Saturday, 9 December 2006

Tim Lane

Name: Timothy George "Tim" Lane
Age: 26 years old
Personality: 10-1-8-10-2
Traits: Perfectionist, Pensive, Energetic, Good Sense of Humour, Arrogant, Hard Worker, Stubborn, Athletic, Family-Oriented, Health Nut
Parents: Eliot and Cordy Lane
Siblings: Simon Lane, Matthew Lane, Charlotte Lane
Romantic History: None
Partner: Marius Stern (dating)
Children: None
Education: College graduate (Biology major); Doctor of Medicine (post-graduate)
Job: Resident (Medicine)
Previous Employment: Fast Food Shift Manager (Culinary); Legal Secretary (Law)
Businesses Owned: None
Aspiration: Fortune/Knowledge
Lifetime want: Get 1 Pet to the Top Career Level
Hobby: Fitness

Character mosaic:

name: Tim
favourite food: spaghetti bolognaise
favourite colour: brown
favourite pastime: fitness
favourite weather/time of day: not important, as long as it's warm and dry enough to jog
favourite drink: strong coffee
currently reading: anatomy textbooks
career: pre-med student
if he had one wish: to be less shy
greatest fear: flunking out of uni
thing he loves most in the world: Marius
one word to describe him: Perfectionist

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