Monday, 28 December 2009

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2019

New round, new birthdays!

Very early on a Sunday morning, Abigail and Jesse Carmody realise that their long awaited baby is coming right now! If only Abigail's mother Mina was awake - Jesse is having trouble keeping himself calm, let alone offering any sort of help to his wife!

Eventually though, Mitchell Lucas Carmody finally enters the world!

So far, with his blonde hair (or eyebrows, as he's looking rather Kojak-esque right now!) and fair skin, Mitchell is looking a lot like his dad. His one feature from Abigail's side seems to be his clear blue eyes, which come from his recently deceased grandfather, Pascal.

There are also several other birthdays in Sullivan this summer.

Christopher Draper is now 4, still looking very much like his dad, apart from his colouring and nose, which are pure Kendal.

Starting pre-school with Christopher is Edward Lachance, who may be even more adorable than he was as a toddler.

And finally, Lucy Gray, daughter of Corbin and Pamela (playable NPCs - family portrait now updated), is almost ready for big kid school too.

Adrienne Novak is 12 and ready for high school! Can you believe it? She's Romance, with the LTW of want of earning $100,000.

Former teen townie, Amber Dawn is moving in as a playable NPC... is Elmer Miguel.

Claudia Kirby is now 18 and living at Moretti Hall on the campus of Suffolk University.

Twin sister Victoria is naturally joining her (and managed to snag the best room).

Victoria's boyfriend Finn had to get a crappier room but let's face it, he's probably going to be spending most nights in Victoria's room anyway.

Jacob Weaver has been itching to get out of his crowded household back in Sullivan and he's finally free. No more parents, nosy older siblings or siblings-in-law and no more unpaid babysitting gigs!

And finally, Amar Hamilton has a (debatably) better fate than Amber or Elmer. Seeing he's currently dating Claudia, he gets to come to college with her and become a playable. He's Romance with the LTW of 20 Simultaneous Lovers. We'll just see about that, I think!

  • Amar should probably really be about Asha's age, because I just remembered that those two were doing quite a bit of flirting back when Asha was 13 or so. Likewise, Amber should be in her mid 30s and Elmer should really be freshly out of college. For the purposes of this, they're all 18 as of 2019 though - I just don't want to keep seeing the same townies around, especially if they've featured in my updates a few times!
  • Finn, since entering college, has decided he'd like to a) purchase a community lot, b) buy a sculpture worth $5,000 and c) hire a butler! LOL! I think he might have to wait on all of that but I'll see what I can do for him if he still wants all this stuff once he graduates. Finn's wants are always so funny. They're always either about Victoria, stuff he's not nearly able to afford or random odd stuff like rugs and massage tables (although, you could take the massage table want for being about Victoria too!).


  1. Just to be clear, Amber and Elmer are becoming playable so that they can age and not be in your updates anymore, is that right? I never thought about that. Usually, I just change a townie's appearence and name every so often with SimBlender if they appear too much and seem ageless. That way, I keep the same number of character files and it's like the townie gets reinvented. I guess you could even change their personality and skills and careers as well, to really reinvent them. Who knows, maybe in Amber's 5th incarnation she will meet and marry a playable-thus becoming playable.

    I love Amber's hair, do you mind me asking WCIF?

  2. PS, I love the twins and their new looks. Aww, they're growing so fast *sniff*

  3. OMG! I'm totally in love with Finn. He's grown up very nicely, surprised he didn't keep his old hair style though. LOL Can't wait to see what these young ones get up to!

  4. If u count the new playable and Mitchel, Sullivan has 100 now!

    The twins and Finn look so mature now! Aww!

  5. So many birthdays, I don't even know where to begin! Edward is such a cutie and so is Christopher.

    Looks like Suffolk will be packed with new students this year! The twins look so adorable. And Finn looks really really good :)

  6. Aw, they've grown up so fast! I can't believe Victoria, Claudia, Finn, and Jacob are in college now. Finn's wants are hilarious. Yes, a butler in a dorm makes perfect sense! LOL ;)

  7. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Apple Valley, correct! I'll "play" them but I won't write updates for them and "playing" them some rounds may entail just going in and aging them up. Unless they happen to marry one of my Sims.

    With a lot of my townies, I do the same thing you do! There's a townie who Adam went out with a couple of times when he was in his early 20s who ended up dating Jesse a few times too. You'd never know it to look at the pictures but it's the same girl. But some Sims, I'd rather keep them around town in their original form.

    Amber's hair is EA, it comes from Mansion and Garden Stuff. They actually put a few decent hairstyles in that pack!

    Riverdale, I know, Finn turned out cute, didn't he? He was always cute but it's less pedo of me to say so now!

    I wanted Finn to have a slight change in look for college. I tried different glasses on him but the wire frames are just him. Finn wouldn't wear any other kind of glasses. I tried him in different kinds of clothes too but Finn is a collared shirts only kind of guy! Having his hair past the nape of his neck is as wild and crazy as Finn gets and he'll probably cut it again when he graduates and gets a job!

    Maisie, not quite! Mitchell and Amar brought me to 99 but that's already changed. ;) You'll see later today.

    Cissie, Suffolk is going to be really busy for a while. We've got these 5 new students this year, then next year probably another three (Josie and Maia are already in - I still have to check Patience) and then possibly another four the year after that (Nick, Calvin, Troy and Aaron). By the time Finn and co. are in their junior year, I'll have 12 students at uni! I think that's the most I've ever had at uni at the same time.

    Shana, I can hardly believe it myself! I don't know what kind of dorm Finn thinks this is, but he'll have to make his own bed!

    He's got that want because he's Neat (10 points!) and a Fortune Sim but it would make more sense to me if it was Messy Sims who wanted to hire a butler. Finn loves to clean - why would he want to hire a butler? LOL!