Monday, 14 December 2009

Rebel rebel

Round 23: Summer 2018
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Arianna Weaver is 63, Liam is 55, Jacob is 17, Jonas Lachance is 40, Tatiana is 35, Dominic is 8, Audrey is 6 and Edward is 3.
(Maia and Patience are both 16)

Narrated by Jacob Weaver

Dad is still on my back about university. I qualified for 6 scholarships when I applied last year and Dad wants me to spend my last year of high school working my ass off for two more!

Mum has been trying to get him to lay off a bit. It's not like they can't afford to send me and she doesn't think there's any point in me making myself miserable if I don't need to.

He was a little sulky and quiet about it for a couple of days but thank God, he did end up shutting up about it! I was so sick of hearing about scholarships!

I soon had the perfect excuse to slack off on the study anyway - I got sick!

You know when you've coughed so much that your stomach muscles start to hurt? That's how I felt after not too long at all. And I don't want to be too gross here, but I was in the bathroom a lot. It was pretty bad.

I confined myself to the bedroom completely for almost the entire time. I was sick a few school days and the whole weekend too, to make it worse. Everyone else was having fun downstairs and I was stuck in bed.

Just thinking, most of the time. Not much else to do. And Maia's sister is kind of hot.

Probably shouldn't let any of that stuff leave my brain though. Maia's dad already watches me like a hawk!

Since he stopped hassling me about university, Dad's had to find other things to do with his time so he's been fishing. He used to go all the time when he was a kid.

Jonas is the only one (besides me) with any clue of what to do with all the fish Dad catches though. I don't know what we'd be eating if we had to rely on Dad, or Mum, or even Tatiana to cook for us. They're all pretty terrible.

Maybe that's why Edward still prefers dog food. Three seems a little old to still be putting anything and everything into your mouth but what do I know? Maybe I was doing the same thing when I was his age.

I probably shouldn't have gone to work while I was so sick but I was going nuts all cooped up in the house. I felt like I was getting a little better but my boss told me to stay home the next day anyway. So much for that idea for killing my boredom!

I would just have to stay in bed and concentrate on my reading.

Concentrate really hard. God, I really didn't want to hear my sister doing that! The only way I could be more disturbed is if it was my parents.

I shouldn't really be surprised, I guess. Jonas and Tatiana are all over each other pretty much all the time.

I'd bet money that they try for #4 once I'm out of the house. They're so busy with Edward, plus Dominic and Audrey already but they love it. They don't seem to ever get frazzled or anything.

Mum is another story. She's counting down the days until Edward starts pre-school!

I woke up on Tuesday morning and I was finally finished with this damn flu! I felt 100% better and I was actually excited to be going back to school! My grades took a dive and I lost my scholar's grant and might not have time to make it up but I've still got 5 scholarships and that's plenty.

Patience came home from school with me on my first day back. We've been hanging out again a lot lately.

We haven't kissed or anything but I think we're kind of skirting close to that line. Deep down, I must be feeling a bit guilty about it because I haven't told Maia that Patience and I still hang out. I'm pretty sure she'd be mad. Probably with good reason. I definitely still like Patience and I know she feels the same.

I think Mum is pretty unimpressed with the whole situation. She's very polite to Patience still, but she always tells her it might be time to go home when she sees that she's over.

I can't help it if I'm popular with girls but it seems to really annoy Mum. She thinks I should stick to one girl.

Technically, I am. I'm only dating Maia, though maybe Mum hasn't realised. We try to hang out places other than my house whenever we can.

Every time we hang out at home, Jonas or someone else will come in and start reading or watching TV or whatever. There's not exactly an overabundance of privacy at our place.

It feels like we spend most of our time waiting for people to leave the room so we can make out.

And that's all we've done, so far.

I've tried to get her into bed, but to no avail. She says she's not ready.

She's driving me nuts! When is she going to be ready?

Random pics:

The only part of my beach that I am truly happy with. It looks like what I pretend Miami looks like (my total time spent in Miami is about 45 minutes, all of them at the airport, so I have no real idea what it looks like).

I'm loving this formal pic thing! Almost makes me wish I'd held an actual formal. Maia looks so much like Lia here.

  • Title was inspired by Rebel Rebel by David Bowie. Or there's also the Portuguese version by Seu Jorge. I'm kind of obsessed with non-English covers of English language pop songs.
  • Jacob rolled the Flu Epidemic ROS this round. He's Sim #6 to get hit with it, so there's 4 more to go. Jacob was pretty hard to take care of, though he wasn't sick for all that long. I suppose it's because he's so active but he's hard to keep sitting still. Every time I checked on him, he'd be playing pirates in the bathtub.
  • So Jacob/Patience/Maia. With all my other teens in the game right now, I pretty much know exactly who they'll end up with. I might change my mind somewhere along the line but I know where I'm headed for each of them. I literally have no clue what I'm going to do with this bunch though. Jacob rolls wants for Patience and Maia, though they are usually platonic wants for Patience, romantic for Maia. But there's a lot of swooning, and back rubs, etc. between Jacob and Patience. They've stopped short of actually flirting or kissing but I don't know if it might eventually head that way. They're leading me here.
  • Jacob and Maia were both rolling up lots of make-out wants, which is often one of the signs I'll use to decide whether a teen couple will have sex or not. I'm just not getting the feeling that Maia is actually ready for that though, so I had her cut him off. But I'll add that I like how it looks like Jacob is putting his hand up Maia's dress in one of the pictures of them on the couch.
  • Jacob rolled up the want to buy a hot tub. Yeah, I can just guess why he wants that. He didn't get one, because I have enough trouble keeping an eye on Jacob's sexcapades without throwing a hot tub into the mix!. They could well afford it though, because Galen's life insurance has cashed in - Tatiana got something, as did Dominic (possibly Audrey and Edward too but I didn't check them). I'm sure Galen would think a hot tub was the perfect use of his money but I doubt anyone in the house but Jacob would agree!


  1. Wow-he is going to be hard to tame once he starts university. Who knows, maybe he'll meet someone brand new just to make things difficut for you. My next teens for university are in danger of that occuring. They have a low chemistry together (but when there's only one sim your age, you tend to settle)-now they're off to university with more to chose from...I'm curious how it's turn out.

  2. OMG, I love Jacob in the middle of that first picture! That suits him perfectly! :) Sexcapades! LOL!!! But oooh, love a teenage love-triangle! It's kind of fun when you have no idea how it might turn out. I can't wait to find out :)

    Awww, Jonas and Tatiana are still so cute!

  3. I thought the same thing as Laura. Jacob kinda stole the show with this family, didn't he? Especially considering the last update on this family I remember you were looking foreward to Jacob's moving out so they family could expand.

    He is a funny character. It does look like he's putting his hand up Maia's dress! Fitting for such a forward boy. And still hanging out with Patience. Ooh, dangerous.

  4. LOL @ waiting for people to leave so they can make out. That is just too funny. Maia might want to keep an eye on this one.

    Poor Jacob, no one wants to hear/see/etc their sibling gettin' busy. He's probably right, they'll fill his empty spot real quick at this pace, LOL!

  5. Jacob is such a GUY lol...yea, I hate to see him once he hits university!

  6. Apple Valley, I know! Once he's out of sight of his parents and older sister, I think he might go a little nuts.

    I totally get the settling thing. But it can work out well. Joanna "settled" because Rose was the only other female Sim I had who liked girls but it's worked out so well for them.

    Laura, LOL, yeah, I wasn't sure about that pose for Jacob but it turned out well, I think!

    Yes, it's a Jacob/Patience/Maia triangle which is kind of fun. His attraction to Patience has gone UP since they broke up, so I don't know what that's about. They definitely used to only have one bolt. Perhaps it's the unattainability factor - he's not supposed to have her because he's with Maia, so he wants her.

    Still love me some Jonas and Tatiana. I never need to direct them to be all cute with each other. They just follow each other around the house kissing and flirting.

    Lunar, he did! I had a lot of fun with Jacob this round. I was having fun with him last round too (despite me waiting for him to move out!) but he definitely came into his own this time. I'm still excited about another possible Jonas and Tatiana baby but I think I'm going to miss Jacob in this house!

    Ha, I know, when I saw his hand go up her dress, I thought "Yeah, you would, wouldn't you?" LOL. And just think, if I'd had her in pants, that wouldn't have looked nearly as funny!

    I'm so excited to play Maia now, so I can continue this whole thing. She's not scheduled for a while. Might move her up, even!

    Mao, yeah, not much privacy in that house! They should really just stick to the beach. ;) If Maia is smart, she'd already be suspicious of Patience, so we'll see.

    I'm hoping *someone* comes along to fill Jacob's place! I can't believe I could reduce the size of this household and instead I'm wanting to increase it back to the maximum. I used to prefer smaller households but I love huge ones too now.

    MizzGin, he is very male, isn't he? I think he'll settle down eventually but he's overwhelmed with all the female attention he's getting now, so I'm letting him have some fun.