Thursday, 21 January 2010

More of the new and improved primary school

First part of the tour is here.

I did a couple more rooms of the school yesterday and I feel like showing them off, so here they are.

Click to enlarge, as always!

I don't normally do floor plan shots but I had a special request for them at N99, so here they are.

The music room.

I really wish there were more playable instruments in the game. Especially for kids. They can only really use the piano, violin and synthesiser. And the microphone, but that's not an instrument.

I'm not thrilled with the music room but I think I'll just have to get some kids in there for lessons before I can decide whether or not I like it or not.

I'll say this Sandy's hobby deco at Around the Sims. This room would look very boring without it!

The pre-school room. This year, the only pre-schoolers are Oliver and Sebastian Gentry so they'll pretty much have free reign over all these toys!

A bit bare in this corner but you need a lot of space around those activity tables!

Even the little kids get some computer lessons, though they use the cheap-ass computers. Just a little bit of realism for you - at my school, the kindergarten classes are always the last to get new computers!

And my favourite section, the reading nook!

I have three more rooms to decorate now. One will be an art room and at least one of the others will be a general purpose classroom. I'm yet to decide what the third room will be used for.


  1. I'm in love! It's absolutely amazing!

    Are u going to offer this one for download? *nudge nudge*

  2. Very cute, I agree that Sandy's deco items make rooms look more alive.

  3. This is awesome, Carla! It definitely looks like a school. Your sims are lucky to have such a prestigious place of learning. ;)

  4. Your school is shaping up very well! I wish I went there!

    And your cc is very enjoyable to look at, I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into the music room (and I play the cello, so I love the attention you gave to string instruments!)

    And the nursery room is just great.

  5. Oh loved these new looks into the school. That reading nook is awesome. I wish I had something cool like that for my school when I was a kid!

    And the prescool! Awww! Love the bright colors your used too. But how in the world do you keep track of all the sims when playing the school?

  6. It was really nice to see the layout. It looks very functional.

    I can just imagine the little kids at the play tables. They do require a lot of space, though!

  7. Ooh, me likey!


  8. Thanks guys!

    Maisie, hmm, yeah, I guess I could put it up for download. It'll be stripped of CC like the last one though.

    Apple Valley, I think I have everything Sandy has ever made. She does great stuff.

    Mao, good, that's my only criteria for this place really, apart from it being playable - that it looks like a school!

    bbop, ha, the music room is probably the most haphazard one in the school. I kind of just threw whatever I could in there, which is probably why I'm not thrilled with it! The most effort I went to with the music room is combing through the catalog finding all those musical instruments!

    Lunar, it's hard to keep track of the kids, definitely! Even with the school stuff, the kids (and the teachers) will often wander off and do something else in another room. So I just leave them. As long as they're in the room I need them in when I'm taking pictures, I don't worry too much if they're wandering the rest of the time! It saves my sanity.

    Francesca, I'm hoping it's functional. I won't find out until Spring 2020, because that's when the school update is scheduled. I'm hoping I can get it done by then!

    laurelcrossing, thanks! Always nice to see a new reader!

  9. Technically, I've been reading for months now; I've just now commented. Your blog is one of my inspirations for my city blog.

  10. I love it! Especially the preschool room, it's so colorful and bright!

    I hate my elementary school now after seeing your pics LOL!

  11. Oh, you always have the best CC! Where did you get that cello? Do they play it like a cello, like with the proper animations or is it cloned from one of the other instruments?

    And the whole kids' reading room! I love the number floor puzzle, and that caterpillar tunnel toy!

    You've got me all excited to do my school update I have coming up. I'm going to have to do a little refresh :)

  12. laurelcrossing, ah, well, it's always nice to see someone delurking, anyway!

    And thank you - I'll check out your blog when I get a minute but I'm very flattered that I could inspire you in any way.

    Cissie, that's funny, because I remember seeing your primary school when you did your first school update and hating mine! LOL!

    I'm causing myself to hate my own high school too.

    Laura, the cello is sadly not playable. It's just decorative - there are a whole bunch of decorative instruments at Around the Sims and they're great just to flesh out the room. At least I can pretend my Sims can play different instruments!

    I love the pre-school room - I finished the school last night (mostly - the corridors are still empty) and the pre-school room is still my favourite. The floor puzzle is great because it's a rug, so I don't have to worry about it getting in the way of the activity tables! Both the puzzle and the caterpillar tunnel are from Simcredible.

    And now I'm excited for your school update!

  13. OMG, Simcredible! I only just looked at the site for five seconds and I'm in love! *goes off to download like crazy* ;)

  14. Laura, LOL, they have awesome stuff but I can't seem to find that actual set there any more! I hope you found it. If not, I'll double check that stuff in game today and come back and let you know where it's really from.

  15. Ohhh! I'm DROOLING over here! How wonderful!! Your decorations are so cute and so well-placed; well-thought out. I love it all!

  16. Simmington, thank you! I'm going to actually play with this school either today or tomorrow, so you'll see it in action soon!