Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Vivienne Carmody 1940-2019

by Gordon Nott, Summer 2019

One-time journalist, Vivienne Carmody, died early this morning of natural causes, aged 79. At the time of her death, she was living in Sullivan with her daughter and two granddaughters.

Vivienne Carmody (née Lachance) was born in Sullivan in 1940 to Sacha and Emmy Lachance, the second of four. Twin sister Georgette is living in Exeter and younger sister Leontine remains in Sullivan. Younger brother Pascal died last year.

Upon her graduation from Suffolk University, where she majored in Mathematics, Vivienne married Joseph Carmody in 1964. Vivienne and Joseph remained married until his death in 2013.

Joseph and Vivienne expanded their family with Betsy in 1971, followed by Anna in 1978.

Vivienne worked for a short time in entertainment but it was journalism where she made a name for herself, retiring 10 years ago.

Vivienne leaves behind two daughter, Betsy (48) and Anna (41) and grandchildren, Sarah (14), Susannah (9), Nathan (9)
and Hope (8).

  • Not an ROS - it was just Vivienne's time to go! There are a couple of other elder deaths coming up in Sullivan soon, one which might be a surprise to some of you (if I didn't know it was coming, it would surprise me too).
  • One day, when all her relatives stop dying, Abigail will get back to writing these. But Vivienne was her aunt, so Gordon took the reins for this one. ;)


  1. Awww!! RIP, Vivienne! And OMG, was it really so long ago that she got married to Joseph? Wow...

  2. *sniff* So sad, but I need to get used to this. RIP, Vivienne. You will be missed.

  3. This is such a sad time for this family, only year ago Pascal died and now Vivienne.

    RIP, Vivienne.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Mao, yep, it really was! Well, roughly. I wasn't counting by years back then but I've been keeping track of ages since quite early on and it's not too hard to count back.

    Cissie, yeah, the Lachances just keep dropping! :(

  5. Sad news for the family.

    How do u decide it's their time?

  6. Maisie, just caught your comment!

    I don't decide, the game does. I use Inge's days left shrub to see how many days they have left to live and Vivienne's time was up this round. I have a list of when each current elder will die and how old they'll be. It's very handy to write the obits in advance, which I always do.

  7. Awww, RIP Vivienne! I remember when she and Joseph got married too. Poor Lachance family :(

  8. I think I need to look into getting this shrub. I play with aging off now, and was curious about handling natural deaths. I noticed SimPe has a days left, but it's kind of a pain to look each sim up that way.

  9. Laura, oh, Vivienne's wedding! I loved their wedding...I thought it was super-duper fancy back then! It's not but I still love it.

    Maisie, definitely get the shrub! I couldn't play without it. I should actually add it to my Hacks post, come to think of it.

  10. Awww, I'm gonna miss Vivienne. I just love the way you pull photos of their past to show those special moments in their lives. I went and got that shrub. I'm learning to play with Aging Off now...is there some hack that allows you to put Aging Off for the whole hood, or do you have to do it house by house?

  11. Simmington, thanks! As far as I know, there's no aging off hack for the whole hood. If there was, I wouldn't really want to mess with it, personally. I like being able to turn it on and off, because when age them up manually with the Temporal Adjuster (InSim), I need to have aging on or else their days left bar just resets, rather than moving them to the next age stage.