Tuesday, 3 November 2009

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2015

Elspeth Romilly is finally a toddler! She was definitely a surprise to her parents, Henry and Araminta, when they learnt they were expecting another baby but they've loved being parents again at 50 and 52! Araminta even thinks she might want another and Henry...well, call him crazy but Henry is thinking 10 children might be a great idea!

Given that Henry didn't move to Sullivan until he was an adult, there are no toddler pics of him but here's a picture Araminta when she was about Elspeth's age.

And not exactly a birthday but Joanna Gottlieb, Sullivan's resident brainiac, has graduated Suffolk University a tad early and is ready to embark on her solo round-the-world trip. She graduated with a degree in Biology and a GPA of 4.0 She's not sure what she wants to do when she gets back home but she's sure to be successful with her kind of skills!

Rose still has to complete her senior year, so she has this photograph to get her through while Joanna is away.

Athena and Adam made the long drive to see their daughter graduate. They wouldn't have missed it for the world, especially knowing she'll soon be so far away for so long!

But of course, Adam and Athena insist on Joanna staying at home until she's ready to leave. Joanna doesn't object - she's trying to save money for her trip and she's starting to realise how much she's going to miss her family anyway.

And it lets her spent some quality time with her niece Sophie before she heads off.

When her taxi to the airport finally arrives, Adam follows Joanna all the way to the car - he's worried about her being on her own already!


  • I am shocked at Elspeth's personality! Ione and Finn are both maxed out in nice and Elspeth has one nice point!
  • I think Elspeth may end up looking like Araminta but with Henry's mouth. Finn looks like Henry and Ione probably would have too, had I not done surgery on her as a toddler. I still wish I had waited out Ione's awkwardness. Finn was a little strange looking as a toddler too but I adore him now.
  • And Araminta really does have the want for another baby and Henry really does want 10. Crazy Sims. It's not happening!
  • Joanna is waiting on an empty lot with a computer and a phone, until I'm ready to send her on her trip. Her trip won't take as long in game as it will for the story, so I'm not in a rush. There won't be a Joanna update until Autumn 2016. I'm still undecided on the format of Joanna updates and on whether they'll be bundled in with Gottlieb family/Rose updates or separate. I do know that her first destination is Cape Elizabeth, where she'll be camping on the beach.
  • The title is from the song Birthday by a little band you might have heard of called The Beatles. ;) This title is more fun than Spring 2015 birthdays and it fits with my song titles/lyrics theme.


  1. I think Joanna is going to have so much fun on her trip! Envious!!!!

  2. Aw, Elspeth is so cute! LOL @ Henry wanting 10 children! Maybe he thinks having babies keeps him young. ;)

  3. MizzGin, I think she is too, although I'd want someone to go with me. Joanna is a bit of a loner though.

    Shana, ha, maybe that's it! He had the fear of having baby and I was expecting aspiration failure when Elspeth was born but it rolled away. Then she ages to toddler and he decides he wants 10!

  4. I adore Elspeth!!! What a cutie!

    Sounds like exciting times for Joanna, excited to see how her life plays out for her now that she's an adult!

  5. I'm due to send Joanna off on the first leg of her trip soon, because it's autumn now and I'll post her first letter to Rose along with Rose's college post. In the story, Joanna will be gone a long time continuously but in game, she'll be doing most of her vacation stuff in each location in one play session and then coming back to her empty lot in Sullivan (she's got a prisoner tag in her inventory so she won't show up anywhere unexpectedly). I'm scared to save on vacation!