Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sports star, 76, dies in house fire

by Steve Rider, Autumn 2018
Retired hall of famer, Pascal Lachance, died last night in a fire at his home in Exeter. The fire is thought to be caused by a pot left burning on the stove and is not thought to be suspicious. No one else in the house was harmed.

Pascal Lachance was born in Sullivan in 1942 to Sacha and Emmy Lachance, the youngest of four. He has two older sisters still living, Georgette Clarke, Vivienne Carmody, as well as twin sister Leontine Kirby.

Unlike his sisters, Lachance chose to forego university and instead launched himself headlong into his sporting career.

He lived alone for some years before eloping to Three Lakes with Mina (née Collins) in 1974.

Son Jonas was born in 1978, followed by daughter Abigail in 1983.

Lachance was inducted into the hall of fame in 2001 and retired completely from the sporting world in 2011.

Lachance leaves behind wife Mina (68), son Jonas (40), daughter Abigail (35) and four grandchildren, Nick (15), Dominic (8), Audrey (6) and Edward (3).

Extra pics:

I didn't want to have too many pics in the main body of this (even though I probably already do!) but I had some extra toddler pics I wanted to show. I've shown one of them here before but I think the other two are both new.

Aw! That's Pascal, with Leontine.

And here's Jonas, no doubt composing a masterpiece.

And Abigail, before she started giving me so much trouble (that was still more than 15 years away).

Don't the Lachances make the cutest toddlers? My fondness for Jonas goes all the way back to when he was a tot, see? ;)

  • Pascal was the unlucky Sim who rolled the Death by Fire ROS this round. I loaded the family up and then sat in front of my computer for a couple of hours before I actually went in and played them (yeah, I had a lot of time on my hands!). I was so sad to kill Pascal, even though he didn't have much time left anyway. He probably would have lasted through next round and that would have been it, I think.
  • I didn't kill Pascal in an actual fire - just an InSim fire - so no pics of that. After all the rubbish I went through trying to kill Abhijeet in an actual fire, I didn't bother this time!
  • I gave Abigail a break from writing the obits - it seemed a bit cruel to make her write her own father's obituary! I think I've mentioned before that Steve is also in the journalism career, so he wrote this one.


  1. Awww, poor Pascal! What a way to go. :(

    Adorable toddler pictures, though!!

  2. Aww how sad for him and his family. I agree they do make adorable toddlers. I like how u write the obits.

  3. My heart really breaks for Pascal and his family. I remember him growing up. I loved your obit for him; brings back a lot of memories for the reader who tries to keep up with all your Sims! LOL!

    I can certainly relate to you just sitting there for hours before doing the deed. You are not alone. :P It's hard to lose our favorite Sims.

  4. So sad :'( RIP Pascal.

    The Lachance toddlers are really cute though.

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Maisie, thank you, I really enjoy writing the obits and it's a little easier for me now. The first one took me forever.

    Simmington, I like to take a little look back at the Sims who die because I know not everyone has read all the way back in the archives and even if they have, they may not remember. It's fun to reminisce.