Saturday, 30 January 2010

The bends

Round 24: Winter 2020

Kit Royce is 60 and Asha is 23.
(Zaria Royce is 32, Josh Royce-Nihill is 6 and Jessica is 4 months old. Luc Lane is 27 and Ione Romilly is 24)

Narrated by Asha Royce

There are only about two weeks to go until Ione's wedding and I think all of us bridesmaids are as excited as she is!

If it was me getting married, I think I'd be at least a little jittery but Ione doesn't seem nervous at all. She's so calm!

I'm still not quite ready for marriage myself but Luc and I have been talking about moving in together. I really need to move out and be independent from Mum. On top of that, right now, if we want some privacy, we have my tiny bedroom, with Mum just down the hall. Or even worse, Luc's tiny bedroom with Gordon down the hall, who doesn't know how to knock.

We've been looking into the finances of it all though and it's just not going to be doable. Luc has several thousand dollars saved, I have a few thousand but even together, it's not enough.

Luc suggested that I move in with him and Gordon. I could afford the rent, if I did but I want us to have our own place. Without Gordon.

I thought things would be a little weird between me and Luc after I turned him down when he asked me to marry him. He was definitely hurt and a little bit touchy about it for a while.

Once he realised it was more of a no for now, as opposed to no forever, he kind of got over it.

He still brings it up every now and then. I'm not as terrified of marriage as I was a couple of years back, but I don't feel like I need to rush into it at 23 either, which I've explained to him. Luc's only 27, so we still have plenty of time for that.

On the whole, we're still doing okay. Luc still has a wandering eye and I think he always will. As long as it's just his eye and not his hands, or other appendages, that's cool with me. I look too, I'm just a little more subtle about it than Luc is.

Mum and Luc have been getting along extremely well over the past year or so, which still weirds me out a little bit.

She flat out hated him for so long and to see her now smiling at him and being friendly is strange. It's definitely a welcome change though.

Luc was really patient when Mum was being difficult, so I guess it paid off in the end. They actually talk a lot now, sometimes even without me there!

Mum has been happier in general since Zaria had her second child recently. I guess all grandparents love their grandkids but Mum is just so crazy about Josh and Jessica.

I don't mind being an aunt either but I try not to let Mum see me holding Jessie for too long. She gets that look in her eye - she's after another grandkid, I know it!

Zaria likes to tease me when Mum gets like that, asking me when Luc and I are going to have some babies. Definitely not ready to be a mother and we're not even living together yet, so that's a way off! Mum will have to wait!

Possibly, that will change soon! No, I'm not pregnant but I did come into a bit of money. I had the opportunity to drum for a band who was actually recording and when the record was released, it was a big success and I got a bit of a bonus. A $15,000 bonus, to be exact!

I think my parents were both a little disappointed that I skipped university but I feel like Mum is really proud of me now. She says she always was but mothers have to say that, don't they?

While Mum was in a good mood, I asked her what she thought of me and Luc getting our own place. This money could actually make that a reality but I was still a bit worried about Mum by herself.

Well, it was almost like she was trying to get rid of me - she was actually totally in favour of me moving out! She says she'll be fine on her own but I can't help but worry about her.

But I'm so excited that this is happening - we both are! Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like getting our own place would be pretty far off. It would have taken me at least a year to save up $15,000 on my own.

I might need to learn to cook before I move out though. I can't even handle mac and cheese now. I'm hopeless.

Luc says I don't need to worry about learning to cook, because he's pretty good in the kitchen. I want to have some idea what I'm doing though, so I'm watching some cooking shows. Everything they cook seems so complicated though. Lobster? I'm not going to make lobster!

So I have no clue about cooking and apparently, Luc must have saved up that money out of pure luck because he knows nothing about finances! We're looking at real estate listings right now and he's so unrealistic! He's talking about installing hot tubs and buying vacation homes. He wouldn't listen to me so Mum had to break it to him that there was no way we'd be able to afford any of that with the money we had!

We still might have to take out a loan but we've found a couple of places that might be in our price range. If all goes well, we might be setting up house together within about six months!

  • The title is from The Bends by Radiohead.
  • I've never had a Sim as invested in her grandchildren as Kit is, with the exception of the Sims whose grandchildren live with them. She rolled up wants to interact with both Josh and Jessica before she'd even met them and she currently wants to see Josh get an A+ in school. And she wants another grandchild, which is probably why she's being so nice to Luc now. Zaria is done and Kit knows it, so now it's Asha's turn! I think the "Get a Grandchild" want is interesting because I've had Family Sims who've never rolled it (like Augustin) and Family Sims who won't stop rolling it (Collette and Maria).
  • Asha's $15,000 was a chance card, the exact details of which I forgot to write down. I really should screen cap them, at least for my own knowledge! But with her $15,000 and Luc's $17,000 (which he got from Debbie - Cordy got the same), they can buy a starter house at least.
  • Luc and Asha, this round at least, didn't roll up the fear of marriage, so I'm taking that as a sign that Asha might be ready for co-habitation, if not marriage. She still hasn't rolled that one. I don't know if I'll wait for her to roll it or if I'll just have Luc propose anyway. I'll just see what happens once they move in together.
  • I have no idea where I'm going to move Luc and Asha. I've got the Gentries (my playable NPCs with the four kids) all moved in to their house and Max and Zaria are all set up at their new place too (which I love) but I scrapped the Gottlieb house. It was too big and I can tell it would have got annoying, if not laggy! So I'm going to deal with them first and then find something for Luc and Asha.
  • Luc really does have the want for a hot tub (which he rolled after he and Asha used the hot tub at the club they went to, which I found hilarious) and to buy a vacation home. He's jumping the gun a little bit.


  1. Yea, congrats on the money. For a while I thought that they would move in with her mother, or that her mother would give them the house and move to something smaller.

  2. Luc and his wandering eye, lol! That picture was hilarious! Asha is like, hello, Earth to Luc! :)

    Awww, that's got to be hard for her to leave her mom like that, but it has to happen some time.

    Yay, The Bends! :)

  3. I'm glad Kit is ok with Asha moving out. I was afraid she might try to convince her to stay living at home.

    Luc is one of my favorite sims in your hood. He's so clueless sometimes. Wanting to buy hot tubs and vacation homes LOL

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Apple Valley, I considered that but I don't think Asha would be the type to accept it. She's too independent minded. She was ready to strike out on her own at 18 but then her father died, and she felt like she should stay with her mother. Kit was a wreck for a while.

    Laura, heh, I thought you might appreciate that title!

    I love that picture too! I actually had a similar one of Asha doing the same thing but it's not as in character for her as it is for Luc, so I didn't use it!

    Asha wouldn't have been happy at home for too much longer, so it's definitely the right time for her to move out.

    Cissie, Asha's proven that she's a good daughter, so Kit knows she's not being abandoned. Asha will visit all the time, Zaria already does, she's got her two grandkids, and her dog. Kit will be okay.

    Luc is one of my favourites too. I'd say he's pretty much always clueless - he's a little unrealistic!

  5. Sounds like Kit has got some plans for her own self. LOL! Maybe she'll start dating again...? I love that she and Luc are getting along. Did it just change out the blue? I remember when she hated him being in the SAME ROOM with her! LOL!

    I screencap my chance cards...just so I can remember what they were about. I don't always use the scenarios; only when I can make them fit. hahaha.

  6. I loved the "other appendages" part, lol! That was a cute picture. Was that Josie or just a look alike?

    And of course Luc rolls up the want for a hot tub after using one. That is funny. Apparently it made an impression on him

  7. LOL! Luc and Asha are such an easy-going couple. It'll be interesting seeing how they handle living together!

    That's so cute about Kit and her grandkids. I love it when that happens. :D

  8. Simmington, when I entered the lot, Kit had rolled up the want to get married, so it's funny you should mention dating. I don't think I'll have her do that though.

    But yeah, she and Luc just started getting along, just like that! I think it was always going to happen - they have 3 bolts and I find three bolters usually get along pretty well even when they're not lovers.

    I'm really going to have to remember to screen cap my chance cards. I wouldn't use the scenarios all the time, just like you - when they fit!

    Lunar, ha, glad you liked it! And yep, that was Josie.

    Luc would probably have every woohoo object available, if he could. As soon as he enters a lot with a woohoo object, he rolls up the want to make use of it. The hot tub must be his favourite though!

    Mao, I love it too. A lot of my Sims don't roll specific wants for their relatives (though they drop by autonomously and interact a lot) so I always notice when they roll cute wants like Kit does.

    Luc and Asha are probably my most laid-back couple, although Luc could have ended up changing that had he got all butthurt about the rejected proposal. I don't know that he's the type to act like that for too long though.

    For now, Asha's still with her mum and Luc is still with Gordon. I'm looking for a cheapish but slightly modern house for these two. My Exeter houses are less traditional looking than the Sullivan ones and I want to keep Luc and Asha in Exeter.

  9. LOL at the Josie cameo!

    I love when sims do things like Kit does... actually act attached to their family!

    Luc is very funny, I love how you wrote this update.

  10. bbop, thanks, glad you liked it!

  11. Just had to say that Asha looks gorgeous with the new hair.

    And that's funny that you just posed the Luc looking at Josie pic at N99 and here I am reading the update.

    Slow day at work today so I should be able to read through a bunch of entries.

  12. Danielle, I know, Asha looks so much better with this hairstyle. It just seems more "her".

    When I posted the pic, I had a feeling you'd be up to around this point or maybe just past it. Heh, even if you weren't, I don't think "Luc likes looking at girls" is much of a spoiler, LOL!

    Sigh, I wish I could read Sim blogs at work. I'm surrounded by 6 year-olds at work though, lol!