Saturday, 5 December 2009

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2017

Nothing but baby news for the Spring 2017 birthdays!

David and Kirstin are awaiting the birth of their baby (and yes - ultrasounds confirm it is just the one this time!) in Autumn 2018. They've found a new house and are already living in it. It's a bit of a mess right now, with boxes all over the place. Hopefully, they'll at least have the nursery ready by the time Baby Sitko arrives.

Caleb and Cara have been in their new house for a few months now and the twins are due any day. They're trying to relax while they can, because there won't be much time for that once they have two newborns in the house.

Cara had hoped that Caleb would be home for the twins' birth but the twins had other ideas. They enter the world just past 10am, a mere hour after Caleb left for work.

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Anthony John...

...and Veronica Elizabeth!

  • Anthony and Veronica are my first boy-girl twins in a long time! 24 years to be exact - my last pair were Cordy and Luc.
  • Predictably, they both have black hair. I think their eyes are blue, which is interesting because unless my pics are misleading, Caleb and Cara both have grey eyes, which are supposed to be recessive.


  1. Ooh I was excited about these twins. I didn't see this update at first, and wondered where her belly bump went in the tax update.

  2. Welcome to the world, Anthony and Veronica!

    I've noticed that some kids in Wellington get their eye color from their grandparents.

  3. Maisie, you and me both! I'm doubly excited that she had a boy and a girl.

    You know, when I opened up the blog to check everything looked right, I wondered if anyone would be confused by Cara's missing bump!

    Cissie, I just checked the Moretti genes in SE2. Caleb has grey eyes but Cara has light blue, so I guess that explains that!

    Edward Lachance got his eye colour from his great-grandmother. Genetics in this game are so cool!

  4. Congratulations to both families!

    You're right genetics in this game are cool! I absolutely love it!

    Where did you get the recolor of the ektorp couch? (in the picture where Cara is giving birth) I have never found any bright recolors, and I'm looking for some.

  5. Tanja, thank you!

    I think I got the recolours of the Ektorp couch from Piggi's Sims. I have a ton and I'm pretty sure I got them all from there.