Friday, 1 January 2010

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2019

Just one birthday this autumn and it's the first birthday of Adelaide Sitko!

Here's little Adelaide, post-birthday makeover.

So far, she's looking a lot like her mum - the nose and eyes are definitely Sitko traits.

She may have got her mouth from her dad - too early to tell yet!

  • First Sullivan post of 2010, though it might not be 2010 yet for you! Anyway, happy new year!
  • I think Adelaide turned out pretty cute! I'm hoping that's Kirstin's mouth that she has - all the Moretti men have a no upper lip thing going on. I don't mind, because it's cool to have traits strongly identified with certain families. But Kirstin is my only chance to spread Sitko features (Kirstin didn't really inherit any Nihill features from Collette) throughout the hood, so I'd like the girls to take after her.


  1. She is super cute! Right now it looks as if she has her dad's mouth, but like you said time will only tell. Happy New Year too you! We (east Cost US) still have a few hours to go. We're 8:43 PM here.

  2. Happy New Year, Carla!

    Adelaide is a cutie pie! I agree with Riverdale, it looks like she has her father's mouth but we'll just have to wait and see what she looks like when she grows up.

  3. I hope you had a Happy New Year's Eve!

    Adelaide is adorable! I think she takes after her mom a lot, but agree about it looking like she has her Daddy's mouth.

  4. Thanks everyone! I guess we'll all have to wait and see. :D

  5. These children are super cute. I especially love the eyes on little Sitko.

  6. Thank you, I love the eyes too. I'm glad they're carrying on. They come from Julian, Kirstin's dad.