Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Wishful thinking

Round 22: Autumn 2016

Narrated by Asha Royce

Since Dad died, Mum and I have been surviving on my paycheck alone. My job doesn't pay that well but Mum hasn't been able to face going into work.

If she's having a good day, she'll go out and exercise once I leave for work.

If it's a bad day for her, it's progress if she even eats. Mum has been living off those sports drinks on some days.

Zaria comes over a lot, with Joshua, just to check on us both. Mum loves seeing Josh, although he gets her talking about Dad so she can get a bit weepy when he's here.

If I stop and think about it, I get upset too. Dad loved Josh so much and Josh will never know him now.

When Dad died, I was in the middle of making plans to get my own place but when Mum fell apart, I just couldn't leave her on her own. I think I made the right decision but it gets depressing sometimes when I heard about the lives my friends are leading - going to college, travelling the world and all that kind of stuff young people are supposed to do.

Mum's grown more sentimental of late. She's always looking at me and telling me what a cute kid I was or how she's still so proud of the good grades I got at school.

When she's not doing that, she's arguing with me about Luc.

I introduced Luc to my family about a year ago and Mum really doesn't like him. She doesn't think he's good enough for me. She wants me to find someone else.

We have had plenty of arguments on this topic, believe me!

Mum says I get so much attention from guys that it's silly to confine myself to Luc already.

Mum's been setting me up with all these different guys she knows who she thinks would be a better match for me than Luc. They've been the most awful dates and I only really go to placate Mum.

I'm pretty sure that guy was gay anyway.

The second guy Mum set me up with was okay and we had a decent conversation at least.

Every time we saw a kid though, he kept talking about how he wanted to get married and have kids.
I'm only 19 and definitely not ready for any of that right now! I ate my meal pretty fast and got out of there as soon as I could.

Then there was the guy that took me bowling.

I have to admit, that was kind of fun because he went on and on about how great he was at it and then I won.

I also went on a date with a masseuse. He wore his uniform which was weird. We didn't really have much in common.

Definitely needed a drink that night!

The last one was the worst. When he walked into the coffee shop, I didn't even pay any attention to him because I was thinking, "there's no way Mum has set me up with a guy old enough to be my grandfather".
But yes, she had! He was too old for her, let alone me! I didn't invite him to sit down but that didn't stop him. He just stood at my table and talked down at me.

I really don't know what Mum was thinking. I made up my mind then that it was the last time I'd let Mum try to set me up.

She's insisting I didn't give any of the guys a chance but it was so clear they were incompatible with me from the start that giving them any more of a chance would have been a waste of time - mine and theirs.

Mum is finally working again though, so maybe she won't have the time to try to fix me up any more. Fingers crossed!

There's not really any point anyway. I only want to be with Luc, no matter how many guys Mum introduces me to.

Luc is still having trouble with the idea of being just with me though and I know he's still seeing other girls. That's our only issue, really. Without that, we'd be perfect. It's just a shame it's such a big issue.

Luc keeps telling me I should see some other guys, like he sees other girls. I don't want to do that though. I've never wanted to be with other guys, except in a sort of abstract, fantasy kind of way.

It drives me crazy to see Luc with other girls. I just feel better when he's alone with me. Maybe this is just something he needs to get out of his system but I just hope I don't have to wait for too long.

Random pic:
Kit actually thinks Luc is quite the dish - three bolts! ;) I find a lot of my guys have good chemistry with their mothers-in-law. Luc's turn-ons are blonde hair and make-up, which Kit and Asha both have and Popularity usually matches up pretty well with Romance, chemistry-wise. Kit and Luc really do not get along though - their conversations end in Cordy and Linnea style arguments.

  • The title is from the Wilco song Wishful Thinking.
  • As you may or may not have figured out from this update, Asha was the Sim who rolled the Blind date rampage x 5 ROS this round. Over the course of this round, I've gone from loving this ROS to cursing it. I almost had Asha become a bit self-destructive and start sleeping around a lot but I don't really see her as that type, despite being Romance. So I went with Kit setting her daughter up on dates as a method of distraction (Kit has the want for a grandchild, so I figured she'd like Asha to find someone stable) and Asha going along with it to please her mother.
  • In game, the dates were all made via the matchmaker, paying a very small amount of money so of course, they were all terrible. 3 had negative chemistry, one was gay and one had 1 bolt with Asha. She actually had 6 dates, because the matchmaker had Aaron Novak dropping from the sky too, which I didn't show. Not only is Aaron 13, he is also gay. So yeah, you definitely get what you pay for with those dates. I was surprised she got a one-bolter actually - the one-bolter was dark redhead in the grey sweater/jumper.
  • Luc is still rolling lots of multiple make-out/woohoo wants but rolled some specific wants for Asha this round, which is an improvement. Asha is still all about Luc. She's rolled a multiple makeout want but never a multiple woohoo want, which is a first for me for Romance Sims. She's just crazy about Luc, this girl!
  • Oh, and Kit seriously wasn't eating properly this round. She has 10 cooking points and she was cooking just utter crap for herself, when she ate at all. She goes for the juice more often than not and she waits until she's really hungry. It was very much like she was actually depressed!


  1. Awww... Poor Asha. It's sad to see her and Luc together, but not together. They're a good couple, but I can totally see him as the type who wouldn't want to settle.

    The wants are interesting! She's such a cute romance sim-- she loves the one she's with passionately I suppose.

  2. It's hard to see Asha settling for a guy that's not ready to settle down, but with the Sims you never know what they're going to do! Luc may just turn around and have only wants for Asha! LOL! Asha is a gorgeous girl.

    I feel so bad for Kit. Her husband was quite a handsome guy. I know she must miss him something awful! The whole family does. His death is so sad and tragic.

  3. Yikes, it's horrible when your mother doesn't approve of your boyfriend.......especially if you LIVE with her! Poor Asha! And Luc doesn't make it any better by seeing all of these other girls....doesn't matter if she is his favorite! I hope it works out for these two!

  4. OMG, those dates! That was quite amusing. It seems Luc is the only guy for her, but I hope he doesn't end up breaking her heart :( I can see why Kit has reservations about him.

    And awww, poor Kit :(

  5. I hope Luc and Asha work things out, I really like them together!

    I loved the dates, a girl has got to keep her options open!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Lunar, yeah, I guess if we were looking at it in TS3 terms, Asha is more of a hopeless romantic than someone with commitment issues (that'd be Luc, at least right now). Even when she was a teen, when she couldn't roll romantic wants for Luc, her wants panel was still filled with Luc wants. She's wanted Luc since she was 15.

    Simmington, I hope Luc comes to see what he has in Asha. She is and she's a total sweetheart as well.

    I was very sad to have to kill Leo off, especially after I saw how distraught Kit was. But I think she'll get through it - her daughters are both very concerned and are watching out for her.

    Mizzgin, yes, Asha would be getting nagged about Luc all the time. The picture of Kit and Luc was taken "the morning after" and Kit was not pleased to discover Luc standing in her kitchen. I think if he'd settle down with Asha, Kit might get used to him. After all, she wants a grandchild and Asha just isn't interested in any other guys.

    Laura, ha, yeah, the dates! Yikes! She got negative points just from greeting some of those Sims, which I'm still not clear on! They really didn't like each other.

    Being Romance, Luc and Asha both have 3 bolts with a lot of Sims (though none of my Sims beat out your Bella with her eleventy billion rows of 3 bolt matches or however many that was!) but they are each other's "one". Their chemistry is very, very high and they're not likely to meet anyone they like better. Asha knows it but Luc hasn't realise it yet.

    Tanja, me too! They're one of my favourite couples.

    And yeah, a girl does have to keep her options open, even if they're terrible, terrible options, apparently! LOL.

  7. I'm a little concerned for Kit... I get not approving of a daughter's boyfriend, but really, setting up the date with a man with gray hair, and older than her??

    Maybe she's taking over the "Dad role" of protecting her daughter to the extreme.

    Loved all the dates though, super funny.

  8. Ha, yes, I don't know if Kit is thinking clearly. He wasn't even a handsome old man! And he was unemployed!