Thursday, 31 December 2009

Lost and saved

Round 24: Summer 2019
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Leontine Kirby is 77, Trent is 49, Megan is 47 and Rebecca is 10.
(Georgette is 79, Claudia, Victoria and Finn are all 18, Magdalena is 55 and Tessa is 10)

Narrated by Megan Kirby

Claudia and Victoria's classes haven't started yet but they've already moved to campus, just to settle in and prepare themselves. The house feels so empty without them.

Maybe I'm being silly but it makes me a little sad. We'll have Claudia living at home when she graduates but Victoria will go off and live God knows where - Exeter, probably - and by then it will only be a few years before it's time for Rebecca to strike out on her own. We'll never all live under the same roof again.

Speaking of Rebecca, she's become very studious of late. I've tried to tell her it's just Grade 5 and it's no reason to push herself so hard but she takes her school work very seriously!

Even in her leisure time, she talks about school more than anything else. Her eyes light up when someone brings up the subject of school!

It's working for her though. Straight As, every time!

The market is doing so well now that Trent doesn't really need to go in but he usually does anyway. I wish some of his customers would find another place to shop though. I came in to drop off some of the cheesecakes I baked to sell and found this girl offering to set my husband up on a blind date! He said no - I trust him and I knew he would say no - but some women are just shameless!

Leontine has had a tough time recently, with the deaths of her sister and twin brother. I guess it's to be expected at her age but it still can't be easy to lose two siblings in the span of a year.

There's just two Lachance siblings left now. Georgette has been making the trip out to the farm more often, to check in on Leontine. When she has the time, that is. The woman is 79 and still working!

Who knows, maybe I'll still be working when I'm that age? It's not unheard of for actors, I guess. All this working out is killing me but I have to do it. My looks are key, in this business.

I just love being able to get a massage after I'm done! I only get the Swedish massages. You can also get something called a Hot Stone massage but it's ridiculously overpriced. It can't possibly be that good!

Claudia and Victoria (and Victoria's boyfriend Finn) came to see us the other night. I think it might have been Trent's doing because I'm pretty sure they're not missing us yet, at least not as much as I'm missing them.

It was quite late when they came over and Rebecca had already gone off to bed but it was so nice to have everyone together again.

I did wonder why Claudia didn't bring Amar with her though. She talked about him a lot and she seems to really like him.

Most weekends, I take Rebecca to the park so she can play with her best friend Tessa. It's easier to meet at a neutral location, instead of having her parents drop her off at our house and then drive her all the way back home to the other side of town again.

Trent went to college with Magdalena and thought maybe we'd get along. Well, we do - she's a sweet woman - but we don't really have a lot in common. We were talking about Finn's mother, Magdalena's best friend. She had a baby at 51, with her eldest already in college. I said I'd likely go insane if I fell pregnant now and Magdalena said she'd actually welcome a pregnancy, although she's not expecting one, or trying. My God, I just cannot imagine!

So I turned the topic to landscaping. I was just telling Trent that I think we should get hot springs installed in the backyard, like they have in Three Lakes, where we honeymooned. I told Magdalena my idea and she looked at me like I was crazy! Although, Trent looked at me the same way when I brought it up with him. Maybe I am crazy but then again, I'm not the one who wants another baby at 55!

  • Title is from Lost and Saved by Juliana Hatfield, which I could not find any working links to, unfortunately.
  • Megan kept heading into the twins' old room, for no reason that I could see, so I guess she's missing them. She's being a tad dramatic, but you know...she's an actress, so I guess it fits.
  • I tried to have Caterina sell the Hot Stone massage to Megan, and she had a hissy fit about how it was too expensive. Never mind that the Kirbies have almost $300,000 in household funds. That $500 was really going to break the bank!
  • I have to wonder if Sim wants are programmed to get more insane as they get more money. Megan really did want some hot springs. They really do not fit with the decor of the farm though, so she won't be getting her way!
  • Claudia has, somewhere along the line, fallen in love with Amar. It must have been during the few Sim hours I played them when I was making them over for university. No sex for them yet though - Victoria's got the only double bed and she and Finn were occupying the hot tub when I saved and left their dorm. Finn and Victoria also tried to have sex on Victoria's parents' bed during their visit, which is just rude! They tried it twice too - first Victoria initiated, I cancelled and then Finn had a go. The perils of making your visitors selectable!
  • And Magdalena has rolled up the want for a baby again. She and Araminta are flat out crazy, I swear! Megan has the fear of having a baby, which seems fairly realistic for a 47 year-old with two daughters in college and one 10 year-old at home.


  1. LOL at the thrown fit over an expensive massage. I've never had much luck with that, unfortunately! Maybe I need to try again for my BS spa. ;)

    I hate it when that random blind date thing comes up, so annoying! It should at least check if the sim is MARRIED, for crying out loud.

    Rebecca is so cute!

  2. Gah! Just finished another read-a-thon! Didn't get to read much during exams, but I'm all caught up now! (I read like 62 entries I think? Not counting this one)

    Anyhow, while I'm a late-in-life-baby myself, having babies after you've turned 45 (especially if you already have some) seems somewhat insane. If you've finally got time and the ability to sleep through the night, why would you want to mess that up?

    I really like Megan though, she's very pretty! But naughty Victoria and Finn, they don't really strike me as the types to be doing that! :P

  3. lol, she wants a hot spring! That is one crazy want. Magdalena's face is priceless. What do you say to THAT? I love the way Megan seems to say it so casually.

    And Victoria and Finn, naughty! You don't do that on your parent's bed! Gross!

    In a switch, I had a sim do it on his daughter's bed when I'd turned my head. What made it look really disturbing was the fact that I had a bear on the bed in preparation for the girl's eventual arrival. Yuck!

  4. ROFL Figures they want to get it on in her parents bed. My visiting sims children always sneak off to get busy in their parents beds. I think it's programed for them to throw fits over expensive massages. I get the same reaction.

  5. I think it's so sweet that Megan wanders off to the twins' room all the time. Poor thing, misses her babies so much!

    I love the expressions on Megan and Magdalena's faces when they talk. They both think that the other one is a bit crazy!

  6. Sometimes I forget that the twins have parents and a sibling. I get so occupied with them and Finn.

  7. I think wanting a hot spring is probably equal to wanting a baby at 55, in the realm of crazy. I hope, beyond hope, that I am NOT like Magdalena when I'm that age! lol.

    I'm glad the twins came to visit, I bet it's hard for Megan. Poor Leontine, I imagine it'd be hard to relax knowing your siblings have passed, and knowing it's just a matter of time for yourself (probably). Sad that the generation is coming to an end.

  8. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!

    Mao, I actually am not so fussed about the blind dates for married Sims. Some married Sims *cough*Galen*cough* would be the type to go out on blind dates. It's weird that I get it more often for my married Sims than my unmarried ones though. My poor single teens never seem to get it!

    Rebecca is basically GirlTrent but she's very cute! This is her last round as a kid!

    Valneanne, I am impressed and I bow down to your awesome catching up!

    Thank you, I made Megan myself, though I should have checked what she looked like as a toddler before I put her in game. Claudia and Victoria have both had a little surgery. ;)

    And Finn and Victoria are totally the types to do that! I guess not looking like the types is how they get away with it! They're very cheeky, the pair of them!

    Lunar, when you have $300,000 and live in a world where installing a hot spring is going to cost you less than $12,000 (I forget the exact cost but I think it's less than that), you can afford to be casual about it!

    LOL, at your Sim on his daughter's bed! Henry and Araminta conceived Elspeth in Ione's car and they've tried to go for it on Finn's bed too. LOL. They go for the wrong bed much less with TJ's Smart Beds installed but if their bed is blocked or if they don't have one on the lot (as is the case with selectable visitors), they'll use whatever bed they can find.

    Riverdale, hmmm, good to know I'm not the only one having the problem with the expensive massages. They happily pay for them on vacation. I'm going to try again, and this time I'll have the Sim select the table and try to buy it. I only had Caterina try to sell it to her because I'd forgotten to sign Megan up at the ticket machine, so I wasn't getting any options when I clicked the table.

    Cissie, I thought it was sweet too. It must be hard for parents to see their kids leave home. She's overreacting a tad, but we'll let her have that for now.

    Megan and Magdalena became friends sitting on that bench, so they like each other but they just don't have much in common! They both think the other is crazy and they're probably both right.

    Apple Valley, heh, me too and they're my Sims! I'm trying to fit kids into my updates more, because they tend to get ignored in favour of my teens (one of my favourite age stages, if not my very favourite).

    Maisie, yeah, they're both completely crazy. Araminta too, though the baby want had rolled away last time I checked her!

    It's funny that I wrote in something about Megan being worried about the girls moving off to college last round and then she goes and acts exactly as I wanted her to. I love when that happens!

    It's definitely a matter of time for the Lachances. Georgette is pretty old, via my old life span. It'll be a while before the generation comes to an end though - all the elders who aged up after Adam's group (so that's anyone 64 or younger) aged up under the new lifespan, which allows them to live much longer but also shorter. So you'll have to wait and see.

  9. Megan was so funny in this update! I agree though, 500 for a massage?

    Rebecca is adorable with her love of school. That girl is seriously cute!

    And I like your interpetation of her going into the girls room's as missing them. I love stuff like that.

  10. bbop, thanks!

    I've been a long time fan of Rebecca! When she aged to toddler, I was still worried about what Claudia and Victoria would look like as teens and I wondered how the same parents could spawn such different looking children! I'm excited to see what she'll look like as a teen. I already have her earmarked as a Knowledge Sim.

    I really like interpreting why Sims do what they do. They act so strangely sometimes though that it can be difficult!

  11. Tell me about it, they can act so strange sometimes...but, interpreting their actions is so much fun when you have their history to look back on. It's amazing to me when it the game just knows.

  12. Simmington, I think this is one of my favourite parts of the game. I could swear Sims really do know what I'm thinking sometimes!