Sunday, 15 November 2009

Passenger side

Round 22: Winter 2016
Jace Novak is 59, Magdalena is 52, Maia is 14 and Tessa is 7.
(Lia is 19, Aaron is 13)
Narrated by Magdalena Novak

You can probably blame it on my friend Araminta but I've been thinking about babies lately. Both Jace and I have. It'd be nice to have another little one but we're definitely done. We realised the other day that it's only since Tessa has been at school that we've been able to lie in in the mornings and we really don't want to give that up! It's a good way to start the weekend!

I'm working as a chef now. It was a big pay cut but it's something I really enjoy. Now I get to cook all day at work and then when I come home, I cook some more. It probably sounds like a chore to most people but I love it.

Rosa Lucida is at Level 8 now, which means a bigger tax break for us next year. Jace is a master salesman. (How cute is Susannah? Love her!)

I still can't believe anyone buys those big ugly phallic things though. Neither can Jace.

Tessa is in Grade 2 this year and is doing so well at school - straight As again this year! We're very proud and she's proud of herself too.

Maia isn't doing so well. Her grades have actually got even worse - she's getting Ds now. Jace came home early from work the other day and found her up in our bedroom painting, instead of at school where she was supposed to be. It's no wonder her grades are slipping.

Jace is too easy on her though. I would have been furious if I'd found her but all Jace said was "Shouldn't you be at school?" Of course she should have been at school! She's a smart girl and she could succeed if she wanted to. Being lenient with her won't do her any favours.

Maia just doesn't seem to have much common sense. Don't do your homework and your grades will slip. Try to pet a skunk and you'll probably be sprayed.

So Jace is too easy on her but she doesn't listen to me at all. I've tried talking to her about her grades but Maia doesn't seem to care. When Lia was getting ready to go to college, Maia was very interested in the idea and I thought that might inspire her to start studying more. She has no career aspirations at all.

Jace and I have discussed it and we're at a loss on what to say to her. I'm hoping the threat of losing her after school job will make her shape up - she'll have a lot less spending money without that and her guidance counsellor at school is already threatening to call her boss.

Maia used to flirt like crazy with Aaron but I don't see so much of that lately. I asked her about it and she said she doesn't like him like that any more.

She still looks at him the same way so I think there might be something else there but Maia's not saying.
Anyway, Maia and Aaron have launched some kind of bug hunting project. Yet another thing to keep her away from her homework.

Lia is going to visit this week and I'm hoping she can fix that robot she made for Maia (which now gets a lot of usage from Tessa) once and for all. It's throwing sparks and jumping all over the place.

Jace has banged on it a bit but he's not exactly a master mechanic.

That was made clear when Lia arrived on Friday night to to see her father almost electrocuted while trying to fix the trash compactor! He was okay, thank goodness! I didn't know about it until later. I'd brought home a co-worker, so I was entertaining her and trying to speak on the phone at the same time.

While I was on the phone, I heard some kind of argument going on between Lia and Jamie. I had no idea what it was about but I really had to try to wrap up the phone call, before World War 3 broke out in our living room.

I knew it must have been something serious because I don't think I've ever seen Lia so angry. I don't know if I've ever seen her angry at all. Lia is usually very even-tempered and non-confrontational.

I rushed Jamie out the door and sat down with Lia to find out what had happened.

Lia had already told me over the phone that she'd broken up with Gordon and that she'd caught him with another girl. Well, apparently, the girl was Jamie and it really upset Lia to see Jamie in her own home.
The poor kid. I wish I'd known. I certainly wouldn't have invited Jamie over for a coffee after work, that's for sure.

  • I've lost count of how many homework assignments Maia has piled up on her desk - she's down to a D- now! Her want to go to college has rolled away, so apparently, she's given up too! How bad does it have to get before she gets an F though? She went to school with a D- and came back home with the same grade, without doing any homework.
  • Jamie works at Dragonfly with Cara while Magdalena works at The Greasy Spoon (Julian's diner) but the game considers all Sim-owned businesses as the one workplace, so employees can bring home employees from any other business. Which is a bit dumb but whatever. It gave me some drama, so I won't complain.
  • This bug thing is going to take forever. I believe Maia has found a grand total of 7 and Aaron's got about 8. I hope one of them can complete it and I really hope I'm not wrong about this supposed surprise. That's going to be an anti-climax if I get all 30 and then don't get my surprise!
  • I'm curious to see how this family goes with the taxes next year. Maia is almost definitely not going to college and they've paid off Lia's tuition already so that's a load off. Last time I didn't do the married couple credit but I'm going to next year so that will change things too. I'm so geekily excited to do taxes.
  • Tonight I had a look at my Sims and drew up a fairly long shortlist for governor. This time I'm going to just select one but if I feel like it in four years, I might do a little poll and let you all vote. That was fun when Laura did it at Lakeside Heights and I think Mandie might have done something similar with Brisbee Downs too. I'll see what I can come up with.


  1. It's funny that Magdalana brought home the one girl that Lia hates. Sometimes I think the game decides which family or which sim needs some drama in their lives. LOL

  2. Aww... poor Lia! To see her crying at the end there is so sad.

    LOL! I'm with Riverdale. Sometimes the game seems to know just who to send.

  3. I hope Maia can find some direction, sometimes you get so far behind you can't figure out how to catch up

    And poor Lia, that has got to hurt

  4. Poor Lia! It must be hard to see the other woman in your own home! Part of me still hopes that she would get back together with Gordon but another part thinks she shouldn't.

    How on earth can Magdalena be over 50 already! Sims grow old too fast!

  5. The picture of Lia crying is so sad. I can't believe Magdalena is thinking she wants some more too! Susannah is sooo cute!

    Maia isn't off to a good start with those bad grades. LOL on common sense and the skunk!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Riverdale, the game is definitely a sentient being! Jamie is literally the only Sim Lia has a negative relationship with and she just happens to be the one who comes home from work with her mum? It can't be coincidence!

    Lunar, Lia is still quite broken up about Gordon and she's just one of those Sims who looks extra sad when she's crying! She needs her mum right now, so I'm glad I sent her to visit home.

    Heredon, Maia only really wants to date boys - 25 dream dates is her LTW. She literally has no career aspirations or dreams outside of that.

    Cissie, I'm in the same place as you with Gordon and Lia. I think Gordon should have to sweat it out for a long time before Lia considers taking him back.

    I know, I can't quite believe Magdalena is so old myself! I was just fixing up an old post the other day and came upon a picture of her and Araminta as little girls. So sweet and it doesn't feel like that long ago! With this aging system, they age a lot slower though.

    Maisie, yes, Magdalena and Jace both have a baby want. They're nuts and she and Araminta encourage each other, I think. I decided Magdalena is a bit more realistic though. She's made better financial decisions so I figure maybe she's more sensible in general. The Novaks have never been rich either but they've never been quite as poor as the Romillies are.

    I don't know what will become of Maia. She could put her head down and pull her grades up but the girl just isn't academic. She shows no interest and seeing she doesn't have a career LTW, I'm not going to force her.

  7. I know now that you are experimenting with height but will you be trying different sizes anytime soon? It seems most if not all of your sims are thin and i'd like to see some variety even if its one or two people.

  8. I was looking back at Magdalena's toddler picture - TOO CUTE! I can't believe she's 52 either! LOL! Maia seems a little lost right now, for sure. She'll find her way, but I hope it's not too late. Once you lose out on your education, it's hard to make a decent life for yourself.

  9. Blakesley, my philosophy on Sim body shape is if they get fat, they stay fat unless they have the want to get fit, or they have the want to earn a body skill point and they lose weight incidentally. Adam Gottlieb was fat for a good while, but he autonomously went to play basketball and ended up getting fit. That was his choice, I don't interfere. Similarly, Tate Benton ate too much and got fat. It doesn't bother him (no wants to get fit or to exercise), so it doesn't bother me. Madelyn Novak is fat right now but she's got the want to get fit and I'll probably let her do that. By and large, my gameplay is guided by my Sims' wants.

    If you're not referring to the Maxis fit/fat/default body sizes and are actually talking about the special body meshes you can download from various places, then my answer is that I won't be using any of those. I have used some of them a couple of years back and found them to be more trouble than they were worth. I'm sure the range of clothing is a little better now but the lack of meshes with a pregnancy morph bothered me, as did the fact that I either had to accept the fact that the Sims' bodies would change when they were nude or use the special skintones made by the creator that were designated as "shower-proof". And when I tried those, they didn't even work. I found unless you created a Sim especially to suit the body shape, their heads often looked too small and Sullivan is much too large now for me to start creating extra Sims in the name of diversity. So that's it for me and custom body shapes, sorry!

    Simmington, Magdalena was a gorgeous toddler. She looked just like her mother Raffaella, who is still one of my favourite Sims ever.

    "Lost" is probably a good word for Maia right now. She's too young and too naive to realise how many doors her poor grades are shutting for her. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of her.