Tuesday, 1 December 2009

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2017

Gordon Nott has graduated (with a 4.0 GPA, no less!) and is living in Exeter with Luc and Rose. For the meantime at least, he's a blog writer.

Ione Romilly is another recent Suffolk graduate. She has her sights set on joining the police force but is currently a security guard. She's living with her boyfriend Evan.

After looking at seemingly every apartment for rent in the city and in the suburbs, it became apparent that with rent and security deposits being what they are, it was cheaper for the couple to buy a small home. So they did just that. And it really is very small. You're looking at their entire downstairs right now! But they haven't got plans for a family just yet, so it will do them for now.

And finally, Caleb, Cara and Nick have found a house! Caleb's busy at work right now. Nick has a few hours before he has to head off to work himself and is busy enjoying his new bedroom.

Cara, however, is a little bored. She gets up and about a little bit but she's mostly trying to rest up until the arrival of the twins, sometime in Spring.


  • Ione and Evan's house was the house Sacha Lachance lived in all the way back in Round 1. I think I'm better at decorating now because I couldn't even figure out where to put a computer back then and now I'm wondering what sort of crap I had crammed in there instead!
  • Caleb and Cara's house is one I downloaded from MTS a few weeks back. I'd have to check in game to be sure but I believe it's one of the Stoneview Court houses, which I think Laura also uses? Anyway, the rooms are quite small but they've got everything they need and Nick and both twins will each have their own room.
  • Debt-wise, it didn't work out as badly for Caleb and Cara as I'd expected. I took out a $30,000 loan but after I'd decorated it fully, they were able to pay back $15,000. So that's a significant debt but not an insurmountable one.


  1. Their house is too cute. By the way, I like your new blog layout. Very nice

  2. Thanks, Apple! I like the new layout much better than my old one.

    And I like Caleb and Cara's house much better than their old one too. *g*

  3. Nick sure is growing fast! Love my Caleb Moretti...can't wait to see the twins. RD was saying to me on the phone yesterday how she loves to look at the decorations in your pictures. *smiles* Me too!

  4. Twins will be here soon!! I can not wait to see their features!

    Ione and Evan have a cute place. I like tiny houses the best.

  5. Simmington, I didn't like Caleb much until he broke up with Abigail. It wasn't the breaking up so much but just that I got to focus on him more. He's lovely.

    Nick will be 15 next time I play him, at his mum's house!

    And thanks for the compliment on my decorations, though you can't see too much of anything in these pics!

    Maisie, the twins will be here sooner than you realise! Estimated time of arrival is Saturday (which is probably Friday your time). I'm very excited!

    I like tiny houses too but I haven't had much use for them in the past. I think Sacha lived here for about 5 days (one of my old rounds) before Emmy got knocked up and I had to move them. Ione's very young though, so I'm not as keen to get her pumping out the babies just yet.