all his children graduating college - James is the only graduate), she's never seen herself as the academic type.

His next suggestion is that she could do something with fashion. Hmmm...maybe.

It seems like a logical progression for Naomi. She could start making people over from the neck down. Her salon is going well and Zeeshan's even finished his apprenticeship, making him fully qualified in cosmetology. Still, it's not something she's ever really considered, so Naomi is still weighing up her options. Maybe she'll be a fashion designer, maybe she'll open a clothing store or maybe she'll do something else entirely. Naomi doesn't feel any rush to decide.

Random pic:

(click to enlarge)
I know Malcolm is mean but why exactly does he want to win a fight with his friend Susannah? Can kids even fight? I didn't think they could.

  • The title is from NY Excuse by Soulwax.
  • Kendal is so cute as a short Sim! I'm loving this StretchSkeleton thing!
  • I haven't decided what Naomi will do either! I'm not sure why she ever got into sports because I never really saw her as a professional athlete, despite it being her hobby. I guess I've only just recently started putting a little more thought into what kinds of jobs my Sims would really want to have. I think I downloaded a Fashion career recently from MTS so maybe I'll try that for her. I probably won't decide until next time I play this family.


  1. I love seeing the stretchskeleton cheat in action! I wish I had read Laura's post about it more carefully earlier, I just always ignored it because I thought the cheat was too hard to use!

    Naomi doesn't seem like the ahtletic type, she's so stylish that fashion would seem like a perfect career for her. Not saying that athletes can't be stylish LOL!

  2. I'm curious what you have planned for Naomi.
    I have to admit; multi-generational household are handy, especially when you need someone to look after the kids.

    How did you get the picture vertical, the one on the last picture?

  3. Cissie, I always wanted to use it but when my Sims were aging 5 years per session, it wasn't really worth making the change.

    I used to let my Sims enter any old career. Some ended up suiting their careers anyway but many did not. Something fashiony will suit Naomi much better.

    Tanja, I don't have anything planned for Naomi yet - not for sure anyway. Probably the Fashion Design career - maybe I'll set her up with a little sewing machine too.

    Do you mean James and Madelyn's wedding picture on top of the TV? The pictures will come out vertical if you use the portrait option instead of landscape. I hate the way that pic is framed (very odd angle), which is why it's on top of the TV. The photos are smaller when you put them on a surface. LOL.

    I do my pics a different way now (basically, I take the picture with Gadwin, convert it to bitmap and then let them overwrite the Screenshot.bmp and Snapshot.bmp files in the Storytelling folder) and because I'm too lazy to crop, all my pics are landscape now. ;) James and Madelyn got married a few game years ago though, so theirs is a portrait.

  4. This family is so cute. I love the stretch skeleton used on the kids. I so can't wait until Delphy releases the height slider hack for TS3!

    Malcolm is going to be one interesting character, I think. A mean little school loving nerd. XD

  5. Oh, I didn't know there'd be a height slider for TS3. That's exciting! I wonder if EA dealt any better with the animations in TS3 than they did with TS2. I read a discussion about it way back and they could supposedly make it so that during a kiss, instead of Sim A's lips hitting Point B, they would just be directed to hit the other Sim's mouth, no matter what height it was at.

    Malcolm should be interesting as he gets older. So far, he hasn't really acted mean but children often don't. Josie was an exception in my game.

  6. I will tell you that playing with the game, I have seen some adjustment for height.

    The hands are always in the same place, but for some animations, sims will adjust their head to the other like there are magnets in their heads. I think they originally must have intended that they'd have height sliders, and then had too many issues or something to fully incorporate it. Only a few of the animations seem to use the magnet though. Like Make Out, but not flat out kiss.

    You can see this for yourself when turning on move objects, sending sims to do an action, then going into buy mode and moving the sim around. It's kinda cool.

  7. I've noticed the hand thing but not the heads. Very interesting and I'm going to keep an eye out for it now!