Saturday, 17 October 2009

Line it up

Round 21: Winter 2014
Leo and Kit Royce are both 54 and Asha is 17.
(Caterina Nihill is 59, Zaria Royce is 26, Joshua Royce-Nihill is 3 weeks old and Luc Lane is 21)

Narrated by Asha Royce

Since Abhijeet died, I've been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I barely reacted at all when they announced it at school - in shock, I guess. After that, whenever I wasn't at school, I was moping around in my room.

I even had some sort of breakdown while I was out shopping one day. This was weeks later, maybe even a couple of months later, when I thought I was over it. Things like that crop back up occasionally, when you're not expecting it.

I'm so embarrassed when I think back to that time. I keep trying to remember who was there in the store and who might have seen me. Maybe no one I know because no one's said anything to me about it. Or maybe they just understood and think better of mentioning it.

I'm feeling a lot better these days though and it's mostly due to Luc. I've been in love with him for so long and when he finally kissed me...I can't even describe it. But he's really made me happy again.

He is a little bit older than me, so we have to sort of sneak around. I'm always trying to think up new places my dad isn't likely to show up. Dad hates the mall, so we hang around there a lot.

Getting permission to go out is no longer an issue. Dad has been pretty permissive with that lately. I'm not sure if it's because I'm 17 now or because he felt so bad for me after the whole thing with Abhijeet.

Luc and I almost got caught by Caterina Nihill the other night. She's my sister's boyfriend's mother and I think she would totally rat us out if she'd seen us. Fortunately, Luc was in the bathroom and I don't even know if she saw me at all.

Zaria just had a baby and Josh is the main topic of conversation around our house right now.

Dad is so funny. As soon as he found out Zaria was pregnant, he bought all these parenting books and started reading up on all the new techniques, just in case he ever had to babysit.

But anyway, Mum and Dad are loving being grandparents and Josh is pretty adorable.

Sometimes Mum looks after Josh during the day while Zaria is at work. Mum works at night, so looking after Josh in the mornings and afternoons is a good way to help out Zaria.

So on one of those nights, when both my parents were out (Mum at work and Dad off playing grandpa in Sullivan), Luc dropped by. Luc and I have never been alone ever, so I had to seize the opportunity.

Luc and I have only been together for a few months but I'd loved him for so much longer and it just felt right. I was really nervous because I'm a virgin and Luc isn't.

I didn't need to worry about it at all in the end. Almost as soon as we'd undressed and laid down on the bed, we heard the slamming of a car door outside and I knew Mum had got home.

Luc had to head out the back door pretty damn fast! All this sneaking around is exhausting. When I turn 18, I think Luc and I can "come clean" and stop hiding.

  • Asha's breakdown happened while I was playing the Novak house. That's Jace's shop she's in. I'd been saving the pictures since then, because I was fairly sure Asha's aspiration would be considerably higher by the time I got round to playing her and I wanted some mention of her ROS (which was Fulfill Greatest Fear, which resulted in Abhijeet's death). I was wrong, because she was actually quite low - very low green or very high red. One date with Luc boosted it right back up though!
  • Kit got the want to cuddle Josh the day after Zaria visited, so I teleported Josh in and Kit got to "babysit" for a while. Kit also has the want to retire, so she's already in grandma mode even though she's not an elder yet. And speaking of Kit, she's the only Sim I've ever had who would actually wear that dress. I knew I kept it for some reason. ;)
  • As Asha said, Luc and Asha will probably be a bit more open about their relationship next year. To me, an almost 18-year-old dating an almost 22-year-old doesn't seem so different from an 18-year-old and a 22-year-old. But I imagine Leo to be quite the stickler about things like that and once she's 18, Asha knows that he can't really do much to stop her. So she's biding her time.
  • Weirdness: Luc was furious at Asha. When I sent them on their date, I noticed as soon as they stepped out of the taxi that they lost their best friends status. *raises eyebrow* I don't know what would have caused that. Apparently the smooth talk interaction gets rid of furiousness on both sides though, because as soon as he did that, he wasn't furious any more.
  • More weirdness: Luc has the fear of marrying Cara and of marrying Rose. I don't think there's much chance of that happening now!


  1. Luc and Asha are cute together, but it's still a bit weird with the age difference and Luc's reputation. You want to believe it will work out for Asha's sake, but considering who she's dealing with, it seems unlikely, even though he's been not seeing his other playmates as often :P

  2. This game is so strange. I still haven't figured out why Mary is so mad with Harvis. I don't think he knows either. LOL So you finding out what made Luc so mad might never come to light.

    I do find Luc and Asha a cute item together, and I'm happy they didn't do it yet. Just knowing how he is, I don't want her to waste something like her virginity on him then regrate it later. Too bad they can't tell people now that they are dating, too bad she has to wait utnil she's 18. :(

    I love Kit's dress. It fits her right and it goes great with ehr skintone.

  3. I don't really think about the age difference between Asha and Luc since it's only 4 years and they make such a cute couple. I agree with Riverdale though that she definitely should wait some time before doing it.

    That last pic is just hilarious! It made me giggle.

  4. Thanks for reading!

    I'm hoping Luc and Asha can make it work because I love them together. I don't know if Luc will continue to sleep around or if Asha will be enough for him - they are each other's "The One" and they have the second highest chemistry in the game (highest is Emil and Anna Collins). They're an interesting couple and I'm not sure how I'll handle them yet.

    I directed Luc and Asha to woohoo but halfway through I changed my mind, so I wrote it in as an almost caught situation. Luc will have to (literally) keep his pants on until next round, when Asha will be 18.

  5. That last picture made me laugh too! XD Nice shot!

    Isn't it funny what a difference a few months make? Seventeen, sounds too young. Eighteen, you're all right!

  6. I've had that action animation box sitting in my Downloads for forever and didn't think I'd ever get a chance to use it as Sullivan is not generally packed with that kind of action. *g* I was glad to get an opportunity finally!

  7. I hate the mysterious furious state. I have had a couple of sims that were fine when I last played their house but when I got back they were mad a someone for some unknown reason.

  8. Well, fortunately, there are a few ways to get rid of it right away now. I usually InSim it away if I can't figure out the cause, but the Smooth Talk interaction worked for Luc and Asha.

    I remember way back when Free Time (or whichever pack gave the Smooth Talk interaction) came out, there was talk of it wiping the furious state but I had never seen it in action until now.