Sunday, 20 December 2009

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2018

Abigail Carmody is much more relaxed about this pregnancy than she was about her first. Perhaps it's merely the fact that she's not in high school this time.

Jesse is grateful that Abigail isn't not even feeling very tired, cranky or moody, like pregnant women can be from time to time.

Okay, well, she gets a little cranky! Sometimes. It'll all be over soon - in Summer 2019, to be exact!

Back in Sullivan, it's time for the Moretti twins to celebrate their first birthdays!

Here's Anthony...

...and here's Veronica.

We don't know anything about their mother Cara before she moved to Sullivan at age 24 but here's a toddler picture of their dad, Caleb, just so we can compare.

And there is more cause for celebration at the Moretti house this spring because Cara has finally graduated from her correspondence degree program. She majored in Biology and earned a 3.7 GPA.

She's working in Science as a Test Subject right now but hopes to begin working in medicine within the next couple of years.

Random pic:

Caleb likes to "ruin" my poses because he always turns his head towards Cara at the last minute. Freezer Clock and the "Look at Me" hack were created especially for him! But the blooper pics always turn out cute anyway, like how he looks like he's nibbling her ear here. I love these two, they're so adorable!


  • Anthony is like a Caleb clone, isn't he? Caleb is like a clone of his own dad, so it seems fitting. Anyway, I can't see anything of Cara in him at all. It's also more evidence of my poor perception of colour, because when they were born, I thought both kids had black hair. Veronica has some of Cara's features. Veronica has a flatter nose than her brother, which must be Cara's. Caleb has quite the schnozz on him (which, if you're interested, comes from his great-grandfather Vincenzo). I think she's also got Cara's mouth. Amelia is pretty much a female version of her brothers, so if Veronica had Caleb's mouth, it should look like that but Veronica's lips are much fuller.
  • Just in case anyone is wondering, when I put my Sims through the correspondence course (Cara is the second graduate), I just roll for their GPA. My file only has 3.5-4.0 in it, because I figure correspondence students are the highly motivated type.


  1. The twins look like clones of their parents! Cute! Cute!

    I was hopeful it abigails turn to deliver! Guess I need to be more patient.

  2. They are a cute couple.

    Wow, your correspondance course must be really good if the sims are able to go into the medical field afterwards. So she's able to qualify and become a doctor?

  3. The twins are so cute!

    Congratulations to Cara for graduating!

    That last pic is just so sweet :)

  4. Maisie, yes, just a little bit more patient! It's not too far away but I won't get to Summer 2019 before Christmas. Most likely ETA for Baby Carmody will be the 27th, which is probably the 26th where you are.

    I think Veronica is very much like her mother, except for her eyes. Those are pure Moretti and they also come from Vincenzo. Most of Chiara's features (Caleb's great grandmother, and Vincenzo's wife) ended up on the Novak side of the family, from Raffaella. The skinny nose and the mouth shape, mostly.

    Apple Valley, ha, yeah, it's a pretty comprehensive course, I guess! It's not completely realistic but because the EA Medicine career has the EMT, Nurse and Intern levels before getting to Resident, I think of that as extra training - the more practical side after all the theoretical.

    But yes, any Sim who completes the correspondence course is able to enter any career requiring a degree, as long as their major matches.

    Cissie, sigh, I know! I'm loving these new pose boxes. I always wanted a pose like that and now I have a few different ones (that one is different from the one I used for Steve and Olivia in her grad picture). I do so much squeeing over Caleb and Cara. I lost count of the times I had to cancel out ACR woohoo for them while I was trying to take their picture!

  5. I meant to ask you if you remember which pose boxes you're using for Cara and Caleb in both of their pics together? I checked out your links but didn't see them there and those are so cute! TIA.

    And I just chuckled again seeing Abigail's cranky face. Great shot lol.

  6. Danielle, I'd forgotten I'd taken that pic of Abigail! 35 years old and still throwing tantrums while talking to her mum, lol!

    I have so many pose boxes I actually stopped linking to them individually! It's truly some sort of illness. But anyway, there is an awesome, awesome list of pose boxes at GOS, which is updated fairly frequently.

    Posing Sims, at GOS

    The pose box I used for Caleb and Cara should be in the list and it's called Wuyi Posebox 0903.

  7. Thank you! I was looking at that list last night and was like :-O at how long it was. I checked a bunch of links and downloaded some other poses but I couldn't find those specific poses.

  8. You're welcome! Yeah, it's a great list but it's so very long. A few of those boxes have really nice couple poses though, so I did actually go through the whole list one time! I can point you in the direction of some of the better ones, if you like. I have most of them catalogued so I can find the pose I'm looking for easily.