Saturday, 21 November 2009

All you can eat

Round 23: Summer 2017
Narrated by Cara Nanale

I really would have liked to have been more involved in planning our wedding but in the end, I told Caleb that if we wanted to get married sometime in the next three years, he was going to have to take on the bulk of it. I'm so grateful that he was willing to!

I'm so exhausted these days, with work and school, and I just didn't have much energy. Caleb suggested I take a break from school while I was recovering from my miscarriage but I didn't want to.

I actually found it pretty helpful to have something to throw myself into. At this point, I'm about halfway through my course. It feels like it's going to take me forever.

Money is a concern for us, so Caleb booked the community church for our ceremony. It's small but it's pretty and most importantly, it's in our budget. All together, the ceremony will cost us $1000 - $500 for the venue and $500 for our marriage license.

There'd be no sense us having a huge expensive wedding if we had no home to go back to. Married or not, we still have to pay the rent.

Caleb's son Nick is already keen on university and the way he's going, it doesn't look like his tuition will be too much of a burden. He can't actually apply for any scholarships until he's 16 but it's already looking like he'll be eligible for several. I'm not surprised - Nick's always got his head in a book!

The wedding is tomorrow! I'm so relieved that everything is paid for and ready and in just hours, I'll be Cara Moretti!

Standing up there in front of the altar, I was suddenly really nervous. Later on, Caleb said he was feeling pretty anxious too but you wouldn't have known it, from the huge grin on his face.

All of those nerves were gone by the time the ceremony started though and I was just excited again.
The ceremony, and the whole day really, ended up being pretty close to perfect.

It was only close to perfect because our wedding day was so revoltingly hot. We'd planned for everyone to gather in the garden outside but not many people wanted to leave the (air-conditioned!) church for too long - everybody was sort of in and out all afternoon!

I don't think I really thought my dress through. It was sleeveless but also very heavy and uncomfortable. But I only want to get married once, so I was willing to suffer for fashion just this once.

You could say I was thrilled after it was all over! Anyone could tell Maria was almost as thrilled as we were. I'm expecting the nagging about a baby to start any day now. We never told anybody about our miscarriage but I almost wish we had, just to stave off Maria. From talking to the other girls who've married into the family, I've gathered she can be a bit of a trial!

I've got to know her a bit since I've been with Caleb. She's nice enough but she can definitely be pushy. She's very into family and doesn't really understand people who aren't.

Anna especially can't stand her and I think the feeling might be mutual. I don't know how they live under the one roof without going for each other's throats.

Evan is the only one of Maria's kids who's not yet married, so we're all expecting some of the pressure to shift to him now. Poor guy.

Nick asked if he could bring his girlfriend to the wedding and Caleb told him it was fine. Caleb and Nick were the only ones in the family who'd met her before, so you'd think it would be intimidating for her.

Josie seems very...bold, though. I don't think meeting so many new people fazed her at all!

I even overheard her telling Nick what a great kisser he was in front of his mum...

...who she didn't seem particularly fond of.

Caleb was very dubious about Nick dating Josie. She used to be a little bit of a bully when she was a kid and Nick was sometimes on the receiving end.

Josie was one of the first guests to congratulate us on our marriage though, so maybe she's matured a little since then. We can only hope, for Nick's sake!

Even though we cut back a lot with wedding costs, things are tight around here. Pre-wedding, I wanted to wait a bit before trying to start a family but after seeing all of Caleb's family together, I'm getting a bit clucky. Okay...really clucky! It's going to be a challenge to fit a baby in this tiny unit so we've started putting money away for a house. Neither of us make much money, so it's really slow going. I can't wait until I finish school, so I can start earning some real money.

That could be a long time though, so we just went for it. I threw away the birth control and we both have our fingers crossed.

We haven't told Maria we're trying but either she's assuming we are or it's just wishful thinking. She's over almost every night, asking if we're going to give her another grandchild yet.

Just recently, we found out Baby Moretti will be making his/her entrance in Spring! I couldn't believe it. Last time, I was so tired and I couldn't keep any food down at all but this time, I'm feeling great. I hope that's a good sign!

Random pics:

Prepare for wedding spam! As always, these all got framed.

*snort* Maria looks like she's high here but "Look at Player" was not co-operating and I was feeling a little lazy!

This one didn't get framed, this is just to show Cara's dress off. I think it's kind of cool because it doesn't reach the floor, it's actually only ankle-length (yep, doesn't take much to impress me!).

Parents love taking pics of their kids when they're all dressed up (or at least mine did), so I figured Caleb and Abigail might want some snaps of Nick and Josie in their good clothes! This one is framed and up in Nick's room. Also, I always forget to take posed pictures of my couples unless they live together, so I'm trying to remember to do that.

Speaking of Josie, she thought it appropriate to bring her iPod to her boyfriend's dad's wedding. I don't remember ever enjoying a wedding as a teenager and if we'd had iPods back in the day, I would have been tempted!

Also, remember how I was talking about how the new ACR isn't supposed to allow autonomous couch woohoo unless the house is empty?

Well, no one told Cara and Caleb because they do it all the time, when poor Nick is in the next room!

  • Title is from "All You Can Eat" by Ben Folds. Ignore the woman at the beginning, she doesn't talk for long!
  • Nick is already eligible for 7 scholarships, so that will cut his tuition down to $2000 total. Seeing that will be shared between Caleb and Abigail, it won't cost much at all. That's assuming Nick stops at 7. If he earns one more, he'll be eligible for a free ride at Suffolk and won't have to pay a cent. If he does that, he'll be my third Sim to do so - the first was Raffaella Novak and the second was Joanna Gottlieb.
  • Caleb has had the baby want since Cara moved in. Cara didn't roll it until after they got married and her "Get Married to Caleb" want was fulfilled. So this baby is very much wanted by both of them.
  • Caleb and Cara better hope that Baby Moretti isn't Babies Moretti. They'll have to take out a damn big loan to afford to buy a house! Anyway, we'll meet Baby Moretti in the Spring 2017 birthday post.


  1. I'm so happy for them! And now Cara won't have to worry about a mother in law breathing down her neck to pop out a baby friend any time soon!

  2. I'm very happy for them. The wedding looked really nice and I'm always happy to hear baby news :)

    The church looks amazing, did you build it yourself or is it a download? Wellington definitely needs a church.

  3. I'm caught up! and hooray for not-so-ridiculous weddings. I've never understood people spending heaps upon heaps of cash on a single day when you have your entire life ahead of you.

    LOL at the hoping it isn't twins. Anytime I've done that, it's been twins. My game hates me.

    I could've used an iPod at my own wedding. ;)

  4. lol, yeah, you've probably just cursed yourself. We'll see! If they do have twins, I will certainly have a good laugh.

    Aww.. Nick is so cute. It's the curls darn it. Can't help noticing him even if he's in the background.

  5. What a great wedding! I loved the church too and wondered where u got it!

    Can't wait to see baby moretti in the spring!

    I like this family. :)

  6. Sorry if anyone is subscribed to this and gets a response twice! I deleted the first one because I had linked to Beatdoc but the church doesn't seem to be up at her page. I'll keep looking!

    Thanks everyone!

    Riverdale, hopefully a new grandchild will keep Maria at bay for a little while longer!

    Cissie, there haven't been any babies in Sullivan for a while, so this is exciting for me too.

    As with most of my really amazing lots, I did not build this one - I'm still looking for who did! There are a couple of slight problems with the lot but both are easily fixed. One is that it's flagged as a community lot but has the residential mailbox and trashcan (no phone), which you can fix with the downloadable versions. The other is that it can't have been play tested for a wedding, because as is, the Sims can't get to the arch. So you'll need to shift some things around. As you can see though, it's perfectly workable once you do.

    Mao, I don't get it either but it seems very important for some people! In real life, Cara's dress probably would have been pretty expensive but Sims are lucky in that all wedding dresses are $400, no matter how elaborate!

    I checked Cara in ACR and she's only having one. Caleb is Family though, with the Twins benefit and he's a twin himself. The twins benefit doesn't kick in until the second trimester, so there's still time for this family to have to plunge themselves into debt!

    Lunar, if I've cursed myself, I'll probably be secretly thrilled anyway. I do love getting twins!

    Nick's adorable but then, he always has been. He's just as sweet as he looks to, unlike so many of my other cute Sims! LOL.

    Maisie, see my answer to Cissie for where to get the church and a little info about it.

    I like this family too. Cara is one of my super-short Sims and it's made her extra cute to me. At 14, Nick is already taller than her (slightly). And they're struggling financially and very busy and that always adds an extra layer of interest too.

    I'm really excited about the baby because Cara has Meadow Thayer face, which is my favourite Maxis face template! I'm hoping her genes are dominant over Caleb's - Caleb's genes are already all over the hood anyway!

  7. What a beautiful wedding, I love her dress!

  8. Thanks, Apple! I'm 99% sure that the dress came from a Russian site that was closing soon, but that's all I remember! I only downloaded it a few days before I did the wedding though.