Wednesday, 25 November 2009

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2017

Happy 1st birthday to the Gentry twins, Oliver and Sebastian! The Gentry family are one of my playable NPC households. There's a new family portrait for these guys here, if you'd like to see it. I won't do family portraits for these families every round - just when there's a birthday.

Anyway, close-ups!

Here's Sebastian...
...and here's Oliver!

Next door to the Gentries, Caleb and Cara are expecting!

Cara's just entered her second trimester and she's due in the spring.

Caleb would be happier if she'd eat something more nutritious than a toaster pastry. But he's not going to argue with a pregnant woman and her cravings. If she wants toaster pastries, then that's what she'll have.

Last time Cara was pregnant, she miscarried in her first trimester so this time, she's getting lots of rest and keeping her stomach full (of toaster pastries but that's okay). Caleb often lies down next to her on the bed while she takes her frequent naps.

They recently received some news that they're excited and terrified about at the same time - Cara is having twins! This means a new house is no longer just a luxury they'd like to have but a necessity. It's already squishy enough with the two of them, plus Nick half the time. Five people and one bathroom will not be doable!

They've been saving for a house but with the pittance their jobs pay, they've saved up only $12,000. Not enough for a house, so they're going to need a mighty big loan!

Random pic:

Nothing whatsoever to do with birthdays or babies but Tate Benton came strolling by and I sent Nick out to meet him, seeing he's, you know, dating his daughter and all. Right off the bat, Nick gets a 30/30 relationship with Tate! Go Nick - it's good to get the dad on side!

  • Cara has now completed 9 of the 14 papers she needs to graduate. Yay for her! Hopefully, she'll be able to finish shortly after the babies are born and then she can start raking some more dough. Caleb has very little motivation for a promotion though he did finally roll the want to earn a skill point this time. He needs three more.
  • Nick earned another scholarship (the cleaning skill one)! So when it's time for him to apply to college, he'll have 8 scholarships and a free ride at Suffolk. He's only the third Sim to qualify (to recap, the other two were Raffaella and Joanna) but he's the first boy and the first one who actually needs it! That's going to be a big burden off Caleb and Cara's minds.
  • I know a couple of you said I was jinxing myself by wishing for not twins and it looks like you were right! LOL! I'm still excited though - can't wait until they're born!


  1. Twins! YAY! I had a surrpise twin birth the other day. You'll find out who in the birthday update. Unless you've been keeping track. LOL

    I think they are going to be some cute toddlers. Cara and Caleb are very nice looking.

  2. The "please don't be twins" wish STRIKES AGAIN! Haha! But at least you're happy about it. :D

  3. Where did you get the outfits from the Gentry twins? I have been looking everywhere for cute outfits for toddlers, but I think I'm too picky!

  4. Yikes, you did curse yourself! ;) But I always like twins, even if it is stressful for a while.

    Way to go, Nick, on those scholarships! I can't wait to see Cara and Caleb's twins. Those unplayable twins are cute!

  5. Riverdale, don't think I've been keeping track well enough because I'm stumped! It'll be a surprise to me when you post it.

    Cara is Meadow Thayer with dark hair, who I always thought was really cute. I'm excited for these twins.

    Mao, ha, yes, you were one of the ones who warned me! LOL!

    Tanja, I'm pretty sure the Gentry twins' outfits both came from MTS2 but I can't be more specific than that. The mesh is pretty nifty though because their feet lift off the sandal as they walk (which probably means it's a high poly mesh, so be careful if your PC isn't up to scratch).

    Shana, Caleb is a twin himself and he has the twin benefit so it was almost a done deal! I was just positive it was going to be twins pretty soon after I did their last update!

    I'm so excited that Nick is my third "smartie"! I was pretty sure he would be, from when he was about 10 or so, though not as sure as I was with Joanna.

  6. LOL! That's right! Twins! It's to make up for the baby she lost.

    But I have to admit I love twins too. They're so fun, and maybe you'll get two that look alike.

  7. Lunar, yup, double blessing!

    Fingers crossed! Camilla and Julia look very alike, apart from their eye shape and it's really cute.