Thursday, 17 December 2009

Missed the boat

Round 23: Autumn 2018
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Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 63, Naomi is 43, Owen is 41, Adrienne is 11 and Malcolm is 8.
(Eliot is 32, Cordy is 25 and Kimberly is 47)

Narrated by Naomi Novak

I've been working in fashion design for several months now but before I started, I was stuck as a housewife for a while. I don't know how some women do it! I was bored out of my mind.

It did give me some time to start working on my sewing though. I was very aware I was going to be at a disadvantage. I was going to be starting as an assistant to a designer but I knew I'd have younger co-workers much better at sewing than I am! Poor Owen is used to falling asleep with my sewing machine going now.

I tried to get some sewing done while the kids were home but it was better practising when I was on my own. Malcolm nearly made me sew my hand to a pot holder when he came screaming in after school! He scared the hell out of me!

I'm working more civilised hours now but at the beginning, I was leaving at sunrise and coming home at sunset. I barely saw daylight!

And I was working weekends, while Owen got to stay at home playing video games. Not that I could complain too much, because this is what I really want to do.

I didn't expect them too but the rest of the family always waited for me to get home before we ate dinner.

Adrienne was extra helpful. Clearing dishes away was the last thing I wanted to after such a long work day.

I'm really glad Owen is able to spend more time with the kids now. A few years ago, it was like he hardly ever got to see them.

Since I got promoted to design team supervisor, we've been able to spend more time together too. For a long time, Owen was really hung up on getting promoted but he's just given up now. It's not as pathetic as it sounds. He's just decided to be happy with what he has and not worry too much about getting more.

When I started working in fashion, the salon got too much for me to keep up with so I made the tough decision to sell it, leaving Kimberly out of a job. She keeps telling me she's fine but I'm kind of trying to make it up to her anyway.

She's been acting as my mannequin and I've made her a whole bunch of outfits to keep too.

There was no way I could keep the salon and my job but I just feel for Kimberly. She's out of work and she's separated from Betsy right now. Things just aren't going well for her.

I wasn't sure if Kimberly would want to talk about Betsy but I just had to know how she was coping, if she was okay. Kimberly's just taking it one day at a time. She sees her daughters all the time but she's definitely missing living in the same house with them.

I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't see Adrienne and Malcolm every day. Neither of them were exactly planned and I'd freak the hell out if I got pregnant again now but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I hope they can work things out. I introduced them, so I kind of feel partly responsible for anything that happens between them. Which is silly, I know. Anyway, it does sound like Kimberly wants to get back together but she wants to be sure Betsy has ended things with Linnea for good.

I cuddled up next to Owen extra tight when I got home that night.

My little brother Eliot and his wife Cordy come around to visit and have dinner with us about once a week. They haven't got plans to start a family just yet and I'm kind of surprised my parents haven't said anything.

I guess they're not the nagging types. It's cool that Mum and Dad are letting them take their time. The only time Dad has ever mentioned kids to Eliot is when he told him they should take lots of vacations together before they start a family.

I totally agree with him. Owen and I loved the vacation we took with the kids but my favourite trip is still the beach vacation we had at my grandparents' beach house (that Eliot now owns, the lucky asshole!), way before we got married.

Random pics:

Aww, bless! Are the kids' photo booth poses different from adults and teens? I don't know if I've ever used it with kids before. This is from last round - it was in one of the kids' inventories.

(click to enlarge)
Do all chess sets have this option? Is it default or do I have a hack? I don't think I've ever seen this before!

I think I've mentioned that Steve is an amateur musician (his OTH is Music & Dance). I wasn't sure what instrument I was going to have him focus on but it seems he's decided for me - he's a violinist! And you get a sneak peek at Olivia as an adult. I know you're all stunned by the difference - lucky I'm putting her in the Winter 2018 birthday posts or you might not recognise her! ;)

  • Title is from Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse.
  • The real reason Naomi sold her salon: I sent her down to visit it and it was like she didn't even own it . There was a Maxis cashier behind the register, she couldn't click on the sign to open or close it and there was no business tracker in the upper right corner. Now, I've had this problem before and it can be "fixed", if you sell the lot and rebuy it. Of course though, you then need to work your way through the levels again and I didn't feel like doing that with Naomi. So she's just moving on to greener pastures. I suspected something was up when I went to check Naomi's business level on the computer for taxes this round and the box was blank. :\ It was a really fun business to play though, so I'll definitely have someone else buy it at some point.
  • Betsy and Kimberly have met up for a few outings (I've done one each season since they separated), just so I can watch how they're interacting. They're rolling up a lot of wants for each other and Kimberly still has the Adopt a Child want - unlocked too, I think. So a likely reunion, I think.


  1. She's so cute trying to make it up to Kimberly with free clothes and her bluntness-priceless.

  2. It's a tough go for Kimberley right now. I'm glad you updated us on her, I've been wondering how she was coping and how her wants panel was doing. A happy reunion would be nice.

    I love that Malcolm startled her and she almost sewed her hand! That would hurt.

  3. If sims go into the photobooth by themselves they get special photos.

    That's strange, though. usually children/teens are too short and the photos look weird. So lucky you got them to turn out well!

    Very interesting news on the Betsy and Kimberly front...

    Naomi almost sewing her hand made me LOL xD

  4. Apple Valley, yeah, Naomi's not so mean! She really does feel bad for Kimberly. Naomi's always been a favourite of mine. I still wish she'd had a daughter who looked like her.

    Maisie, I'd been planning to update you all on Kimberly and Betsy in a mini-update but it seemed to work better this way. We saw Betsy in Anna Collins' last update too.

    A girl in the grade above me apparently sewed her hand in Design and Technology one day. Big news around the school, though I still can't quite imagine the logistics of it!

    Mao, autonomously, you mean? I probably directed Malcolm and Adrienne and just forgot about it. But interesting that you say that, because when Cordy married Eliot, I checked her inventory and she has a rather hilarious photo booth picture and I thought the pics were different than normal.

    Adrienne is slightly taller than normal, so that might explain why she's showing up so well. Malcolm is default height though. I think it works better if you send two teens, or two children, in together. Teen and child or child and adult doesn't seem to work as well.

    I'm going to have to pop in to visit Betsy today, just to see what's happening.

  5. I enjoyed this update; not much to say this time... I'm glad to see Naomi is doing something she is really interested in.

    And, Owen sure is handsome!

  6. Simmington, thanks! Naomi never really suited the sports career but I used to lump my Sims in any old job, so that's the one she ended up with.

    Owen is pretty much a male Collette, with black hair and dark skin. He is very much like his mother, which is excellent because he didn't inherit those cheekbones from Galen, which are so hard to breed out!