Thursday, 14 January 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2020

Yay, it's birthday time! And it's Summer birthdays, which are always the best because they're the biggest! I've been so excited to get to these this year, so let's get started!

In about 6 months time, Amelia Gottlieb will have another one of these...

...or maybe one of these! Seeing ultrasounds can't determine gender in Sullivan, we'll have to wait until Winter 2020 to find out!

Zaria Royce's baby is due a little sooner than that and she's keeping extra fit to prepare! Baby Royce-Nihill will make his or her entrance into the world in Autumn 2020!

Autumn 2020 will also see the arrival of Jairus and Vanessa Gentry's (two of my playable NPCs) second set of twins!

Jairus and Vanessa's first set of twins, thankfully, have just turned 4!

Here's Oliver, who's into Sports...

...and here's Sebastian, who likes Music & Dance.

Debbie Lane is now 60... is her ex-wife, Linnea Lane...

...and Linnea's twin sister, Governor Athena Gottlieb.

Kit Royce has also joined the Grey Hair Brigade this summer.

And it is now officially one year since Mitchell Carmody came into the world!

I'm pretty sure he has his mother Abigail's nose (it's definitely not Jesse's) but that's about it. Everything else is pure Carmody. There aren't any toddler pics of Jesse but look at this one of Betsy.

There are definite similarities there!

And finally, there are three new students at Suffolk University this year!

Maia Novak managed to just scrape into university and is living in Novak Hall.

Patience Draper, Maia's rival for the affections of Jacob Weaver (neither of them know about their other rival, Claudia, yet), has been assigned the room right next to Maia's.

And Josie Benton, Patience's best friend, will be living just around the corner.

Random pics:

Josie is totally unimpressed!

I love how she's relaxing on the bed and is absolutely furious about it. Just because she's Josie, I suppose but she made these faces a lot in the very short time I was on their lot.

  • I think Zaria looks super-adorable pregnant! I've never had a Sim do pregnant aerobics before. I usually let my pregnant Sims be lazy but Zaria's fitness enthusiasm has been waning, so I let her work out a bit!
  • I never noticed before but Sophie and Noah have the exact same personality! I've never had that happen with non-clone siblings before (unless I'm just spectacularly unobservant, which is possible).
  • When I made Jesse, I used Joseph as a base but changed him a little, so I'm kind of surprised Mitchell still came out looking so much like Betsy and Anna! I actually aged him up so I could decide whether to do surgery or not. It's not necessary though, as I suspected. I was a little surprised by what he looked like but his face smooths out, like it did with Betsy and Anna. I'm going to add freckles to him eventually - a one year-old probably shouldn't be as freckled as Jesse is, so I'll wait on it a bit!
  • Argh, do you know how excited I was to move Josie, Patience and Maia to college? SO excited! I really can't wait to see what happens and I'm already excited to move Nick, Aaron, Calvin and Troy to college next year. I should probably stop getting ahead of myself, huh? ;)
  • I don't know if everyone else gets these wants too but usually when I move Sims who aren't friends into a dorm together, they'll roll up the want to be friends. This didn't happen with any of these girls, which seems very apt! Although while I was having Josie buy all their clothes, Patience and Maia had started a game of rock, paper, scissors outside and were getting along famously. Patience is pretty nice (7 points), so perhaps she's over all that high school stuff. I guess we'll see!


  1. All the pregnant ladies look adorable, and all your elder ladies are rocking that gray hair! They look amazing!

    Awww, Patience (my favorite, lol!) grew up so pretty! I think Maia (also pretty) looks just like her sister! And Josie is hilarious!

    And lol, It's okay, I get ahead of myself ALL the time! :)

  2. Look at Josie! I haven't had a sim so upset about relaxing on a bed! What a bunch of pretty college girls, I bet their going to tear it up.

    Oh Mitchell! I can't wait to see what he looks like as he grows, the Carmody girls are some of my favorites for their unique/pretty faces.

    Gorgeous ladies there with Zaria exercising with her belly bump, and Athena and company. They all have aged so well.

  3. Look at all the college girls! I think the three of them are all very pretty sims. I love Patience's new hair! Adorable.

    And that is fitting that they didn't roll wants to be friends. Haha, it's like they know.

  4. Thank you for the updates. I have my pictures ready to go, but haven't had time to make updates. I've been playing less and less due to higher work demand on my time, but I always appreciate coming to your blog for updates.

  5. The moment I saw Mitchell's picture I thought one of the Carmody girls had a baby! He really looks a lot like Betsy and Anna.

    The Gentry twins look adorable! Can't wait to see these little rascals at school :)

  6. Zaria looks so cute exercising with her pregnant belly! :) I can't wait to see what Josie, Maia, and Patience get into while in college. And just wait until Maia and Patience find out about Claudia, LOL! This should be an interesting few years! ;)

  7. Laura, I'm super-happy with my elders this time round! I think Kit's adorable, especially.

    All three of my college girls are gorgeous. Maia definitely looks a lot like Lia, though there's a small difference between them that I can't put my finger on.

    Good to know I'm not the only one getting ahead of myself. I have planned out poor Nick Moretti's life (roughly and it's subject to change, of course) until he's about 25.

    Maisie, I think they definitely will, for sure!

    Mitchell turns out pretty cute - a lot like Jesse but a different nose.

    Lunar, Patience is really easy to make over because she suits pretty much everything but I decided I'd stick with the short hair. Maia is the hardest to make over (this is why I know there's a small difference between her and Lia, because Lia is quite easy to do) but I'm really happy with her now.

    I love it when the game behaves and does what I want it to! I really was expecting them to roll a want to become friends.

    T. Irwin, thank you for reading and commenting! I really enjoy updating and I'm just glad other people enjoy reading it. :)

    Cissie, it's a striking similarity, isn't it? Mitchell's a definite Carmody!

    Tatiana and the other teachers will have Oliver and Sebastian at school this round (hopefully in the new building but we'll see if I get it done!)

    Shana, I think I've sped Zaria through both her pregnancies, so I never realised how cute she looked!

    The drama has already started at Josie's dorm, in the literal three minutes I was there taking some pics for today's Benton update. This will definitely be interesting!