Monday, 21 December 2009

One by one all day

Round 23: Spring 2018

Eliot Lane is 32 and Cordy is 25.
(Luc is 25 and Ione is 22)

Narrated by Cordy Lane

Work has been going really well for both me and Eliot. Our schedules are finally in sync, which means he no longer has to crawl out of bed at 3am. We're able to carpool to work together most days, which is great! It's nice to have that extra time to spend together before work, however short it is.

We're still enjoying married life but Eliot's family have taken some getting used to. They all love just "popping in" unannounced.

They're all very nice - lately it's been his cousin Lia - but it would be nice to get a warning phone call sometimes.

With his family dropping by all the time, Eliot can't complain too much about Luc's near constant presence in our house.

To his credit, he calls before he comes over but once he's over, he stays for hours and generally makes himself at home. Raids our liquor, goes through our fridge, flops onto our couch, etc.

Last time Luc was here, he told me he'd proposed to Asha and that she'd turned him down. At first, I didn't believe him. My brother wants to get married? I actually laughed because I seriously thought he was joking.

He was not though and he's apparently a little touchy about it. He was a little sulky for the rest of the afternoon. Which made me feel really horrible, of course. I wouldn't have laughed if I'd thought for a second he was serious!

I was feeling charitable recently and I ended up making a donation to the high school, and I asked that the money go towards the college tuition of a student who couldn't afford it. Eliot was talking about going on another holiday and I just started feeling wasteful. We have so much and some people have so little. Shouldn't we be spreading the wealth a little?

Eliot didn't seem to think so though. He'd spent most of his trust fund on our home and all the money we had now was money we'd earned ourselves. Eliot thought we should be enjoying it ourselves too.

I just kept talking about education and how important it is, especially if you want to enter a career that requires a degree. How would he feel if he really wanted to do something and he couldn't, for no other reason than his parents couldn't afford it? Either he finally saw my side or he was done discussing it, because he eventually agreed to make the donation.

I decided to stay anonymous when I made the donation and the school didn't tell me who they gave the money too. It didn't take a genius to work out that it had gone to Finn though. Ione came over and she was so happy for her brother, because the school had given him a lump sum of cash so that he could pay for college and that the money had come from an anonymous donor. Well, who else would that be? It was pretty hard to keep my mouth shut but I don't want anyone to feel like they owe me anything.

So I just told her to pass on my congratulations to him. Finn's going to love college and being on his own for the first time. I couldn't wait to get out of my house and I had a great time at university!

So, my guilt about feeling wasteful assuaged, I let Eliot go ahead and book a trip to the Far East. Not a long one - just a long weekend.

I could use a break anyway and I've always wanted to see Takemizu Village.

I was very keen to learn the local customs.

And poor Eliot, he was too but he just had no luck. He's so shy and I think that can make him a little socially awkward, sometimes even abrasive. People don't always come away with the best impression of him.

I ended up teaching him myself, once I picked it up.

It came in handy when we met an actual local that same day.

I think he had a little crush on me, which I thought was kind of cute.

Eliot didn't think it was cute. Eliot and the old man didn't like each other very much!

The old man made us some nice tea, at least!

That was about all we got to do in the way of sightseeing. After that, we took a helicopter ride and were attacked by bees as soon as we landed back home. In a thunderstorm.

It didn't stop raining for the rest of the weekend, which actually turned out pretty awesome. It was a good excuse to stay in our room and order room service.

It ended up being more of a second honeymoon (so what if our first one was only three years ago?!) than a sightseeing trip, which was what our original plan was.

It was more relaxing than trying to cram a week's worth of sightseeing into three days anyway, so I'm kind of glad we got rained out.

Since we got back home, Eliot has been very amorous, even when he's had a very hard day at work (after which he usually just conks out). I don't know if he's just feeling romantic because of the second honeymoon or if he's starting to think about starting a family!

Random pic:

Still no baby wants from Eliot (which is so weird - he's a Family Sim!) but he's getting a lot of baby thought bubbles!

  • Title is from One by One All Day by The Shins.
  • Luc totally went off at Cordy while they were chatting, which is pretty rare for them - they usually get along really well and it's the only time I've seen either of them angry at the other. So Luc's still a little sore about Asha, I imagine.
  • I don't know what Blondie's problem was with Eliot. The poor guy! I've never seen anyone react like that to a BV gesture before. She's an AL townie, so it's not like she's a Mountain or Island local (I've heard they're apparently supposed to be offended if you do the wrong gesture on them).
  • What a multi-layered character our Wise Old Man is! On Joanna's trip, I found out he was a Fortune Sim with a LTW to earn $100,000 and now I discover he's got a penchant for 25 year-old redheads! He really loved Cordy and hated Eliot!
  • I have never had such heavy thunder on vacation before, especially for so long! It really did last most of their holiday.
  • I took Cordy off birth control and they'd tried once for a baby, unsuccessfully (I didn't take her off BC until the very end of the session). So maybe next round, there'll be a Baby Lane. I think I'm ready for these two to start a family now. Cordy will be 27 next time we see her and they'll have been married for 5 years. LOL, you've had your fun, it's time for sleepless nights and being vomited on now!


  1. LOL at Luc being touchy about the whole engagement flop. Touchy, touchy! xD Don't rub salt into the wounds, Cordy!

    How strange for a family sim to not have spun up a baby want yet. That's usually the first they do when they get married! "All right, time to make babies." LOL

    The Wise Old Man is a Dirty Old Man. ;)

  2. Funny, "you've had your fun, it's time for sleepless nights and being vomited on now!" Aww, let them have some more fun.

    My goal for AV is to have one of the younger couples wait until they're in their 30s to have kids. So far the only sims to do that are Suzanna (she was 39 when Lilly was born) and Jadhira (she was 33 when she gave birth to the twins). Fiona was close(she was 29 when Veronika was born) as were Jolie (she was 28 when Grace Elise was born) and Nicole (she was 28 when they adopted Faith after simyears of trying).

    I can't believe they've been married that long-5 years! Wow.

    You mentioned last time that you didn't want to take Cordy off BC. What determines if a sim gets on BC and then what determines if you take them off BC?

  3. Wow, Luc seems to be taking Asha's rejection very seriously. I can't blame Cordy for laughing though, it was an understandable mistake to think Luc was just joking.

    I can't believe Cordy and Eliot have been married for so long already! Can't wait to see what their kids will look like.

  4. That was a cute scene with the Wise Old Man. LOL It made me giggle.

    I, too, am curious as to how you detemine when it is time to take someone of of BC.

  5. This makes me miss sims2 weather so much. I love when it rains.

    This is indeed a long time for the family sim to be married and not get the baby want. They are all about babies usually, but you are right after 5 years it is time for them to have some little vomiting people around them. They look like a lovely couple so I would love to see what their kids will look like.

  6. No way that she'll be 27 next round!?!

    Did you give them an ideal family size? Are you going to let them just do the autonomous tfb or do it manually?

    I've never liked that old man, the few times I've gone there he's been quite rude!

  7. That Wise Old Man is hilarious in your hood! ;)

    Poor Luc. I can see why he'd get upset about Cordy not taking him seriously. But then again, I can understand why Cordy didn't take him seriously, LOL.

    I can't wait for these two to have kids and see what they look like. They're both so cute, I'm sure their babies will be too! :)

  8. Mao, I know, poor Luc. Still, I don't think even Asha was sure if he was totally serious at first.

    I am totally weirded out by Eliot's lack of baby wants because that's exactly how it usually happens in my game. They fulfill the marriage want and it's immediately replaced by a baby one. It's strange.

    I have never seen the WOM fawn over anyone like he did with Cordy. He likes 'em young!

    Apple Valley, I still might let them have more fun. It depends on their wants next round and what I feel like doing.

    I've had lots of Sims wait until they were in their 30s to have kids - the parents of most my current crop of young adults were in their 30s when they became parents. But that was with the old aging system, where I was moving through more years at a time and pregnancy itself was 3 years, so they still weren't really waiting very long! With this aging system, the oldest first time parents I've had were David and Kirstin (they were 31 and 29).

    They haven't been married for 5 years yet. They've been married for 3. When I play them next round, they'll be coming up on their 5th anniversary.

    As for birth control, if both Sims have the want for a baby, I'll take them off BC. But apart from that, there's not really a rule that I use. Just depends what I feel like doing.

    Cissie, well, Luc really put himself out there asking Asha to marry him, which is not something he's done before. So his pride is wounded right now.

    Well, 3 years isn't that long. They only got married last round but it probably feels like longer because they got married right at the beginning of the round and then we visited them towards the end and now we're visiting them again.

    I'm excited to see Eliot and Cordy's babies too. It's part of the reason I'm so bothered by Eliot's lack of baby wants.

    DeMonde, glad you enjoyed it! See my answer to Apple Valley regarding BC but I don't really have anything specific that I do. This thing with Eliot and Cordy is something new I'm trying. I often take them off BC as soon as they get married!

    Speechless, I love the rain too, but lately, it's been interrupting my Sims' outdoor plans!

    I would love to see what Eliot and Cordy's children look like too. Cordy looks like one of her mothers, who is a townie, so she doesn't really look like anyone else in the hood. Should be interesting to see how the genes mix!

    Maisie, yes, Cordy's all grown up now - 27 by the time we visit her next round!

    Once they're off birth control, I always let them do autonomous TFB. I intervene very rarely. I had to with Jesse and Abigail because they just weren't getting pregnant and I felt sorry for them! I did give them an ideal family size though. I did it a la Shana this time and I randomised it. They both want four kids. :\ LOL, you'd think they'd want to get started early! I don't know if I'll let them have four kids but that's how many they want.

    The old man was very rude to Eliot. Eyes only for Cordy, apparently.

    Shana, yeah, I'm actually excited to see what the WOM gets up to next time I have Sims go to Takemizu! Who knew he was so complex?

    That's where I am with Luc's touchiness too. I feel bad for him but he's never really taken anything seriously up until now, so it's no wonder other people are a bit dubious. He's got the want though, and usually the fear is not there, so I'm taking that as a sign that he is serious about marrying Asha.

    Hopefully, Cordy will get pregnant next round and we won't have to wait too much longer for a baby from these guys. If she does get pregnant, we won't see the baby until the very end of the round (they're scheduled for Summer 2020, so the baby won't be born until Spring). I might pop in to visit them a little earlier, just to check on their wants.

  9. I love how they ended staying in their hotel room for the rest of the weekend. Much needed, if you ask me. Maybe those thought bubbles will turn into a concrete WANT. LOL! I'm looking forward to these two having a family together.

  10. Simmington, I'm hoping for a baby want! I'm excited for Cordy and Eliot to have a family too. :D They're so sweet together. They just follow each other around the house flirting and kissing but that's 3-bolters for you!