Saturday, 12 December 2009

The bad thing

Round 23: Summer 2018

Tate Benton is 48, Zelda is 43, Josie is 16 and Jack and Charlie are both 6.
(Lake is 61, Kendal is 42, Patience is 16, Caleb is 36 and Nick is 15)

Narrated by Josie Benton

I've been applying for scholarships left, right and centre recently and I've managed to rack up six! I'm really relieved and I feel like I can relax a little bit now.

Thank goodness working in fast food wasn't completely for nothing! It's not so terrible but I'm looking forward to tossing away that ugly apron and hat!

I think I almost gave Nick a heart attack at dinner the other night. I told him I was ready to have sex and I think he almost choked.

Turns out it was mostly because his grandmother was standing right there! Oops. I'm pretty sure she didn't hear anything but Nick still looked like he was going to die.

Nick wasn't as thrilled about the idea as I thought he'd be. I knew he'd never broach the topic but I thought he'd be all over it if I did. But no, he started going on about teen pregnancy (Nick is the result of one) and how much we'd miss if we had a kid to look after. Geez...I thought I was supposed to be the one worried about that.

If that's really all he's worried about, it's completely unfounded. Mum made me go on birth control as soon as I started going out with Nick, even though I told her we weren't doing anything. Mum thought it was important that I was prepared.

Mum and Dad went on a "date night". Or it was more like a double date, I guess.

They went to the pub to play cards with Patience's dad and stepmother. Mum is really good friends with Mrs. Draper and she's always on Dad's back about how he never comes out with them.

While they were out, I had Nick over. I think I'd put ideas in his head because he was all over me as soon as he came in!

I guess my assurances that I was on birth control were enough for him because we finally did it. It was better than I was expecting. Victoria told me the first time wasn't that great and that it got a lot better. that we've done it, I don't know if I want to do it again. With Nick, anyway. Physically, it was good but everything just doesn't feel right.

I had to help Dad out at the restaurant the next day and I just wasn't feeling like my usual exuberant self.

Patience came in to see me on my break and I told her about everything that had happened with Nick and me.

She didn't really have much in the way of advice but Patience is a good listener and it felt great to get it all out. Still, I wish someone would help me figure out what to do.

I felt so awkward when Nick's dad came in. He really likes me and is always nice but I wonder if he'd change his mind if he knew I was considering breaking up with his son.

Back at home, I was slumped on the couch, lost in thought and Mum asked me what was wrong.

So I sat down next to her and I told her everything. It was kind of embarrassing but she's always been pretty open about that sort of stuff, so I don't think she was shocked. Or if she was, she was suppressing the urge to say so.

She didn't really say anything that I wasn't already thinking but it was just nice to hear that none of it made me a horrible person. Because having sex was kind of my idea and because it's me whose feelings have changed, I'm feeling a little guilty.

I tried to break it to him as gently as possible. I don't know how successful I was. Gentle is not really my forte. But he didn't cry, so I don't know. Maybe we did okay.

I would like it if we could stay friends but I don't know if that ever works out, so I guess we'll just see.

Random pic:

This is Josie's last update as a teen (unless you count 2019's high school update) so she gets a prom/formal pic taken. I should really do an actual formal when I'm not feeling so lazy!

  • Title is from The Bad Thing by Arctic Monkeys.
  • Josie will start at Suffolk University in 2020 and her tuition will be a grand total of $2000 for Tate and Zelda. The Bentons are the richest family in Sullivan so this really isn't hurting them too much.
  • Tate rolled the Meet someone new ROS this round. He had not met Kendal or Lake, so he's completed that twice over now.
  • So Josie and Nick: I never thought they'd last very long, because they're complete opposites in 4/5 personality traits and their chemistry is pretty low (attraction score is 31, total is 136). Personality must be way more important than aspiration in determining attraction, because Josie and Nick are both Knowledge. I'll have to go back and read Laura's chemistry experiment with Leila and Corbin and see if she said anything about that. Anyway, Josie and Nick were rolling up lots of make out wants though and getting the woohoo thought bubble a lot, so I let them go for it. After they did the deed though, Josie did not roll one romantic want for Nick. He rolled a couple for her but there was definitely less interest on both sides. It was definitely time for them to move on to other people, I think.


  1. Yikes! Thats one way to figure out the status of a relationship. Funny how the game works out like that sometimes!

  2. I don't know why but I've always thought that Josie and Nick aren't gonna last. Hopefully they can still be friends.

  3. Well, I guess Nick can't complain too much. At least he was able to score before she broke up with him, LOL! ;)

    But it's sad that they broke up, even if they didn't really fit well together. Maybe Josie thought that having sex would fix things for them and make them a stronger couple, but instead it just made the fact that they don't work together more obvious for her. I hope Nick is okay about it!

  4. Bye bye Nick and Josie. I'm not too surprised. I didn't think they'd make it into college years together. She did great getting scholarships.

  5. Lunar, yeah, it was a shame it worked out like that for what was the first time for both but I wasn't really surprised! I think they would have started to go south without having sex. I think that just cemented it a little earlier.

    Cissie, no, nor I! She used to bully him when they were kids and I don't know any healthy relationships that started out that way (though I'm sure there are a few!). Josie will go to college the year before Nick does, so they'll at least have that year apart to sort out their heads.

    Shana, very true! Nick is the first of his friends to lose his virginity, so he has bragging rights at least.

    I do think it could have been partly that for Josie because she's never really been sure about Nick. I think it was also an "everybody else is doing it" thing. Her two closest friends are Patience Draper and Victoria Kirby, neither of whom are virgins, so Josie felt a little bit behind. It didn't go all that well for Patience but I can imagine Victoria romanticising it. Her parents didn't find out, she's still with Finn so it's all gone as well as it could for her. Not for Josie but I don't think she'll be crying over Nick for too long. ;)

    Nick though...he's prone to fits of emo-ness, so we'll see.

    Maisie, yeah, Nick and Josie were never a match made in heaven, were they? I'm looking forward to seeing what they each do next though.

  6. aww i feel kinda bad for nick :( I mean, he goes and does that with her and then she breaks up with him... that has to do something to his ego a bit. Poor guy!

    Still love the way you do these... and I LOVE her hair when she's at work... do you remember who it's by?

  7. McTavisham, thank you!

    You probably should feel bad for Nick and he's going to feel bad about this too. Josie actually SANG during the sex (which is pretty rare, it seems, at least in my game) so physically, she really didn't mind it too much. ;) Not that she's going to go and tell Nick that. Josie isn't likely to pick up on the fact that he's feeling bad, or why.

    I am almost 100% positive that all three of Josie's hairstyles in this update are from Rissa Styles - they look like her textures. I couldn't tell you where the meshes were from but Rissa includes them anyway, so I guess that doesn't matter! :)

  8. Oh Josie, lol, she's got a lot on her mind right now, doesn't she? So entertaining though! But I get it, she's about to go to college, gotta explore her options ;)

    Their knowledge/knowledge pairing is probably the only thing giving them any chemistry at all, I would think. What are their zodiacs? They could even be conflicting, because otherwise I would think their similar aspirations would at least earn them two bolts.

    LOL @ Nick being prone to fits of emo-ness! He reminds me of my Justin :)

  9. Laura, yeah, Nick is a year younger and I can't imagine Josie would be wanting to date a high school guy while she was at college. There will be other guys. ;) She's very outgoing and has secondary Pleasure aspiration, so she'll want to date.

    I checked their zodiacs - Josie is a Taurus and Nick is a Sagittarius. Snooty Sims doesn't list them as clashing signs but they're not particularly compatible either. I don't think I've ever had two Sims of the same aspiration with such low chemistry before, so it must be the personality! They really are very different people.

    I think Nick is definitely a little like Justin in that way. He's very...sensitive. He's so NICE. I still can't get over him having 10 nice points. He's got a pretty extreme personality all round, actually.

  10. I've been using these charts for chemistry info lately, they're very thorough, and I like how they list the exact points and everything (lol, Laura = super nerd!). But you should check out that site, because I know you're into the chemistry scores too :)

    Taurus and Sagittarius, by the way, is 0 gain or loss for chemistry, but their opposite personalities could dock them up to 35 points.

  11. Ahhh look at Josie being such a heartbreaker! Oh well, teen sex can sometimes ruin everything.

    I love the restaurant, and in the formal pic Josie is beautiful. Can you please tell me where is her hairstyle from? (the formal one)

    thank you!

  12. Laura, thanks! If you're a nerd, I'm a nerd because you know I'm going to be all over those! I don't agree with his findings that relationships don't affect chemistry though - I've seen chemistry change too many times in game to believe that.

    I was checking Nick and Josie in game again last night and they are really incompatible! One of them is turned on by glasses (which all my Sims technically have, because I put fingernails on them), which should give them an extra 17 points. Just for fun, I matched all their turn-ons and made sure they weren't being turned off by anything. Their attraction score is 84 then, so I guess that means the base attraction, with no TOs, is 14. According to that chart, they'd be losing a hell of a lot of points due to their clashing personalities, so that makes sense.

    bbop, hey, even adult sex can sometimes ruin everything! LOL. Poor Nick's had his heart broken for the first time and Josie is pretty oblivious.

    She's such a gorgeous girl - can't make her look ugly. When I was trying hairstyles out for her, she suited every single one of them! Her formal hair is from Rissa Styles - I can say that with 99% positivity but I can't be more specific than that, unfortunately! I link to Rissa Styles in my Miscellaneous CC post in my side bar.

  13. Aww Nick! :( Look at his little face when she breaks up with him. But it was inevitable. They're both great looking kids and from what I can remember from your hints at N99, Josie's doing alright for herself :). Great update.

  14. Danielle, I know, poor Nick. It's not hard to feel sorry for him - such a sweetheart!

    But yeah...neither Josie or Nick were irreparably scarred by their break-up. It was definitely not true love!

    And you are, like, zooming ahead! The stuff you're reading now doesn't seem like so long ago. I still like the trip down memory lane I get when I get comments on my older entries though. It's fun!

  15. Yea it feels like I'm finally not in the "stone ages" anymore. The sims I'm seeing now are less than 10 years younger than they currently are, which is much better than 20-25 which was where I was at a few weeks ago. You'd be talking about sims at N99 that weren't even born yet in the update I was reading LOL. I got through a lot yesterday because I didn't really play. I was busy downloading/making over a bunch of Asian sims to replace the locals in the Far East. I only have a few more to do which should be done tonight and then I can start playing my next family.

  16. I think it was probably weirder for me when I'd read an old entry that you just read and all the Sims in it would be dead! LOL!

    But yeah, you're almost up to date. Finn and Victoria are just about to head off to college; the round I'm playing now is their first round back in the hood. You're roughly only three rounds behind.

    I considered changing all my locals to look more appropriate for the place but seeing all my locals turn up on regular lots anyway, I decided against it. I change them to regular clothes when I see them usually, so they can blend in!