Monday, 12 October 2009

The Clarke-Draper wedding

It's autumn in Sullivan, which means Lake Draper and Kendal Clarke's wedding day has finally arrived. They've gathered all of their family at the town hall for the ceremony.

Kendal's former parents-in-law, Galen and Georgette, are keeping a watchful eye behind Kendal's 11-year-old sons, Calvin and Troy.

Lake's 12-year-old daughter Patience is also in attendance and 19-year-old Rose has made a special trip up from Suffolk to be there for her dad's big day.

They don't need to wait for a million guests to take their seats or for a bridal party to take their positions, so the wedding starts right on time.

After a 15 minute ceremony, Kendal and Lake are finally married. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Draper!

Calvin, definitely the sweeter and more sensitive of the twins, rushes to give his mum a hug after the ceremony.

Rose is the first to congratulate her dad, which no one could have predicted three years ago.

Rose had never really made much of an effort to get to know Calvin and Troy either, but there's no time like the present.

The marriage is consummated in that most romantic of places - a photo booth somewhere at town hall.

That same afternoon, Lake and Kendal left for their honeymoon at Cape Elizabeth, where they got the alone time that any newlywed couple craves.

Kendal felt great for the whole honeymoon, so she doesn't know it yet but there will be a new little Draper born in the summer.

Because their wedding was on a community lot, I had to take the camera photos at home, so Kendal and Lake got back into their wedding clothes after their honeymoon and had a little photo shoot. It was a low-key wedding, so it was a low-key photo shoot, in their front yard. This is the pic:This is where it's hanging in their house. I like to think Kendal can look up at it and smile when she's getting stressed with all of her term papers.

  • I had Kendal write another term paper while I was playing them and she's now written 9 of the 14 she needs. So she should be able to "graduate" next time I play them.
  • The town hall is this one from MTS. I tore the wall down between two offices on the top floor and turned that into a room for weddings. That's the only room I've edited but eventually, I'll change all the furnishings to be more to my liking. Like all my wedding venues, Sims have to pay to get married here but it's very affordable compared to most of the other places around - it's only $500. Very different to Kendal's first wedding, which was at Cedarwoods Hotel and cost $10,000 for venue hire alone!
  • And hey, I managed to pull off a casual-ish wedding! Everyone is wearing everyday clothes, except for Rose and Patience.
  • A baby for Kendal and Lake! They weren't successful when they tried via ACR but I had them relax on the bed and had them woohoo (not try for baby) that way and they got pregnant. So my Summer 2015 birthday post just got even bigger - there will be 14 birthdays!
  • Lake's fear-watch: he hadn't rolled up the fear of marrying Kendal since they got engaged and he briefly had the fear of having a baby but that's rolled away too. I don't know though...I think I might be freaked out about a baby at 57, especially if I already had two teenage daughters!


  1. This was very sweet. A very casual wedding, but still very appropriate.

    They are so cute together. And a little baby on the way. Uh oh. Haha. Well, at least the other kids are close to the baby's age.

  2. What a cute casual wedding, I think it was perfect for the two of them. Yikes-I would totally fear a kid at Lake's age.

  3. Awww, I was cheesing through the whole update. I'm glad that they finally tied the knot and there was no drama. The whole family is getting along. And a baby. Okay, here's another Awwwwww! LOL I can't wait to see what their little one is going to look like!

  4. What a quaint sweet wedding. I'm glad everything is working with all the kids and wow on a little one that will probably be odd for rose being so far apart. Their family tree could get get a little wild if rose settles down in next few years.

  5. The wedding was very sweet. How did you manage to pull off the casual wedding, did you use some mod to force them in everyday clothes?

    Thanks for posting the link for the town hall. I hate the one that I built so much that I've been looking for a new one for ages!

  6. I'm glad they got married and everything went well without any drama from anyone. :) I've never had a blended family like this, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun to play!

    I can't wait to see their baby!

  7. That seems like a great wedding and they look happy. I'm all for low-key

  8. Thanks everyone - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    The casual wedding thing probably won't happen very often for me, because I do love doing a fancy wedding. But it seems suitable when it's the second marriage for both and I can see it working in some other situations too.

    It's funny that I am way more stunned by Araminta's pregnancy than Kendal's, even though Lake is 6 years older than Araminta. I guess it's common enough for men to have a late-in-life baby with a second wife but not so common for a middle-aged couple to have a late-in-life baby when their older kids are near grown. Regardless, I'm excited to see what this baby looks like.

    I've never had a family with step-siblings before, though I've always had half-siblings and have had stepparents and stepkids before. So that will be interesting for me. Calvin and Troy are turning 12 next year and I'm kind of curious about what will happen on the romance front. Am I going to have to keep Patience away from them or will they be considered family just because their parents are married? Questions, questions!

    Cissie, what I did with this wedding was I took the whole wedding party to the town hall, teleported Rose in and made her selectable. I changed Rose and Patience into their formal clothes with the InSim Wardrobe Adjuster and then had everyone take their seats. I sent Lake and Kendal to the arch - they changed into their formal clothes but I fixed that up with the Wardrobe Adjuster. The others didn't change into their formalwear because apparently they don't if they're already sitting down. I was expecting that I'd have to. Once they're sitting, you can direct them to "Watch" the arch, which I didn't know but will be making use of in the future!

    Wardrobe Adjuster (or any other hack that lets you force Sims into certain clothes) is *really* handy for pictures. If there are speech or thought bubbles, aspiration point notifications or plus or minus signs above their heads, changing their clothes with the Adjuster (even changing them into everyday when they're already wearing everyday, for example) will get rid of them. It's a new trick I learnt and I've been using it all over the place.

  9. I didn't know you could make the guests sit and then direct them to watch the ceremony! That will become handy in the future. Some of my wedding guests always miss the ceremony because they're wandering off somewhere in the lot.

    I haven't used InSim in ages but I might re-install it again since it seems to have so many handy features.

  10. Even your simple weddings are lovely! I'm happy for these two finding each other after everything. And a baby! Awww! Seems like a trend in Sullivan to have another baby after your oldest is in college ;)

    I love the clothes changing trick to get rid of their thought bubbles! It also fixes their eyes if their eyes go all wonky like they do sometimes :)

  11. Cissie, I could not play without InSim. I'm always surprised when I hear other other bloggers who don't use it because I use it for so much! There's the clothes changing trick but also adjusting ages, making Sims selectable, deleting Sims (and other things, like rubbish, roaches and puddles!) off the lot. You can also use it to instantly enable buy and build mode when you're on community lots and to restore the family if you've deleted a Sim or if one has gone missing for whatever reason.

    Laura, thank you! And yes, late-in-life babies seem to be a bit of a trend in Sullivan lately.

    Thanks for the tip about the wonky eye thing too - I didn't know the clothes changing trick would fix that too. I wish I'd known that when Luc's was being so stubborn last night!

  12. Hey Carla! I just wanted to let you know that the pictures aren't showing up :(

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Nicole. I really appreciate it. They should be fixed now. Please let me know if you see any more posts like this. I thought I got them all when someone alerted me a while back but clearly not!