Saturday, 9 January 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2019

No babies or birthdays this time - just an update on some soon-to-be-born Sullivan residents!

First up, Jairus and Vanessa Gentry, two of my playable NPCs, are expecting! Vanessa isn't due until Autumn 2020 but she's already looking quite large. Perhaps this is because she's expecting her second set of TWINS!

Zaria Royce and Max Nihill's second child is also due in Autumn 2020. Fortunately for Max and Zaria, their ultrasound revealed they are definitely only having one!

  • Holy shit, I'm kind of glad Vanessa and Jairus aren't real playables because it means I can just speed through them until all the kids are school age! Their sons Oliver and Sebastian will turn 4 before the babies are born though, so it won't be quite so bad as I'm making it sound.
  • Both families will be moving, I think. Vanessa and Jairus out of necessity (they're in a very tiny unit and are cramped as it is) and Max and Zaria because I don't see why a family as rich as they are wouldn't give their kids their own room. You won't see Vanessa and Jairus's place, unless I need to one day shoot something there for another family's update but you'll obviously see Max and Zaria's place quite a lot. They will, of course, take Caterina with them. :)


  1. Nice for Zaria to get pregnant at the end of a season, means she has less time in that awful first trimester!

    Yikes on Vanessa's second set of twins! I imagine at least one of them will work their way into a playable sim's life.

    How many playable npc's do you have in your game?

  2. Vanessa's maternity outfit is adorable! Where do you find all these clothes??? :)

    LOL, no, I wouldn't want to play two sets of twins either! Though I actually have two sets of twins between two different families coming up in my hood!

  3. Maisie, for Zaria, it meant that but I often play the pregnant through the whole day until they "bump", so not all my girls are so lucky!

    With four kids, I doubt they'll all manage to stay out of my playables' lives!

    I have 18 playable NPCs, if we include the currently gestating.

    Laura, honestly, most of my clothes come from either All About Style, MTS2 or TSR. I'm too lazy to look elsewhere and it keeps my downloading down if I don't (that's total BS, by the way, but it makes me feel in control of my addiction). Vanessa's outfit is from the maternity section at All About Style. I haven't used that one since Collette was pregnant with Owen!

    I've played families with two sets of twins before and it's hectic, even when the elder ones become kids. The Morettis (Filippo and Maria) had two sets of twins, plus Emil.

    I'm excited about two sets of LH twins! I love getting twins.