Monday, 30 November 2009


Round 23: Autumn 2017

Ben and Caterina Nihill are both 62, Max is 30, Zaria Royce is 29, Josh Royce-Nihill is 3.
(Kit is 57, Steve is 22, Olivia is 20)
Narrated by Caterina Nihill

I'm going to miss Josh when he starts pre-school next year. I know it'll only be for half a day but when I'm not working, I really cherish spending time with him.

I know Max and Zaria are finding parenthood a lot easier now that Josh is a little older.

Kids are so much more fun once they get to 2 or 3, and can actually communicate with you.

It's so much easier to do things as a couple once the kids are a little older too.

They grow up so fast though. Our youngest, Olivia, came by with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. I still can't believe she's 20 and out on her own! She brought a quilt she'd sewn herself for Josh's room - it's a little girly but he's too young to care right now.

He absolutely loves the teddy bear Olivia made him though.

I've never understood the sewing thing but I've always been impressed with the things she's made. I even kept the potholder she made as her first project when she was 14. She's so embarrassed that I still have it hanging up!

Speaking of Olivia, Ben and I made plans to meet up with her and Steve for lunch. Ben ended up staying home, as he was a little under the weather, so I went on my own.

I already told Olivia how much I liked Steve but I left out the part about how I probably would have grabbed him for myself if I wasn't married!

I'd never be so horrible as to steal my own daughter's boyfriend, of course but let's just say I can definitely see what Olivia sees in him.

They're both just off in their own world so much of the time though.

In between all the flirting, I did manage to get to know Steve a little bit more. It seems like Olivia is getting quite serious about him, seeing she brought him around to meet us. He lives in Sullivan and I'm hoping that sways Olivia towards moving back here when she graduates, rather than moving to Exeter. I'd love to have both my kids close to home again.

When I got home, Ben had taken a turn for the worst. He was still in his pyjamas and his cough sounded awful.

Max had the day off from work and was home with his dad and he seems to have come down with whatever Ben had. I've read that the flu season will be particularly long and severe this year but I was hoping my family would escape it.

Zaria and I are okay so far - all we have to do is sit around worrying about the boys. Josh is fine too, thank goodness! I have nightmares about something happening to Josh!

We're keeping Max and Ben away from Josh, just to be safe so Zaria and I are doing any Josh-related chores right now.

Zaria's mother Kit came over to visit Josh and she's helped us out a bit too. She's been through a lot with Zaria's dad's death but I think she's finally getting back on her feet.

When I woke up the next morning, Zaria was attempting to eat leftovers for breakfast and really didn't look too well. She was ready to go off to work but I ordered her back to bed.

I meant for rest but I don't think that's what she was doing in there, if I heard what I think I heard when I walked past their bedroom door a little while later.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I succumbed too - I woke up feeling horrible the day after that.

By that time, everyone else was feeling a lot better. Max was even ready to head back to work.

I decided to wait out my flu by sleeping all day and soaking in the hot tub all night. It seemed to work! I think I got over it much faster than Max, Zaria or Ben did!
When I was finally well enough to rejoin the real world, Kit was visiting again. Zaria had invited her over to celebrate her new job. She's finally scored a politics internship. It's all she's wanted for as long as she's lived with us and now it's finally happening for her.

Random pics:

I just could not keep Josh out of Max and Zaria's room - he was always running after his mummy. I was a little worried about him getting sick, though I've never had a toddler get sick and I don't think they can, but I'm always a bit concerned! Especially with FOUR SICK ADULTS in the house!

I never saw this kiss until Finn and Victoria did it at school and now my Sims are doing it all over the shop. It looks way better than the regular Tender Kiss to me. I like that Zaria's hand is on Max's face - it just looks more intimate to me. Zaria's height is bumped up to Max's here, just so their lips would meet - she's usually only 0.96 to his 1.03.

  • Title is from the Foo Fighters song of the same name (which just happens to be the best Foo Fighters song ever).
  • So everyone survived the first run-in this round with the flu epidemic, which was an ROS. Unfortunately 8 Sims are still to be infected - Max and Ben were the ones I rolled to get sick. Caterina and Zaria were just unlucky (or lucky, I guess). Fingers crossed everyone else gets through it too!
  • I had Caterina go out with Olivia and Steve because she had the want to be friends with Steve. Before she'd even got that far, she rolled the want to flirt with him. This is very unusual for Caterina, as she's never strayed from Ben since they got married (she had a brief flirtation with Charlton, pre-marriage) and never rolls the want to flirt with anyone except Ben. So Steve's made quite the impression on her!
  • LOL, flu-infected sex! If it was going to be anyone, it would be a couple like Max and Zaria. I think Ben and Caterina had a go too, which is probably how Caterina ended up getting sick in the first place (Zaria got sick before).
  • The hot tub is an awesome way to cure sick Sims. They'll stay in there much longer than they'll lie on the bed or on the couch. I like to imagine the steam does them good, though it's obviously just the fact that their comfort is being kept up that helps them in the game. So if your Sims have the space and/or cash for a hot tub when they get sick, I definitely recommend giving it a try!


  1. Awww, yay for more kissing pics! The only shot I was able to catch in my game (and actually the first time I ever saw it) happened to be one of Justin and Keri just before Keri left for war. *sighs* I'm saving it for my end of year extras, but you can take a peek if you want ;)

    Wow, four sickies in one house! I'm glad nobody had it very badly yet, and I hope it doesn't get worse! And LOL, I like Zaria's idea of resting - what else are you gonna do in bed for all that time? :)

    I never thought of sending a sick Sim to the hot tub, but yes, that is a good idea!

    OMG, I love, love, love that song! Totally the best Foo Fighters song ever!

  2. Oh, no! Flu epidemic--this is where I would panic, because I have that hack and I am completely incapable of making my sims get well, apparently.

    I have never seen this kiss and I've been playing since release day. That's nuts. I wonder if its a recent addition somewhere? Or the new ACR? I'll have to keep an eye out, but I use old ACR.

    I love Zaria and Max, LOL!

  3. I'm glad this household has made it through the flu epidemic okay! Poor Zaria and Caterina catching it from the guys!

    I've never seen that kiss! Does it come from a certain expansion or stuff pack or the new ACR?

    I've never thought of using the hot tub for sick Sims!

  4. Ugh i was so nervous when I saw the flu was here! I'm glad u kept them all alive!

    Good to know on the hot tub! I never use that thing but really should.

    I wondered if the kiss was the new acr too? I read that there are new additions.

  5. Everyone, RE: the kiss. In the last high school post, Cissie from Wellington left a comment and said you can recreate it by choosing "Casual.../Tender Kiss" with ACR 2. It hasn't worked for me though - I just get the normal tender kiss. I wonder if there's an update I need or something. I hadn't thought of that.

    Laura, oh, gorgeous! Love that picture.

    I have my fingers crossed I'm able to keep everyone alive through this epidemic. But I already don't like this ROS, LOL!

    I think rampant horniness may be a Nihill trait. Ben and Caterina were like that in college and still are to some extent, Max and Zaria are definitely very active and we all know what Olivia is like!

    Dave Grohl apparently wrote Everlong for Louise Post from Veruca Salt. Then he left her for Winona Ryder. It's still an awesome song though.

    Mao, well, I haven't banned myself from using the quick fixes for the flu (soup and orange juice). None of the Royce-Nihills can make comfort soup though and they didn't have any oranges, so they had to do it the old school way - bed rest and a good diet! I hope I don't lose anyone!

    Shana, before playing, I was pretty sure I'd be able to have Caterina and Zaria avoid catching it but within a couple of days, they had it too! Just like real life, I guess!

    Maisie, me too! The next household I play also has two Sims scheduled to be hit by the flu and I'm dreading it!

    I don't really use the hot tub much either - most of my lots that have hot tubs came that way - but I'm glad I tried it out with Caterina. It works really well!

  6. Oh, thanks for the tip about the hot tub! Now that's one I never would have thought of.

    Glad everyone made it out okay in this household. I suppose since it's an epidemic, other housholds are going to be dealing with it. Oh dear.

    LOL at the whole Steve thing. Well, he is a cutie. Adorable that Oliva's mom pretty much approves.

  7. Lunar, yeah, there are 6 more households to be hit by the flu! I really love some of the Sims scheduled to get it, so I'm hoping everything works out for them too!

    Yeah, you could say Caterina "approves" of Steve. I added him to her friend zone because I think she might approve a little too much. LOL.

  8. Question.

    I'm doing the height changes right now, using Laura's chart and instructions.

    My question is this... in Sim Pe, after I commit/save my sim, how do I get to the next sim? lol. I'm such a noob (since it didn't work with my previous hood), and can't figure it out without going all the way back through my neighborhood selection screen. Which isn't too horrible, but I thought there might be a better way.

  9. Maisie, this is where the SimPE is a huge pain in the ass. Once you open up a Sim like that, the hood is no longer loaded. So you need to go to the neighbourhood browser again, reload it, go to Sim Description, etc., just like you did for the first Sim. And you have to do it for every single bloody Sim! I think it was at Riverdale's blog where I was just bitching about it the other day. LOL. It can be very tedious.