Sunday, 31 January 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2020

Just three more months until Finn and Victoria's little accident arrives! They're both trying to stay on top of their course work while they still can - it'll just be that much harder when the baby arrives!

Back in Sullivan, Baby Lane is on the way! Eliot knows Cordy is in quite a bit of pain but he's just so excited that he can't help grinning!

Cordy barely notices - she's too busy getting acquainted with her brand new son!

Welcome to Sullivan, Timothy George Lane!

  • Timothy has Cordy's dark blue eyes and brown hair like Eliot. I hope the fact that he's already a bit of a mix is a good omen - I like it when the kids aren't just clones of one of the parents!
  • It took me longer to name Timothy than it's ever taken me to name any other baby in Sullivan. Funny how I spent so much time thinking of the perfect name and then he ends up with a common as muck name like Timothy. Everything else I'd come up with sounded totally weird with Lane!


  1. Awww, Cordy looks so happy in that first picture! Welcome Timothy!

    And wow, this baby really seems to be coming fast for Victoria and Finn.

    Naming babies has been hard for me lately too. I like simple names though, and it seems to suit some couples even, especially very traditional or conservative parents.

  2. Yeah a little boy! Timothy Lane sounds great!! Eliot is too cute in the corner all smiley!

  3. I've been away from the game/blogs for awhile now...burned out and trying to get my 'fire' back. So I've got some catching up to do with Sullivan...but I WAS NOT READY for this!

    My jaw just dropped to the floor!!
    Reading that Finn and Victoria are EXPECTING. LOL!! OMG!

  4. LOL! I can't believe he survived grinning like that! I think I might have socked him :P

  5. Eliot's smile in the birth picture is just too darling. It figures that he'd be smiling even as poor Cordy is in pain!

    Welcome Timothy! I know it's a plain name, but I like it.

  6. Victoria looks so cute with her baby bump! I can't wait to see what their kid looks like.

    Eliot's grin in the first pic is priceless. He's lucky that Cordy was too busy giving birth so she didn't notice LOL

    I like the name Timothy. It's a good solid name and goes well together with Lane. Little Timmy Lane, awww!

  7. Why don't you try using a random names ROS. I couldn't tell where I got it (probaby at MATY), but it helps. It gives 8 last names and 8 each female and male first names. If you cannot find it, I can email the file.

  8. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Laura, see, under the old aging system where I just played everyone for 5 days with aging on, Victoria would have already had her baby so this pregnancy is technically going slower than that. But it still feels really fast to me too!

    I'm a name nerd and I tend to gravitate towards slightly unusual names, though there are a lot of very common names that I like too. Usually, I have an idea of what sorts of names the parents might like and I plug those into Nymbler and get some other ideas for names in that vein. But for Cordy and Eliot, I had no clue of what their style might be! So I guess by default, it's now traditional!

    Maisie, I was glad to get a boy! The last baby was a girl, and I like to have some balance. :D

    Simmington, LOL! I imagine it would have been quite the shock, seeing that Victoria's belly would have been the first thing you saw when you opened this post! But yes, Victoria and Finn were the victims of birth control failure!

    I was pretty shocked myself when I heard that lullaby, let me tell you!

    Apple, ha, I was thinking the same thing. Cordy was probably just too preoccupied with the whole giving birth thing to notice what her husband was doing!

    Lunar, yeah, I'm guessing Eliot felt some sympathy for Cordy but he knows she has to go through all that so he can get his baby, so I guess he was choosing to focus on the positive!

    I like the name Timothy too, though I did find it funny that I thought about it for so long and then ended up with something so common! The other names I was considering didn't really work.

    Cissie, Victoria is such a cute pregnant Sim, I know!

    Ha, I would say this Timothy might end up as a Timmy at some point! Timmy Lane sounds so wholesome, LOL!

    Laurel, thanks for the offer but I actually use Nymbler, which I guess is kind of like a ready-made, online names ROS! You type in up to six names as inspiration and then it comes up with several different names that could be considered similar to those names. I like my sibling names to seem like they might have been chosen by the same parents, even if I'm the only one who might notice, so Nymbler works very well for me.

    Normally. When I named Timothy, I must have clicked "More names" at least 10 times, desperate to see a name and have it "click"! I normally see something on the first page of results but geez...this was a hard one!

  9. I heart Nymbler! I used it while pregnant for a real life baby, and LOVED it. And naturally I used it for my sims. I actually have the book The Baby Name Wizard which is the same type of essence, it has names, and then probably brother/sister names.

    I use that mostly now cause it's on my desk, but I still pop onto Nymbler if I'm having trouble finding the perfect fit.

    The baby Name book fanatic)

    I bought my first baby name book when I was eleven, my allowed me only cause I said it was for "characters" in my stories. LOL. LONG before sims were invented.

  10. Maisie, I have the Baby Name Wizard too! I wouldn't call myself a baby name book fanatic, because mine need to be super-accurate (the majority aren't) so I'm very picky. So I have that one and I have the Oxford Dictionary of First Names.

    It all started when I found this very old Reader's Digest book of my grandfather's when I was 9, that had a section on names. I dragged it out every time we visited and finally, he just let me have it! LOL.

  11. Yay, I am caught up on your blog, girly! Took me two days or maybe three, I'm not sure. LOL

    Happy birth day little one. I'm so happy for them! It takes me a while to name my babies. I have to search baby names until I find the right one.

  12. Riverdale, ha, you've got a couple more entries to go, actually! I'm pretty impressed with your speed though - you've powered through!

    I'm usually pretty fast with baby names but I was being super-picky this time! LOL!