Sunday, 24 June 2007

Novak 3

James and Madelyn Novak began dating while James was away at Suffolk University and Madelyn, who had decided to skip uni, was still living back home in Sullivan. They were (and still are) very different people but both found that the other balanced them out quite nicely.

When James graduated, he moved back home to Sullivan and in with Madelyn and her parents. It wasn't long before they learnt they were expecting their first child, Aaron. Three years later, in 2006, their second son, Ethan, came along. 

Despite their two children, James and Madelyn didn't get around to tying the knot until 2012, 14 years after they'd met. The wedding was attended mostly by family and was held in their backyard.

James had assumed their family was complete but something was still niggling at Madelyn and she convinced James to look into adoption. They did and a year later, they brought home 3-year-old Connor

Madelyn works as an art teacher and James recently retired from the NKL corporation to focus full time on his car dealership in Exeter, Novak Motors. 

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Hamilton 2

Amar and Adrienne met in 2029 and were immediately attracted to each other. They were on the job at the time - Amar as a photographer and Adrienne tagging along with her designer boss, Olivia Nihill - though that didn't stop them from engaging in a little flirting. They dated very casually at first, with neither making any promises of being exclusive. Somewhere along the line, they realised they weren't really interested in anyone else any more. Sometime after that, Adrienne moved in with Amar.

Adrienne and Amar had been living together for a little over a year when she fell pregnant with their son Beau. It was a happy surprise for both, though one Adrienne needed a bit more time to get used to. Adrienne had been pregnant once before, with Sylvia, who she gave up for adoption and had some mixed feelings due to that.

Once Beau came along, Amar and Adrienne proved themselves to be more than competent parents. Adrienne and Amar got married in 2042 and welcomed their second child, Elisa, later that same year.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Novak 4

Maia and Ethan have known each other since they were children, seeing one of Maia's best friends is Ethan's older brother Aaron. In Ethan's senior year of college, he and Maia went on a camping trip with Aaron, his now husband Calvin and Maia's sister Tessa. It was there that they fell in love and they began dating a few months later.

After a couple of years, Maia and Ethan decided they were ready to settle down together. Ethan proposed in 2033 but it was another couple of years before they finally married. Happily for Maia's parents, they didn't wait quite as long for babies. They were married in January and baby daughter Willow joined them in October of that same year. 

Two years later in May, son River came along and second daughter Wren entered the family three years later. Maia and Ethan feel their family is finished now and aren't planning on any more children.

Ethan has worked for the Sullivan Police Force since his graduation from university. Maia jobhopped a little bit before entering the events planning industry. Maia has since left events planning behind to focus full time on Rosa Lucida, the flower shop she inherited from her father, Jace