Friday, 20 November 2009

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2017

It's a new round, which means it's birthday time! We have no babies to be born this summer but we do have 7 Sims aging up!

Lake Draper has turned into a rather handsome 60 year-old! And hey, he has kind of a beard going on! He supposedly had it as an adult too but I must have added it when he was much younger and forgotten about it - it's hard to see blonde stubble on Lake's skin tone.

Jace Novak has also left his 50s behind. He seems to have left most of his hair behind with them. ;)

Turning 4 this year, we have Camilla Sitko...

...and of course her twin sister, Lila. They look even more alike as children than they did as toddlers. From what I can tell, they're all David in the top half of their face and Kirstin in the bottom half.

Connor Novak was already two years old when he was adopted, so his fourth birthday seems to have arrived extra fast.

Sophie Gottlieb is our last four-year-old. 10 playful and 10 outgoing - we'll see what sort of shenanigans she gets up to, starting pre-school this year!

And finally, one 12-year-old - Sarah Carmody! Sarah is a Family Sim and aspires to be a City Planner one day.

  • Sophie's forehead seems to have disappeared! I think I might try a couple of different hairstyles on her.
  • Jace lost his hair because the elder version of his style looked way too blonde for a 60 year-old. Let's just pretend the idea of his daughter dating Jacob Weaver was a little too stressful for him!
  • I'm glad I didn't do surgery on Sarah because I'm kind of pleased with how she turned out. She's not beautiful but she's interesting looking. And I already like her because she rolled an LTW I don't think I've ever done before.


  1. Aww Poor Jace, his birthday didn't seem to agree with him. Lake is looking mighty fine! I can't believe he's an elder! Wow.

    I really like Sarah's looks. I can't believe you haven't had the City planner LTW before with the amount of sims you have! I've gotten it many times.

    Connor is a cutie. And Sophie does have a small forehead, which is better than a giant one. ;)

    As for the twins, seriously, I don't see a difference.... Maybe the cheeks??? What am I missing here? They totally look identical to my naked eye.

  2. Poor Jace, LOL! I agree, Lake is a very good looking elder!

    Wow, Lila and Camilla look identical! I've never had twins look that much alike.

    I haven't had the City Planner LTW either and I've been waiting for one of my Sims to get it. I seem to get lots of Captain Heroes, but no one wants to be City Planner, LOL.

  3. Maisie, I think Lake might be the most handsome elder I've ever had. The grey hair really suits him!

    I should do a tally of my most popular LTWs. I've had Rock God a lot, as well as Celebrity Chef. Never City Planner, though I did have two Sims way back at the beginning of Sullivan who became City Planners.

    I don't know if there is a different between Camilla and Lila, actually. Well, Camilla has blue eyes like both parents and Lila has brown (which I didn't think was possible with blue-eyed parents). Other than that, I think they're as close to identical as you can get in game.

    Shana, I don't think I've had twins look as alike as Camilla and Lila either. Calvin and Troy do, but I did surgery on them and they didn't look as alike before.

    The game seems to like to roll the same LTWs over and over again. I definitely have my fair share of Captain Hero wannabes too, one of which is Olivia Nihill. She's so not cut out to be a cop!

  4. Aww, their gap teeth are so cute!

  5. Yes, those are my defaults at work! The gap just looks extra cute on some kids, for some reason.